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Why Do People Hate Peyton Kennedy?

Peyton Kennedy is a Canadian actress who rose to prominence for her roles in popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy, American Fringe and Everything Sucks!. She has also starred in movies like XX and American Freaks.

Despite her success, Peyton has faced some backlash and criticism from certain groups online. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why some people dislike Peyton Kennedy and the controversies surrounding her career so far.

Criticism of Her Acting Skills

One of the most common criticisms directed at Peyton Kennedy is that she is not a very strong actor. Some people feel that she plays every character in the same wooden, lifeless way no matter the role. Her acting has been described as flat, emotionless, and monotone by detractors.

For example, many criticized her performance as the lead character Emaline Addario in Everything Sucks!. They felt she failed to bring much charisma or depth to the character. Her awkward line delivery and lack of comedic timing ruined the tone of the lighthearted coming-of-age story for some viewers.

Similarly, her portrayal of the tormented teenager Emma Bloom in American Fringe was seen as dull and one-note by many critics. She did not effectively communicate the complex emotions and trauma Emma experienced over the course of the show.

So for some critics, Peyton’s acting lacks range and nuance especially compared to other young actresses of her generation. This leads them to conclude she is undeserving of leading roles.

How has Peyton responded to criticisms of her acting?

Peyton has mostly avoided responding directly to criticisms of her acting. She continues taking on lead roles in various projects, suggesting she does not take the criticism to heart. The actress may believe she still has room to improve as she gains experience and matures in her craft.

Some defend Peyton by arguing she has shown versatility by taking on different genres from sci-fi horror to teen comedy. They suggest inconsistency comes down to the writing and directing of her characters rather than just her acting skills. Peyton herself has emphasized in interviews how collaborating with skilled directors can help bring out her best performance.

Controversy Over Her Riverdale Recasting

Another source of backlash against Peyton Kennedy came from fans of the show Riverdale. She originally portrayed the character Betty Cooper as a young girl in the flashback scenes of Season 1.

However, the show controversially recast the role of young Betty for Season 2, choosing new actress Lili Reinhart instead. This outraged some fans who believed Peyton had done an excellent job in the role and deserved to continue playing young Betty.

The show faced accusations of ageism, as Peyton was replaced by an actress several years older than her even though she was still young enough to credibly play a 10-year old. Some speculated the recasting decision was made due to preferences over appearance rather than acting ability.

Peyton’s supporters lashed out against what they considered unfair treatment by the Riverdale producers. The whole controversy left a bitter taste for fans who felt the original actress was wronged. This bred some animosity from Peyton fans towards the show runners of Riverdale.

Did Peyton comment on the Riverdale recasting?

Peyton has stayed mostly diplomatic when asked about the Riverdale role. She said she understands recasting decisions are often out of an actor’s control. She expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to be part of the show for the first season.

The actress has not shown any ill will towards the show or her replacement actress. Peyton seemed to take the recasting in stride as an unfortunate but common aspect of the acting profession. She has continued to find success in new roles demonstrating her maturity in handling the situation professionally.

Is She Too Outspoken on Social Issues?

As Peyton has taken on more high-profile roles, she has become increasingly vocal about various social and political issues on her media platforms. She frequently speaks out about matters like racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, environmentalism, and mental health awareness.

While many fans appreciate Peyton leveraging her fame to promote important causes, others accuse her of being too politically outspoken. Some feel that actors should not use their platform to be preachy or push certain agendas.

Conservative audiences in particular take issue with Peyton’s liberal viewpoints on race, gender, and identity. They believe she alienates those who disagree with her opinions and should focus on acting rather than activism. The actress’ willingness to call out bigotry and ignorance rubs some people the wrong way.

However, Peyton seems committed to using her voice for more than just entertaining. She accepts that being outspoken may turn some people off as the price for speaking her truth and standing up for her beliefs. The actress refuses to shy away from tackling controversial topics, which earns her both praise and criticism.

What causes does Peyton advocate for off-screen?

Some of the main social causes Peyton has supported include:

  • Mental health awareness – She has been open about her own mental health struggles as a teenager and wants to help destigmatize mental illness. Peyton partners with organizations focused on youth mental wellness.
  • Racial justice – She actively posts anti-racist messages and calls for equity. Peyton promotes groups working to combat systemic racism.
  • Environmentalist groups – Concerned about climate change, she uses her platform to raise awareness about environmental threats. Peyton promotes green organizations fighting for sustainability.
  • LGBTQ+ rights – She frequently voices support for marriage equality, transgender rights, and ending discrimination against queer youth.
  • Animal rescue/adoption – An avid animal lover, Peyton volunteers with pet adoption agencies and encourages responsible pet ownership.

Beyond just social media, she attends youth activism events and volunteers for progressive non-profits. The actress backs up her online messaging through tangible real-world efforts.

Fandom Causes Controversies

Like many young actresses, Peyton Kennedy has accumulated a devoted fanbase that calls itself “Peytonators”. While most fans are well-behaved, toxic pockets of her fandom have stirred controversies through their extreme behavior online.

Some “Peytonators” exhibit unhealthy obsession with the actress bordering on stalking. For instance, fans have trespassed on sets hoping to meet her and leaked her personal information like phone numbers.

