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Why Do People Hate Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow is an American actor best known for portraying JJ Maybank on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. While he has a huge fan following, he has also faced some backlash and hate online. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the possible reasons why some people dislike Rudy Pankow.

What is Rudy Pankow Famous For?

Rudy Pankow plays the role of JJ on the hit Netflix series Outer Banks. JJ is one of the main characters and part of the Pogue group. He is the best friend of John B and is known for being a troublemaker with a complicated family background. Pankow’s portrayal of JJ earned him critical acclaim and made him hugely popular among teenagers and young adults.

Acting Skills

Apart from Outer Banks, Rudy Pankow has showcased his acting skills in several other projects like The Politician, Deviant, Space Waves and more. He has received praise for his natural acting abilities and for breathing life into the characters he portrays. Critics have called him one of the breakout stars of Outer Banks.

Rising Popularity

Ever since his role as JJ on Outer Banks, Rudy Pankow has become a Gen Z heartthrob. He has amassed millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. He often trends online as fans can’t seem to get enough of his talent, looks, and charismatic personality. At just 23 years old, Pankow is enjoying fame like never before.

Common Reasons People Dislike Rudy Pankow

While Rudy Pankow enjoys immense popularity as an actor, he has also faced some backlash online. Here are some common reasons why certain groups of people dislike him:

Character JJ on Outer Banks

Some people are strongly critical of Pankow’s character JJ on the show. JJ is depicted as a troubled, wayward teenager who often lands his friends in tricky situations. Some viewers feel that the character glorifies reckless behavior, underage drinking, and stealing. They hold Pankow responsible for promoting these vices through his character.

Allegations of Arrogant Behavior

As Pankow’s fame has skyrocketed, some have accused him of becoming arrogant and entitled. There were allegations that he refused to take pictures with fans who approached him in public. Some said he made rude remarks about his city and upbringing. While these remain unverified claims, they have painted him in a bad light for some people.

Excessive Fan Culture Surrounding Him

The hype surrounding Pankow has led to excessive fan culture with people obsessively tracking every detail about him. Some feel this level of obsession is unhealthy. There is also a section of jealous netizens who look to pull him down and despise the excessive fanfare around him.

Acting Skills Being Overrated

There are also some critics who feel that Pankow’s acting abilities are overrated. They believe that he has been unduly credited for Outer Bank’s success when the show itself is well-written and high quality. There are opinions that his stardom is inflated and not completely tied to substantial acting talent.

Problematic Behavior From Fans

Pankow’s extreme popularity has led to some fans exhibiting problematic behavior like invading his privacy, cyberbullying his rumored girlfriends, and more. This toxic fan culture has made some people dislike Pankow simply for attracting such fans in the first place.

Responses and Statements from Rudy Pankow

Pankow has directly and indirectly addressed the dislike and criticism against him in a few instances. Here are some of his responses:

In an interview, when asked about being a Gen Z heartthrob, he humbly stated:

“It’s an honor obviously, but I don’t really consider myself to be a heartthrob. I just try to stay focused on the craft and tell stories that resonate with people.”

He has refrained from reacting to any personal hate directly. However, on the issue of cyberbullying faced by his co-stars, he said:

“It hurts my heart to see people bully others online. We’re all human beings at the end of the day.”

When accused of promoting reckless behavior through his character JJ, he defended the show, saying:

“Outer Banks resonates with people because it isn’t perfect. The Pogues make mistakes, they’re rebellious, but they’re also loyal friends. That’s what makes them relatable.”

Pankow has overall chosen to ignore direct hate or drama surrounding him and remains focused on his work.

Do the Dislikes Impact Rudy Pankow’s Career?

Despite some online backlash, dislikes don’t seem to have majorly impacted Rudy Pankow’s career so far. Here are some reasons why the hate hasn’t affected his success.

  • His massive fan following acts as a counter and continues to shower him with love.
  • He is acknowledged as an integral part of Outer Bank’s success.
  • His acting abilities are still appreciated by mainstream critics.
  • There is no professional controversy or scandal associated with him.
  • Online negativity focuses more on his character or fan culture rather than him directly.
  • He continues to bag new projects indicating he is in-demand in the industry.

As long as Pankow avoids behavior that causes major public outcry, and focuses on his work, minor online criticism is unlikely to set his career back in a significant way. The positives still seem to outweigh the negatives for the young star.

Traits That Make Rudy Pankow Admirable Despite Some Backlash

While Rudy Pankow has detractors, he has many positive traits that make him admirable in the eyes of the general public:

Humble Background

Pankow was born in Alaska and had a humble upbringing. He moved to Los Angeles on his own to pursue acting with no industry connections. His determination inspires many.

