Why Do People Hate Shannon Beador?

Shannon Beador is a controversial figure on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She joined the show in Season 9 and has been a main cast member ever since. While she has her fans, Shannon also attracts a lot of criticism and hate from viewers. Here’s an in-depth look at the reasons why Shannon rubs many RHOC fans the wrong way.

Her Constant Complaining and Victim Mentality

One of the biggest complaints about Shannon is that she’s always complaining about something. She frequently plays the victim and blames others for her problems rather than taking responsibility.

In her first few seasons on RHOC, Shannon constantly complained about her troubled marriage to David Beador. She blamed David entirely for their issues and refused to acknowledge her role. This victim mentality annoyed viewers.

Even after divorcing David, Shannon carried on portraying herself as a victim in multiple scenarios. For instance, she feuded with costar Kelly Dodd for years yet maintained she’d “done nothing” to Kelly and was an innocent target of her wrath.

Shannon’s frequent woe-is-me attitude strikes many fans as immature and irritating. They feel she dramatizes situations to make herself look blameless.

Examples of Shannon’s Complaining and Victim Mentality

  • Blamed David entirely for their marital problems
  • Frequently cried and whined about David cheating on her
  • Complained about weight gain but made excuses not to work out
  • Blamed Kelly for their feud while acting innocent
  • Cried about small perceived slights from other housewives

Her Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Another Shannon trait that rubs fans the wrong way is her hypocrisy. She often holds others to standards that she doesn’t apply to herself.

For instance, Shannon demanded loyalty from her friends on RHOC yet wasn’t afraid to talk behind their backs. She expected Tamra Judge to be a loyal friend but had no issue bashing Tamra and revealing private details about her life.

Shannon also dishes out criticism but can’t take it in return. She slings insults and accusations at her co-stars but plays the victim if they fire back.

Additionally, Shannon claims to value honesty yet has frequently omitted details and twisted the truth to make herself look better.

Her hypocrisy and double standards in friendships as well as her overall behavior frustrate viewers.

Examples of Shannon’s Hypocrisy

  • Demanded loyalty from friends but talked behind their backs
  • Criticized co-stars’ behavior yet exhibited the same behavior
  • Said she valued honesty but lied or omitted details about her life
  • Attacked others for gossiping but gossiped herself
  • Judged co-stars’ relationships but didn’t like them commenting on her marriage

Her Rude and Confrontational Communication Style

Shannon’s communication style often lacks tact and comes across as rude or confrontational, which also irks fans.

She frequently interrupts people and doesn’t let them finish a sentence before she starts arguing. Shannon also resorts to childish insults when upset, like calling Kelly “stupid” or “idiot.”

Shannon will badger people relentlessly if she thinks she’s right, refusing to see their side. She derails group conversations by fixating on small perceived slights.

Additionally, Shannon seems to believe yelling or screaming strengthens her point. In heated confrontations, she loses her temper quickly, escalating situations.

This rude, confrontational communication manner exacerbates Shannon’s hypocrisy. She demands respect but doesn’t reciprocate it during disagreements.

Examples of Shannon’s Confrontational Communication

  • Frequently interrupting co-stars
  • Resorting to childish insults like “stupid” or “idiot”
  • Yelling, screaming, or crying when upset
  • Derailing group conversations to address perceived slights
  • Fixating on minor issues and blowing them out of proportion
  • Refusing to see others’ point of view during fights

Her Judgmental Attitude Toward Other Women

Shannon often comes across as judgmental, especially toward the other housewives. She seems quick to criticize their choices and life decisions.

For example, Shannon judged Heather Dubrow as cold for not wanting to socialize with the group 24/7. She called Tamra a bad mother and friend for minor perceived slights.

Shannon also slut-shamed other women like Kelly and Braunwyn Windham-Burke for their sex lives, even though she claimed to be non-judgmental.

Additionally, Shannon made judgments about the women’s looks, like ridiculing Emily Simpson’s weight or Tamra’s wardrobe. She fixated on minor changes in people’s appearances.

These judgmental attitudes make Shannon unpopular. Fans accuse her of mom-shaming, body-shaming, and claiming moral high ground over the other housewives.

Examples of Shannon’s Judgmental Attitude

  • Criticized Heather Dubrow as cold for wanting personal time away from the group
  • Called Tamra a bad mom and ended their friendship over minor issues
  • Slut-shamed Kelly and Braunwyn for their sex lives
  • Made critical comments about Emily’s weight and Tamra’s wardrobe
  • Gossiped about changes in other women’s looks
  • Mom-shamed co-stars and claimed to be a superior mother

Her Inauthentic Storylines and Forced Drama

Critics also accuse Shannon of manufacturing fake storylines and drama to stay relevant on RHOC.

In recent seasons, fans have speculated many of Shannon’s conversations seem rehearsed and inauthentic. She appears to be performing for the cameras.

Additionally, Shannon has dragged out petty feuds like her fight with Kelly to give herself a storyline. Fans accused her of creating “fake drama” to get attention.

Between the inauthenticity and forced drama, many viewers feel Shannon isn’t fun to watch anymore. She comes across as desperate for airtime rather than an organic, sincere cast member.

Examples of Inauthentic Storylines/Drama

  • Dragging out petty feuds with Kelly season after season
  • Rehashing minor issues and revisiting old arguments
  • Filming fake-seeming conversations with her children
  • Forcing her friendships with Braunwyn and Gina to create drama
  • Performing emotions and reactions that seem fake for the cameras

Her Obsession With Her Looks and Weight

Shannon also irritated fans with her obsession over her appearance, especially her post-divorce weight gain.

