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Why Do People Hate Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar is widely regarded as one of cricket’s greatest batsmen ever. Nicknamed “The Little Master” and “Master Blaster”, Tendulkar retired in 2013 after an iconic 24-year career with various records under his belt. He is the leading run scorer in Tests and ODIs, scored 100 international centuries, and was the first batsman to score a double century in ODIs.

Yet, despite his cricketing genius and achievements, Sachin has also had his fair share of haters over the years. This article explores some of the reasons why certain factions have developed a disdain for the legendary Indian cricketer.

Sustained Success Bread Jealousy and Fatigue

Sachin Tendulkar’s Batting Records

FormatRuns ScoredAverage100s Scored

Sachin Tendulkar’s unprecedented stats and longevity at the top level made him a target for those suffering from jealousy. His ability to sustain exceptional performances for nearly a quarter of a decade bred a fatigue and bitterness among fans of rival nations like Australia and Pakistan.

As the above table shows, Tendulkar’s staggering run tallies and centuries scored in Tests and ODIs are unmatched. These incredible numbers stretching across generations is bound to frustrate bowlers and observers alike after a certain saturation point.

Perceived Arrogance and Lack of Modesty

Another reason behind the Tendulkar haters is his perceived arrogance and lack of grace at times. Some feel he put himself bigger than the game. One example was cutting a vaunted cake to celebrate his 37th personal milestone when India crashed to a humiliating defeat to Australia in the 1999 Coca Cola Cup.

Incidents like these gave the impression to some that personal records were more important to Sachin than team victories. Further, his iconic status and continually showing up even the greatest bowlers led some to believe he was pompous.

Commercialization and Overexposure

Sachin Tendulkar’s Major Endorsement Deals

CompanyYearDeal Value
Pepsi1997$1.5 million per year
Britannia2001$0.5 million per year
Canon2006$2 million per year
Aviva Insurance2010$8 million per year

As the above table indicates, Sachin capitalized on his brand appeal by signing several lucrative endorsement deals throughout his career. While his marketability added to India’s economic liberalization, critics accused him of focusing more on commercial interests.

The explosion of 24-hour TV channels also amplified coverage of his record chases. Some fans complained of “too much Sachin” as he was omnipresent across advertisements and dedications. They blamed him for hogging undeserved credit.

Religio-Nationalist Agendas

Sachin Tendulkar has been targeted by extremist groups for not being vocal about his Hindu upper-caste roots. His silence was interpreted as embarrassment and rejection of identity politics. Hardline religious factions labeled him anti-national for not speaking up against perceived injustices to Hindus.

Further, Sachin sharing good terms with Pakistani cricketers led Islamist radicals across the border to allege he colluded with India – their sworn enemy state. They severely criticized him online for prioritizing cricket over patriotism.

Decline in Reflexes with Age

Towards the later stage of his career between 2010-2013, Sachin struggled with form as his renowned batting reflexes declined. He was often bowled and trapped LBW by incoming deliveries, indicating a slowing of bat speed.

With an overall average that dipped under 50 runs per innings in this phase, many fans complained he hung around for too long. They argued his diminishing returns and inability to retire gracefully tainted his legacy. This made him an object of ridicule among young social media followers.

Is the Criticism Justified?

No human is perfect, including the great Sachin himself. Some grievances around commercial distractions and ill-timed self-congratulations carry reasonable merit. However, the sustained vilification by former players, media analysts and fans alike seems disproportionate.

Ultimately, Sachin brought joy and global recognition to cricket in a nation starved of sport idols. His colossal batting feats required single-minded vision and self-belief. Transitioning from prodigy to legend under constant limelight couldn’t have been easy either. On the whole, the positives seem to vastly outweigh minor imperfections.


Sachin Tendulkar faced unfair vilification despite taking cricket to extraordinary heights in India and overseas. Breaking record after record required confidence bordering on arrogance. 24 years dominating the top level also bred jealousy across rival camps.

With billions glued during his epic chases, some fatigue at the non-stop Sachin domination was inevitable too. Commercial temptations are also hard to resist for someone so idolized. So criticism around exaggerated self-praise, absence of grace or choosing money over country occasionally holds partial substance.

But assessing his career in totality paints a different picture. Very few competitors across sport can match his consistency at the height of pressure. The child prodigy carried India’s batting fortunes and brought glory in epic wins like the 2011 World Cup. His batting wizardry kicked off an economic revolution through leveraging star power off the field as well.

On balance, Sachin’s blemishes fade in comparison alongside his monumental feats with the bat over two decades. Even his strongest critics cannot deny he remains a batsman without peers in many aspects. At worst, the negatives relate to minor aberrations rather than character flaws. In that sense, the extreme hatred seems irrational and unjustified for a true cricketing immortal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some Indian fans dislike Sachin Tendulkar?

Some Indian fans disliked Sachin for supposedly chasing personal milestones over team wins. They also accused him of greed by doing too many ads. Hardline Hindu groups branded him anti-national for not being vocal about his upper caste roots or alleged injustices to Hindus.

Why did Pakistani cricket fans hate Sachin Tendulkar?

Radical Islamist groups in Pakistan targeted Sachin for maintaining friendly relations with Indian cricketers. They criticized him as colluding with enemy India and prioritizing cricket over patriotism to his country.

Why did Australian cricketers dislike Sachin Tendulkar?

The unmatched batting feats achieved by Sachin over two decades against top class Aussie attacks bred jealousy among their cricketing fraternity. His ability to consistently dominate their best bowlers like McGrath and Warne caused frustration and fatigue too.

Did cricket fans hate Sachin for not retiring sooner from international cricket?

Yes, many fans criticised Sachin fiercely on social media when his batting form declined post 2010 due to reflexes slowing down with age. As he struggled against pace and spin while averaging under 50 runs in his final years, calls grew for him to retire rather than taint his legacy.

Why did business critics dislike Sachin Tendulkar?

Some felt Sachin was contributing to excessive commercialization of cricket by doing too many endorsements worth millions of dollars off the field. They accused him of prioritizing earning profits over national duty by missing key tournaments to shoot ads and overexpose his brand for financial gain.

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