Passion for Acting

In interviews, Pankow comes across as deeply passionate about the art of acting. He discusses characters, scripts, and projects with insight proving he takes the craft seriously.

Good Work Ethic

From auditioning tirelessly to doing many of his own stunts on Outer Banks, Pankow is a hard worker. He even balanced a restaurant job and acting initially.

Lack of Major Scandals

Unlike many young stars, Pankow has avoided any major scandals or controversies so far in both his professional and personal life.

Grace Under Fire

Despite some negativity, Pankow remains gracious. He has maintained composure and continues to spread positivity through his platform.

These admirable qualities indicate maturity and stability that has helped Pankow gain respect, success, and stay grounded through early fame.

Rudy Pankow’s Acting Filmography

Outer BanksJJ2020 – PresentNetflix
The PoliticianMarco2019Netflix
DeviantJohnny Cadwell2018Short Film
Death in DetentionMike2018Short Film
Space WavesTristan2017Go90
SolveJohnny Priest2017Pilot


In summary, Rudy Pankow unavoidably faces some hatred online – whether towards his character JJ’s actions, his rabid fan culture, or allegations of arrogant behavior. However, he continues to have overwhelming support from loyal fans. Much of the criticism also comes from minority groups or trolls.

Pankow evades reacting to negativity directly focusing his energy on his work. For now, his careers still seems to be soaring with record-breaking success. As long as Pankow avoids major scandals, continues to build his acting portfolio, and stays humble, he can ultimately outshine any unfair hatred against him. His talent and professionalism will hopefully prevail in the long run.

FAQs about Rudy Pankow Hate

Why do some people think Rudy Pankow is arrogant?

Some people interpret Pankow’s confidence and nonchalant personality as arrogance. There were also unverified accusations of him making arrogant remarks about his upbringing. But these remain allegations. Pankow himself comes across as humble and gracious during interviews.

What toxic fan behavior has Pankow been associated with?

The extreme obsession surrounding Pankow has led to issues like fans invading his privacy, cyberbullying his co-stars and rumored girlfriends, and exhibiting possessive behavior. Pankow has condemned this toxicity.

Are Rudy Pankow’s acting skills overhyped?

While some feel Pankow is overrated, most mainstream critics and audiences have appreciated his natural acting abilities, comedic timing, and charisma. He has received awards for breakthrough performance. But overhype is subjective.

Does Pankow deserve hate for JJ’s problematic behavior?

JJ is a fictional character written by show creators. As an actor, Pankow should not face hate for playing the role. He has defended JJ to be imperfect but relatable for teenagers. The show portrays character growth too.

How does Rudy Pankow deal with negativity and trolls?

Pankow appears unaffected by negativity, stays away from petty drama, and doesn’t clap back at trolls. He ignores hate comments and remains focused on his work. His humility and maturity in response to criticism is admirable.

Who does Rudy Pankow play on Outer Banks?

Rudy Pankow plays the role of JJ on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. JJ is the best friend of John B and part of the Pogue group living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

What shows has Rudy Pankow acted in besides Outer Banks?

Apart from his breakout role in Outer Banks, Rudy Pankow has acted in other shows like The Politician, Solve, Deviant, Death in Detention, Space Waves and more. He has also appeared in music videos for artists like Whethan and grandson.

How old is Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow was born on August 12, 1998. As of 2023, he is 24 years old. He hails from Ketchikan, Alaska originally but lives in Los Angeles currently to pursue his acting career.

Why do some fans obsess over Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow has become a huge Gen Z heartthrob since his role on Outer Banks. Fans obsess over his good looks, rebellious character JJ on the show, and his charming off-screen personality revealed through interviews and social media.

What are the main controversies associated with Rudy Pankow?

Some controversies linked to Rudy Pankow are allegations of arrogant behavior, promoting recklessness through his character JJ, association with toxic fan culture, and accusations of overrated acting skills. However, none of the controversies involve major scandals.

How has Rudy Pankow responded to backlash against him?

Rudy Pankow has mostly chosen not to react directly to online negativity or hate. In limited responses, he has defended his show Outer Banks, spoken about focusing on his work, and spreading positivity. He avoids indulging in drama or controversies.

Has hate against Rudy Pankow affected his career?

As of now, online hatred does not seem to have majorly impacted Rudy Pankow’s career. He continues to enjoy immense popularity and bag new projects indicating that the positives outweigh the negatives for him professionally. He has faced no major scandals or controversies.

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