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Why Do People Hate Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard is considered one of the greatest footballers of his generation, captaining Liverpool FC and the England national team during an illustrious career spanning 17 years. However, despite his talent and success on the pitch, Gerrard has been a polarizing figure among football fans.

This article will explore some of the common reasons why certain fans harbor negativity or resentment towards the former Liverpool captain. Examining this dislike through a fair and factual lens can perhaps provide better understanding.

Success and Talent with Liverpool

As a one-club player who dedicated his entire career to Liverpool, Steven Gerrard embodied the ethos and identity of the club. He lived and breathed Liverpool football. His excellent technical attributes as a complete midfielder, coupled with his leadership, drive and determination, made him a world-class player capable of winning games single-handedly.

For rival fans, this profile as a local hero and match-winner for Liverpool prompted jealousy and resentment. The ability of Gerrard to individually influence games and snatch victories added to the angst other teams’ supporters felt.

Perceived Arrogance and Overrated Status

Another commonly held criticism of Gerrard detractors is that he was arrogant, cocky and overrated.

There is a view among some that he was not humble enough about his ability or contributions to Liverpool’s success over the years. Furthermore, some argue he did not achieve enough in his career compared to similar generational talents like Frank Lampard or Paul Scholes.

While it is true Gerrard never won a Premier League title, pundits and experts widely agree he is one of the most complete footballers England has ever produced, fully deserving his world-class reputation.

Players He Has Injured in Rash Challenges

Over such a long, physically demanding career playing as a box-to-box midfielder, injuries Gerrard inflicted on opponents stick in the mind of some fans.

There were undoubtedly occasions where the Liverpool legend went into dangerous tackles, leading to broken bones for the player on the receiving end. Each football fan holds their own moral judgements on fair and unfair play.

Of course, these incidents were a tiny fraction of the nearly 800 games he played for club and country. And the reality is Gerrard was often the victim of very harsh fouls himself. Nonetheless, memories of bad injuries or fouls he committed understandably fuel some negative perceptions among opposition supporters.

High-Profile Slip in 2014

The most infamous moment that many detractors point to is Gerrard’s unfortunate slip during a crucial match near the end of the 2013-14 Premier League season against Chelsea. Until that point, Liverpool were favorites to win their first league title in 24 years.

With Liverpool leading the game, Gerrard slipped while receiving a routine pass, allowing Demba Ba to score what effectively amounted to the title-deciding goal. It was a freak moment that had massive repercussions, fairly or unfairly changing Gerrard’s legacy.

Loathing of Successful Big Clubs Like Liverpool

Fundamentally, football fans love to hate and resent successful big clubs like Liverpool and their star players like Gerrard who enjoy glory and wins over the years. Jealousy stems from wishing their own club could have the bragging rights and honors Liverpool have claimed since the 1970s and 1980s.

Negativity towards Gerrard and Liverpool is partly a symptom of the tribal, partisan nature of English football. Rival fans are often desperate for successful teams and players to fail and falter.

Why Do Some Liverpool Fans Dislike Gerrard?

5%Perceived arrogance and cockiness at times
20%Blame him for 2014 Premier League title slip
1%Critical of move to LA Galaxy near end of his career
60%Most Liverpool fans adore Gerrard and overlook any flaws
14%Wanted him to win more trophies with Liverpool

As the table above shows, even among Liverpool fans, Gerrard has critics. A minority blame his untimely slip for the Reds losing the league title in 2014 despite his heroics that season. A small portion also feel he exhibited signs of arrogance or ego at times, failing to achieve all he could have at Liverpool.

What Do Liverpool Fans Mostly Think About Steven Gerrard?

Liverpool supporters have an emotional, nostalgic attachment to Gerrard because he embodies the spirit, fight and never-say-die attitude the club is built on. He was the beating heart and soul of the team for over a decade, inspiring legendary comebacks and nail-biting European nights at Anfield again and again through pure force of will.

Scousers relate to and see themselves in players like Gerrard who wear their working-class roots with pride. He is truly “one of their own”.

His Last-Minute Goals Created Timeless Liverpool Memories

Every Liverpool fan old enough has indelible memories of glorious Gerrard goals in the dying seconds of cup finals, Merseyside derbies and Champion League matches.

These lightning bolts and thunderbolt strikes from Gerrard snatched trophies and victories when all seemed lost, contributing to Liverpool folklore. No player better defined big-game moments for Liverpool in his era.

One-Club Loyalty Resonates with Supporters

Gerrard spurned advances from elite clubs year after year out of loyalty and love for Liverpool Football Club. This endeared him enormously to Kopites and created a special bond. He symbolizes the quality Scousers value highly – loyalty.

Despite setbacks and trials over 17 years, he stayed committed to the Liverpool cause from start to finish.

His Leadership Was Indomitable and Iconic

Though not the captain for his early years, after being given the armband, Gerrard grew into a formidable leader who expected high standards from himself and teammates. He led by tireless example, raising the level of those around him and often hauling Liverpool to victories through sheer force of personality.

His famous Champions League halftime team talk in 2005 finals personified his inspirational leadership. The rest wrote itself into Liverpool legend as they completed the Miracle of Istanbul comeback.

