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Why Do People Hate Olivia DeJonge?

Olivia DeJonge is a young Australian actress who has recently risen to fame, particularly for her role as Priscilla Presley in the 2022 film Elvis. However, despite her success, DeJonge has faced some backlash and hatred online from certain groups of people. In this article, we’ll explore some of the potential reasons why people hate Olivia DeJonge.

Reasons Why People Dislike Olivia DeJonge

One of the most common criticisms of Olivia DeJonge is that she comes across as privileged and out of touch with regular people. She was born into a well-off family in Melbourne and pursued acting from a young age with the full support of her parents.

This rubs some people the wrong way, as they feel she hasn’t had to struggle like other young actresses. They see her as having an easy path to fame and resent her for it.

Rapid Rise to Fame

Related to the privilege point, some people are bothered by how quickly DeJonge has become famous. She landed her breakout role in the Netflix series The Society in 2019 when she was just 20 years old.

Then only a couple years later she starred as Priscilla Presley in a high-profile film like Elvis. Her meteoric rise strikes some as undeserved or premature.

Lacks Acting Range

Another common criticism is that Olivia DeJonge lacks range as an actress. Her performance as Priscilla Presley, while competent, did not wow critics. And outside of Elvis, she is often cast in similar roles as the polite, refined young woman.

Her acting has yet to show much depth or versatility at this early stage of her career. So some see her as overrated and one-note as a performer.

She’s Not Talented Enough to Deserve Fame

Building off the lack of range point, many online detractors argue that Olivia DeJonge simply lacks the talent to justify her level of fame.

In their view, she has mediocre acting abilities at best but is constantly being elevated to major roles. They believe more talented actresses are being overlooked while DeJonge keeps getting opportunities, which strikes them as unfair.

Looks Get More Attention Than Her Acting

On a related note, some people believe Olivia DeJonge gets undue attention focused on her looks rather than her actual acting talent. She tends to be styled as a glamorous old Hollywood beauty in her publicity and roles.

Critics argue that her acting ability gets overshadowed by discussion of her appearance and sense of fashion.

Lacks Individuality or Personality

Some people just find Olivia DeJonge rather bland and lacking in any intriguing personality. She gives very few interviews, is not active on social media, and maintains a very private personal life.

Her public persona comes across as quite safe, polished, and a bit dull to some observers. She lacks a magnetic or engaging quality in their opinion.

Privileged Background Clashes with Activism

Recently, Olivia DeJonge has begun speaking out about issues like climate change and gender equality.

However, some find this activism hypocritical or hollow given her privileged upbringing. They feel she is trying to score woke points while lacking the authority or background to truly understand the issues faced by regular people.

Overhyped by Hollywood

Finally, some of the hatred stems from a feeling that Hollywood and the entertainment press are overhyping Olivia DeJonge as the next big thing.

Her accolades and press coverage are seen as overblown and disproportionate to her talents. The hype machine around her simply rubs people the wrong way.

In Defense of Olivia DeJonge

However, while those viewpoints explain the backlash against DeJonge, there are also some reasons why the hatred may be misplaced or overblown:

  • She’s still very young and early in her career – her acting range could grow.
  • Landing a major role like Priscilla is a sign of talent – directors wouldn’t cast just anyone.
  • She had to beat out lots of competition to get her roles – it wasn’t just handed to her.
  • Her willingness to take on activist causes shows social awareness for a young star.
  • She handles the fame relatively gracefully and professionally for someone thrust into the spotlight.
  • Much of the criticism seems driven by jealousy rather than fair critique.


The rapid rise to fame for an actress like Olivia DeJonge was always likely to provoke some backlash and jealousy online. While some of the criticism may have validity, a lot of the more vicious hatred seems excessive and driven by a desire to tear down a young star.

As she continues to grow and develop as an actress, Olivia DeJonge has the potential to prove many of her early detractors wrong. Her career remains a work in progress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Hate Olivia DeJonge

Why do people think Olivia DeJonge is overprivileged?

Many see Olivia as overprivileged because she grew up in a well-off family in Melbourne who helped support her acting ambitions from a young age. She didn’t have the struggle of many young actors.

What was Olivia DeJonge’s breakout role?

DeJonge’s breakout role was in the 2019 Netflix series The Society, where she played Becca Gelb. This initial fame led to her casting in major movies.

What criticism has DeJonge’s acting faced?

Critics have argued that Olivia lacks range as an actress so far, often playing similar refined young woman roles. Her talent has yet to show versatility.

Why do people think DeJonge is overhyped?

Some feel the entertainment industry and press have overhyped DeJonge as the next big thing, giving her excessive accolades and coverage compared to her actual talents so far.

What are some defenses of Olivia DeJonge?

Defenders note she’s still early in her career, had to beat lots of competition for roles, handles fame well, and some criticism stems from jealousy of her quick success at a young age.

Why don’t some people like DeJonge’s activism?

DeJonge speaking out on issues like climate change strikes some as hypocritical or hollow given her privileged upbringing disconnected from many people’s realities.

What are common criticisms of Olivia DeJonge’s acting ability?

Frequent criticisms are that she lacks range, shows little personality or charisma on screen, and gets more attention for her looks than her actual acting talent.

Why might people be jealous of Olivia DeJonge?

Her rapid rise to fame in major roles at a very young age fuels jealousy. Landing a key role in an Elvis biopic in her early 20s strikes some as undeserved.

How does Olivia DeJonge handle fame?

DeJonge keeps a relatively low profile, gives few interviews, and stays out of the public spotlight when not promoting projects. This professionalism earns praise from some.

Can early criticism of a young actress like DeJonge prove overblown?

Yes, early criticism of a rising young actress can prove premature, as she matures and develops her acting skills over time. DeJonge’s career remains a work in progress.

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