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Why Do People Hate Rose Leslie?

Rose Leslie is a Scottish actress best known for her roles in hit shows like Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and The Good Fight. While Leslie has many fans who admire her acting skills and on-screen charisma, she has also faced some backlash and hatred online over the years. There are a few key reasons why some people dislike the actress.

Reasons Why People Hate Rose Leslie

Some people believe Rose Leslie comes across as arrogant or entitled in interviews and public appearances. They feel she flaunts her posh upbringing and elite education at the Scottish boarding school Gordonstoun. Her confident demeanor rubs some people the wrong way.

Associated with Disliked Game of Thrones Storylines

As Ygritte on Game of Thrones, Rose Leslie’s character was part of controversial storylines that many fans hated. This includes the rape of Sansa Stark and Ygritte’s romance with Jon Snow, which some viewers felt was inappropriate or poorly developed. As an actor, Leslie is associated with the backlash against these plots.

Seen as Less Talented than Her Co-Stars

While no one doubts Leslie is a competent actor, some people believe she is less talented than her more famous Game of Thrones co-stars like Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. When standing alongside them, some feel she fades into the background and gets more credit or attention than she deserves.

Relationship with Kit Harington Was Over-Hyped

Leslie’s real-life romance and marriage to co-star Kit Harington has been criticized by some as being over-hyped in the media. Their luxurious wedding and status as an elite celebrity couple rubs some people the wrong way.

Lacks the Likeability Factor of Other Actors

Some people simply find Rose Leslie less likeable and charming than other actors who play similar roles. While not a bad person, she lacks the innate likeability and magnetism of other rising stars. This makes it hard for some viewers to warm up to her.

Political Views Are Unknown or Misaligned

In today’s polarized culture, actors are often judged based on their political stances. Since Leslie keeps her views private, some assume the worst and believe she may hold objectionable opinions. Even if not true, her unwillingness to speak up bothers some people.

Understanding the Dislike Towards Rose Leslie

It’s common for successful actors, especially beautiful women, to face jealousy and unfair criticism of their talent or worthiness. Leslie’s privileged upbringing and fairytale romance likely provoke envy in some people.

Critics Hold Actors to Unrealistic Standards

Actors are heavily scrutinized and expected to be perfect role models. But they’re human beings and flawed like anyone else. Leslie doesn’t deserve vitriol just for playing controversial fictional roles or having a posh background.

Social Media Encourages Piling On

The anonymity of social media emboldens people to tweet malicious things they’d never say to someone’s face. Leslie has become a punching bag for trolls to pile on.

Backlash is Inevitable for Game of Thrones Stars

It’s impossible to star on a show as widely watched and critiqued as Game of Thrones without garnering some haters. No matter how she played Ygritte, backlash was inevitable.

Privacy Around Politics is Understandable

Leslie is wise to keep her politics private in such a polarized environment. If she spoke up, she’d likely face even more criticism from whichever side she didn’t placate. Her neutrality is understandable.

Table 1: Key Moments in Rose Leslie’s Career

2010-2012Downton AbbeyGwen Dawson
2012-2014Game of ThronesYgritte
2016The Good FightMaia Rindell
2021VigilKirsten Longacre
2021The Time Traveler’s WifeClare Abshire

Table 2: Relationship Timeline with Kit Harington

YearRelationship Milestone
2012Leslie and Harington meet on Game of Thrones set
2014They make their public debut as a couple
2017Harington proposes to Leslie
2018The couple gets married in Scotland
2020They announce they’re expecting their first child
2021Leslie gives birth to their son


In the end, the dislike towards Rose Leslie stems from a mix of unrealistic standards for actors, jealousy towards her privilege and success, and the impossibility of pleasing everyone as a Game of Thrones star.

While no actor deserves cruel trolling, Leslie’s refusal to be pigeon-holed or play into expectations makes her an inevitable magnet for criticism. Yet through it all, she has maintained grace and steadfastness – signs of a personality and talent that can weather fleeting outrage.

As Leslie expands her roles and résumé outside of Westeros, she has opportunities to convert more skeptics into fans.

FAQs About Rose Leslie Hate

Why do people think Rose Leslie is arrogant?

Some believe Leslie comes across as arrogant or entitled in interviews because she flaunts her posh boarding school background and elite education. Her confident demeanor rubs some people the wrong way.

What controversial Game of Thrones storylines was Leslie part of?

As Ygritte, Rose Leslie’s character was involved in the rape of Sansa by Ramsay Bolton and the romantic pairing between Ygritte and Jon Snow, which some viewers objected to.

Why do some people say Leslie is less talented than her co-stars?

When standing alongside very famous GoT stars like Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, some feel Leslie’s acting chops fade in comparison. They believe she gets more credit than she deserves.

How has Leslie’s relationship with Kit Harington been criticized?

Some believe their very lavish, elite celebrity wedding was over-hyped in the press. As an ultra-privileged, posh couple, they provoke envy and irritation in some people.

Why do some find Leslie less likeable than other actors?

While not a bad person, Leslie lacks the innate magnetism and charm of other rising stars. This makes it hard for some viewers to warm up to her on-screen roles and public persona.

Why doesn’t Leslie speak about her political views?

In such a polarized climate, any political stance would garner criticism from those who disagree. Leslie is wise to keep mum rather than face more vitriol from either side.

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