She fixated on losing weight to an unhealthy degree. Despite discussing body positivity, Shannon made self-loathing comments about her looks frequently on the show.

Additionally, Shannon underwent several cosmetic procedures but then acted above plastic surgery. She judged co-stars for getting botox and fillers when she did the same.

Between the weight obsession, plastic surgery hypocrisy, and self-loathing talk, Shannon came across as deeply insecure about her looks despite her “zen” lifestyle brand. Viewers felt her fixation on appearance contradicted her mantras of empowerment.

Examples of Shannon’s Obsession with Looks/Weight

  • Fixating on losing 10 lbs even when at a healthy weight
  • Making self-loathing comments about weight gain, wrinkles, etc.
  • Judging co-stars for cosmetic procedures she also underwent
  • Doing juice cleanses, strict diets, and “Dr. Moon” weight loss treatments
  • Plastic surgery including veneers, botox, and several facelifts
  • Acupuncture, colonics, and myriad treatments aimed at weight loss

She Lacks Accountability and Self-Awareness

The ultimate root of Shannon’s unpopularity is her profound lack of accountability and self-awareness.

She consistently fails to look inward at her own role in conflicts and rarely apologizes or acknowledges mistakes. Shannon expects grace from others but is unwilling to extend it herself.

Additionally, Shannon seems oblivious to how her behavior looks from the outside. She acts self-righteous while displaying some of the same behavior she condemns in others.

No amount of zen-like catchphrases can disguise Shannon’s lack of self-awareness or accountability. Until she develops more insight into her own flaws rather than constantly blaming others, the Real Housewives audience will continue to dislike her.

Examples Showing Shannon’s Lack of Accountability/Self-Awareness

  • Blamed marital problems solely on David’s infidelity
  • Refused to apologize to Kelly for years during their feud
  • Acts self-righteous when gossiping about other women’s behavior
  • Makes excuses for herself but refuses to extend grace to others
  • Can’t take constructive criticism without playing the victim
  • Claims to want honesty from friends but can’t handle hearing hard truths

Why Some Fans Still Like Shannon Despite the Controversy

However, it’s worth noting that while Shannon has plenty of detractors, she still has her loyal fans among the RHOC audience. Here are some reasons why:

  • She’s made an effort to be more accountable and self-aware in recent seasons
  • Fans sympathize with her tough split from David after a long marriage
  • She can be funny and provides some comic relief with her reactions
  • Some think more likable housewives like Heather and Tamra have bullied Shannon
  • Shannon has opened up about personal issues like weight struggles, potentially helping viewers relate
  • She comes across as a dedicated mom who adores her kids

So while many fans are fed up with Shannon’s constant complaining and lack of self-awareness, a portion of the audience still appreciates her sense of humor and high entertainment value. Her attempt to improve her behavior has also softened critics lately.

Table summarizing the key reasons people dislike Shannon and examples of her controversial behavior

Reason for DislikeExamples of Controversial Behavior
Constant complaining and victim mentalityBlaming David for marital problems, portrayed herself as victim in fights with Kelly
Hypocrisy and double standardsDemanded loyalty from friends but talked behind their backs, judged others for behavior she exhibited
Rude, confrontational communication styleYelling, screaming, interrupting others, insulting others during fights
Judgmental attitude toward other womenCriticized Heather, Tamra’s parenting and sex lives of Kelly and Braunwyn
Inauthentic storylines and forced dramaDragging out petty feuds, rehashing old issues, performing for cameras
Obsession with looks and weightMade self-loathing comments about appearance, undergoes plastic surgery but judges others who do the same
Lack of accountability and self-awarenessBlamed marital issues on David only, refuses to apologize, lacks insight into her flaws


In summary, Shannon Beador’s complaining, hypocrisy, judgmental attitude, and lack of self-awareness explain much of the audience dislike towards her. However, she still has her redeeming qualities that keep some loyal fans in her corner, despite her shortcomings.

Shannon is a polarizing but essential figure on RHOC. No matter how viewers feel about her, she’ll likely remain a big part of the show as she continues on her personal growth journey. The next season will demonstrate whether Shannon makes progress in accountability and finding peace within herself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shannon Beador Controversies

Why did Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador end their friendship?

Tamra and Shannon had a major falling out after Season 14 of RHOC. Tamra claimed Shannon falsely accused her of being a bad friend and spreading lies about her. Shannon was also hurt Tamra invited Kelly Dodd on her podcast. With trust broken on both sides, Tamra and Shannon’s years-long close friendship ended.

What plastic surgery has Shannon Beador had?

Shannon has been open about getting several cosmetic procedures, including breast implants, multiple facelifts and eyelid surgeries, veneers, botox, and fillers in her face. However, she has denied getting a nose job.

Did Shannon Beador pretend to be hacked? Why?

Yes – after homophobic Facebook posts were shared from Shannon’s account bashing Braunwyn and her girlfriend, Shannon claimed she was hacked. Many fans doubted this and accused Shannon of posting the messages herself then pretending to be hacked once she received backlash.

Why did Shannon Beador gain weight on RHOC?

Shannon says she gained nearly 40 lbs during her contentious divorce from David. The stress of their split led her to overeat and drink more alcohol. Getting fit again became an obsession for Shannon on RHOC, where she frequently discussed her weight loss goals.

What does “Dr. Moon” do to help Shannon Beador lose weight?

Dr. Moon is Shannon’s weight loss guru, who she credits with helping her drop pounds. On RHOC, he performed bizarre treatments like having Shannon lie down and bob her head up and down to move fat. While unconventional, Shannon insists Dr. Moon’s methods work.

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