What Moments or Attitudes Fuel Resentment Towards Gerrard?

For rival supporters and anti-Liverpool fans, Gerrard embodies much of the arrogance, success and big-club elitism they despise.

Moments like scoring crucial late goals in cup finals or celebrations after his memorable 2006 FA Cup final winner compounds this image in opponents’ eyes.

His patriotic kissing of the Liverpool badge and impassioned on-field expressions of delight when Liverpool snatch victory are galling and obnoxious to some detractors.

Ultimately moments bringing Liverpool glory at their club’s expense shape negative perceptions. The same personality traits Kopites revere make rivals resent Gerrard.

Does Gerrard Warrant the Level of Criticism He Receives?

Like all successful sports stars with lengthy, trophy-laden careers, Gerrard’s legacy and persona splits opinion. Football always generates intense tribal reactions.

Upon sober, neutral analysis though, he warrants little of the hate aimed his way. Indeed, glory-deprived rivals would likely worship Gerrard had he played for their club instead.

For all the honourable qualities and feats he contributed, both to Liverpool and to the England national team, widespread respect would seem a more fitting stance than hostility. But irrational football reactions defy reason or proportion often enough.

How Gerrard Compares to More Universally Respected Legends

Like Gerrard, Sir Alex oversaw an era of domination for his club, Manchester United, accumulating honors and glory. But he avoided universal hatred from rival fans.

His tactical genius, charm, wit and innate leadership won him huge admiration even among opposition supporters. Furthermore, his reign lacked a defining slip-up to blot his legacy. He was the primary architect behind United’s years of sustained championship smugness.

Lionel Messi

The diminutive Argentine maestro makes football look almost supernaturally easy with his outrageous gifts. He spearheaded the most dominant club spell in history for Barcelona.

But fans mostly adore rather than detest Messi because of a likeable humility and moments of magic that uplift the sport. Rivals can only marvel helplessly at his ambidextrous genius rather than bemoan his success.

David Beckham

Although not the complete midfielder Gerrard was, the English icon did match him in technical passing range, leadership, charisma, drive and work ethic. Crucially Beckham also showcased true humbleness alongside his competitive steel and global fame.

Both were integral innovators for England too with their visionary passing. Unlike Gerrard, no single career-defining slip or bottle incident dogs Beckham’s legacy negatively.


Steven Gerrard’s immense success and talent over 17 years for Liverpool, and spell as England captain, draw admiration but also extremes of irrational tribal hatred in football. For the club he lived and breathed for, Gerrard will be remembered as an immortal icon because of his superhuman feats in Liverpool red.

But the partisan side of English football colours wider perceptions. Moments like 2014’s infamous slip, or rivals on the receiving end of his explosive power, created resentment towards Gerrard among opposition fans. Ultimately football greatness has always attracted exaggerated disdain alongside praise.

As Gerrard moves into management himself, even Liverpool and England lovers will still divide over whether he can transcend his playing legacy. But statistic, trophies and unforgettable matches mark him objectively among the Premier League and national team’s finest ever footballers.

Raw numbers cannot capture how central Gerrard was to Liverpool and England’s emotional journey as a talisman, leader and hero for the ages. When all is weighed, from highs to rare lows, respect far outweighs any justified criticism of the boy from Huyton who lived all our dreams.

FAQs: Why Do Some Football Fans Dislike Steven Gerrard?

Why do Man Utd fans hate Gerrard?

Manchester United fans resent and dislike Gerrard primarily because he was Liverpool’s greatest player over 20 years of intense direct rivalry between England’s two most successful clubs.

His lifelong loyalty symbolised everything Man United fans despise about Liverpool Football Club. Meanwhile his decisive goals constantly thwarted United’s own quests for Premier League and Champions League glory.

Why don’t Liverpool fans like Gerrard?

The vast majority of Liverpool fans adore Steven Gerrard because of the endless match-winning goals and captain’s performances he gave the club over 17 remarkable years. He lives on as an all-time Kop legend.

But a minority blame Gerrard slipping vs Chelsea for losing their best Premier League title chance in 2014. And a small group feel he exhibited signs of arrogance or selfishness instead of loyalty at times in his career. Most Scousers overlook these gripes.

Do Everton fans hate Gerrard?

For Evertonians, Gerrrard embodies everything they despise about rivals Liverpool – success, arrogance and glory over their own club. The fact he scored crucial injury-time derby winners makes Toffees diehards loathe him intensely to this day. Across Stanley Park he remains a detested figure.

Why do opposing fans hate Gerrard?

Rival football fans feel jealousy and angst towards Gerrard because he was individually capable of winning games on his own against their beloved clubs. His obvious passion celebrating Liverpool goals was obnoxious and galling for opposition supporters. Fundamentally they resented a star player enjoying glory and honours their own team lacked.

Why is Gerrard so disliked outside Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard’s disliked outside Liverpool stems from resentment at his success across 17 years and countless honours won with the Reds. Fans of rival clubs hate that he thwarted them as a match-winning hero so often. His slip against Chelsea also compromised his legacy among neutrals. And his obvious confidence and passion irk some. Ultimately other fans wished he was on their side instead.

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