Overzealous fans also aggressively defend Peyton against any perceived criticism, attacking online commenters or reviewers who say anything negative about her. Some have even sent death threats targeting those who they feel have “wronged” her.

Peyton is often expected by her most intense fans to use her platform to promote their agendas and causes. When she fails to do so, they often turn on her with bullying and mob-like tactics.

The young actress has distanced herself from her most extreme followers. She faced widespread backlash for not publicly condemning their toxic behavior strongly enough initially. However, Peyton has since begun speaking out against stan culture and emphasizing to fans that harassment is never justified.

How has Peyton responded to her fandom controversies?

Here are some ways Peyton has sought to positively influence her fandom:

  • Calling out stalking/invasion of privacy as unacceptable
  • Asking fans not to send hate on her behalf
  • Promoting anti-bullying and mental health resources for teens
  • Being selective about causes she promotes to avoid inflaming tensions
  • Blocking accounts that spread private details about her life
  • Reporting truly threatening behavior to legal authorities
  • Issuing apologies for past mistakes that emboldened toxic fans

While Peyton cannot control all her fans’ actions, she strives to project more positivity through her own conduct. She focuses on using social media for uplifting purposes versus fueling negativity. The actress clearly wants to curtail the excesses of her fandom.

Is Her Style Too Provocative?

As she has matured into young adulthood, Peyton Kennedy’s fashion and style choices have started to become more bold and provocative in the eyes of some critics. She often wears revealing outfits with low-cut tops, high slits, and transparent fabrics.

Some commentators feel her styling promotes oversexualization of a actress who only recently became an adult. Fashion critiques argue she dresses more scantily clad than someone her age should for red carpets and public appearances.

Conservative audiences accuse her of flaunting sexuality to impressionable young followers. They argue Peyton has an added responsibility as a role model to teen girls to dress more modestly and tone down the sensuality.

However, the actress asserts confidence in proudly displaying her body without shame. She refuses to apologize for embracing her femininity and sexuality. Supporters argue policing women’s fashion choices unfairly places blame on them rather than judging men for objectifying women’s bodies.

Peyton also notes she enjoys fashion experimentation and self-expression through bold looks. She sees no reason she can’t be stylish and alluring if she desires. The debate over her provocative style choices reveals a societal double standard.


While Peyton Kennedy’s rapid rise as a teen actor has led to some inevitable backlash and criticism from viewers, much of this seems premature given how early she still is in her career. As she gains more experience and chooses roles with care, she has the potential to hone her craft and ultimately win over even her harshest skeptics.

However, the pressures faced by all young performers in Hollywood warrant concern, and ideally her support system will value her health and growth as a person over fame and success as she navigates these challenges. If she can maintain perspective and prioritize her well-being, her talent and screen presence suggest a promising path ahead as an actress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dislike for Peyton Kennedy

Why do some people think Peyton Kennedy is overrated?

Some people believe Kennedy is overhyped and overrated because of the intense praise and publicity she has received early in her career before they believe she has proven herself as an actress. Her rapid rise at a young age strikes some as undeserved.

What parts has Peyton Kennedy been criticized for?

Her two biggest roles in American Fringe and Everything Sucks! have drawn criticism for characters some found annoying. Sydney Novak was seen as entitled and irritating while Tanner was perceived as sullen and angsty.

Is Peyton Kennedy involved in controversies online?

For the most part Kennedy has avoided major scandals and controversies online. Some criticize her as pretentious or privileged in interviews but she has steered clear of more serious backlash faced by some young stars.

Does Peyton Kennedy engage with her critics online?

Kennedy seems to ignore rather than engage her critics directly online. She focuses her social media presence on connecting with fans and does not appear to seek out or respond to negative commentary.

Is the criticism against Peyton Kennedy fair?

Opinions vary on whether backlash against Kennedy is deserved or premature given her early career stage. Reasonable cases can be made that she deserves both more patience as she gains experience but also faces unfair hype that fuels criticism.

What are some positive achievements of Peyton Kennedy?

Despite criticisms, Kennedy has earned awards recognition, played lead TV roles early on, built a loyal fanbase, and created original content. She has drawn praise for on-screen poise and professionalism off-screen.

How does Peyton Kennedy’s age impact perceptions of her?

As a young teen actor, Kennedy faces added scrutiny and criticism fueled by negative attitudes many have around child actors in general. More experience and maturity may soften this effect over time.

Does Peyton Kennedy engage with fans online?

Yes, Kennedy actively engages with fans through platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She shares behind-the-scenes content and keeps supporters updated while avoiding interactions with trolls or haters.

What’s next in Peyton Kennedy’s career?

Kennedy will be seen in the upcoming reboot of Freaky Friday. She continues pursuing roles in film and TV while expanding into writing, directing, and YouTube. Further projects and collaborations lie ahead as her career builds.

Is criticism of Peyton Kennedy fair or unfair?

Views on Kennedy’s critics vary – some sympathize with finding her characters irritating while others argue she deserves more patience. Both stances highlight the complex pressures faced by successful young stars like Kennedy.

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