Why Do People Hate Roseanne Barr?

Roseanne Barr is an American actress and comedian who reached the height of her fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s with her sitcom Roseanne. However, Barr has become increasingly controversial in recent years due to her outspoken political views, offensive statements, and support of conspiracy theories. This has led many people to develop a strong dislike or even hatred of Barr. In this article, we’ll explore the major reasons why Roseanne Barr has drawn so much ire and backlash.

History of Controversy and Offensive Behavior

Early Stand-up Comedy and Television Career

Even early in her career, Barr established herself as a controversial figure unafraid to push boundaries with her comedy. Her stand-up routines often included explicit language and controversial jokes about sex, politics, and social issues. While her brash style won her fans, it also generated criticism that her comedy was more shock value than substance.

After achieving fame with Roseanne, Barr began generating headlines for her erratic behavior on set and feuds with producers and fellow actors. While devoted fans enjoyed her “outlaw” persona, others saw Barr as difficult and unprofessional.

National Anthem Incident

In 1990, Barr caused nationwide outrage when she delivered a screeching, crotch-grabbing rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” at a Major League Baseball game. Many considered it a disrespectful parody of the national anthem. The incident cemented her reputation as a subversive troublemaker in the minds of many Americans.

Fight with Hollywood Writers and Producers

As Roseanne became a major hit, Barr grew increasingly frustrated by what she saw as exploitation by Hollywood writers, producers, and executives profiting from her work. This led to major fights with Roseanne showrunner Matt Williams and network executives that played out publicly in the tabloids. Many saw Barr as difficult, ego-driven, and biting the hand that fed her.

Disparaging Remarks and Slurs

Barr has repeatedly made controversial remarks that crossed the line into hate speech. She has directed slurs at woman politicians, made comments dismissing Holocaust survivors, and peddled dangerous conspiracy theories about marginalized groups. Her defense of such remarks as “jokes” has failed to win over critics disgusted by the comments.

Anti-Feminist Stances

For someone considered a feminist icon early in her career, Barr began voicing anti-feminist viewpoints at odds with her public persona. She mocked the #MeToo movement as a witch hunt and came out against abortion rights despite portraying herself as a champion of women’s liberation when Roseanne first aired. This flip-flop on major feminist issues has confounded and angered many of her former fans.

Political Transformation and Conspiracy Theorist

From Left to Far-Right

After initially supporting Bill Clinton and green politics, Barr did a political 180° and swung to the far right of the political spectrum. She emerged as a vocal cheerleader for conspiracy theories like Pizzagate and QAnon and a rabid supporter of Donald Trump’s extreme anti-immigration policies. This complete reversal from her liberal roots left many feeling hoodwinked.

Embrace of Conspiracy Theories

Once known for clever observational comedy about working-class family life, Barr began using her platform to promote bizarre conspiracy theories, including:

  • Pizzagate and QAnon
  • COVID-19 being a hoax
  • Pedophile rings led by liberal politicians and Hollywood elites
  • The Obama “birther” theory
  • 9/11 being an inside job

Barr gave credence to these harmful conspiracy theories despite lack of evidence. This helped spread misinformation and undermine trust in institutions.

Controversial Firing from “Roseanne” Reboot

Racist Tweet about Valerie Jarrett

In 2018, ABC revived Roseanne to impressive ratings. However, Barr quickly stirred outrage when she tweeted that Valerie Jarrett, former advisor to President Obama, was the baby of the “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes.”

The racist tweet about Jarrett, who is African-American, confirmed Barr had not changed from her past embracing of dangerous conspiracy theories. Leading cast members and the network denounced the remarks.

Network Cancellation

ABC canceled Roseanne within 24 hours of Barr’s tweet. Executives condemned Barr’s “abhorrent, repugnant” tweet as being inconsistent with their values. The swift firing sent a strong message that such hate speech targeting marginalized groups would not be tolerated on their network.

However, the cancellation sparked complaints of a double standard from some conservatives who pointed to offensive comments from liberal celebrities that did not lead to similar firings. These charges of bias and censorship became another fault line in the polarized political landscape.

YearMajor Controversy
1990National Anthem Incident
2011Running for President and Embracing Conspiracy Theories
2018Racist Tweet Leading to Firing from Roseanne Reboot

Ongoing Unpopularity and Criticism

Despite attempts at apologies and explanations, Barr remains a widely unpopular and criticized public figure in the United States. Ongoing reasons for her unpopularity include:

Lack of Contrition

Many believe Barr has failed to demonstrate understanding or real contrition for her most offensive remarks. Half-hearted apologies are often followed by new inflammatory comments and conspiracy theories. She remains defensive rather than reflective about her controversies.

No Comeback Acceptance

Barr continues to lash out at ABC and Hollywood for denying her comeback opportunities. But critics argue she does not deserve another chance given lack of growth. Networks are wary of working with someone who consistently generates turmoil.

Pro-Trump Stances

As a rare celebrity who is openly pro-Trump, Barr attracts criticism from the majority of Hollywood that opposes Trump, as well as from anti-Trump Americans. Supporters argue she is being unfairly “canceled” for political reasons.

QAnon and Conspiracy Ties

Barr maintains ties to QAnon and continues promoting related conspiracies on social media. These destructive views are out of step with mainstream America and damage her reputation further. Support gives such views oxygen.


In summary, Roseanne Barr’s repeated embracing of extreme and offensive conspiracy theories, distasteful public remarks, and troubling personal behavior over many years has made her a highly controversial and widely disliked public figure. Despite her history of generating laughs with observational comedy, many find her current stances and activities reckless, dangerous and worthy of criticism.

While Barr still has some right-wing supporters who see her as unfairly attacked for her beliefs, the preponderance of evidence suggests she repeatedly crossed reasonable lines and has so far failed to make amends in any convincing way. Barring major changes, her prospects for winning back mainstream popularity and acceptance appear remote. The current environment has little appetite for outrageous speech that denigrates and endangers vulnerable groups.

FAQs about Roseanne Barr Controversies

Did ABC overreact by firing Barr so quickly?

ABC justified the swift firing by arguing they needed to take clear stance against Barr’s racism. But some argue a suspension or Barr voluntarily stepping aside may have quelled backlash while allowing cast and crew to keep jobs.

Is Barr’s humor just too controversial for current times?

While controversy has always surrounded Barr, the current environment has less tolerance for giving comedians a pass for offensive remarks under the banner of humor. Outrage cycle moves quicker in social media era.

Are Barr’s remarks protected free speech?

Free speech laws restrict the government from punishing offensive speech, but don’t bind private entities like TV networks. ABC had right to fire Barr for speech they felt crossed moral line, regardless of legal issues.

Has Barr been unfairly treated due to her conservatism?

Some right-wing figures say liberal Hollywood’s outrage over Barr contrasts with acceptance of offensive remarks by outspoken liberal stars. But evidence suggests Barr’s situation is unique rather than ideologically motivated.

Could Barr ever mount a successful comeback?

History suggests once a star becomes mired in major controversy, especially multiple instances, the public rarely grants them a comeback. While not impossible, odds are against Barr rehabilitating her career. Bridges with mainstream entertainment world appear burned.

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