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Why Do People Hate Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney has quickly become one of the most popular and divisive young stars in Hollywood. After breakout roles in shows like HBO’s Euphoria and The White Lotus, she has garnered significant praise for her acting – along with her fair share of criticism and hate online. Where does this animosity towards Sydney Sweeney come from?

Backlash Towards Her Privileged Upbringing

One source of negativity directed at Sydney relates to her privileged background before making it big. She hails from Spokane, Washington and her family owns various businesses around town.

In 2022, Sweeney’s mother posted on Facebook about buying her daughter a new home as a gift. This prompted backlash on social media from those arguing Sydney presents herself as far more working-class and humble than her actual upbringing.

The Home Purchase Post

In August 2022, Sweeney’s mother Lisa King Sweeney posted on Facebook:

“So this happened today!! I bought my baby girl a house!! Best day ever!”

The post included photos of Sydney excitedly hugging her parents and celebrating. Critics argued it revealed:

  • Sydney actually came from relative privilege before becoming famous
  • Buying a home for your 24-year old daughter is not commonplace
  • Sydney should be more upfront about her comfortable background

Privilege on Euphoria

Some connect this revelation to Sydney’s breakout role on HBO’s Euphoria – where she plays a working-class teenager struggling to support her family. Fans debate whether Sydney shares the blue-collar background of her character Cassie.

Ultimately, many believe Sydney Sweeney misrepresents herself as more humble and financially challenged than reality. This perceived image manipulation sparks some animosity from the public.

Family Businesses in Spokane

While far from billionaires, Sydney’s family owns various small businesses around her hometown of Spokane, Washington. Records show companies registered to family members:

  • Contracting and construction
  • Event rentals
  • Food service
  • Real estate

Though not massive corporations, these ventures provided Sydney a comfortable middle-class upbringing critics claim she downplays.

Opinions on Work and Opportunity

Alongside her background, some criticize Sydney’s perspectives shared in interviews regarding hard work, opportunity, poverty and more.

“I Didn’t Grow Up Rich”

In a February 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sydney said:

“They had no idea that I was paying for my family’s health insurance, and I didn’t grow up rich.”

Detractors argue this falsely implies poverty Few families could afford buying their 24 year-old daughter a home outright.

Success “Isn’t Just Luck”

In the same interview, Sydney stated:

“Success isn’t just luck and showing up. It’s really unfortunate that this industry has kind of accepted the difficult working situations but doesn’t accept that difficult working actors and actresses exist.”

Some interpret this as Sydney discounting the privilege affording opportunities plus work ethic helping her succeed in Hollywood.

“Dead End Town”

Critics also highlight a March 2022 profile in Cosmopolitan where Sydney referred to Spokane as:

“a dead-end town with nothing to offer her dreams of being an performer.”

Again, many find her outlook on her hometown disconnected from reality.

Tribalism Around Issues Like Wealth

Sydney Sweeney’s backlash ties into modern tribalism fueling hatred between identity groups. Supporters back her against unfair criticism – while critics attack in hyperbolic fashion.

Toxic Supporters

Some fans exhibit performative wokeness. They aggressively defend Sydney to signal their own virtue, not support her interests.

This breeds hostility from critics feeling their more nuanced takes get ignored via black-and-white “with us or against us” mentalities. Which furthers backlash cycles.

Toxic Critics

That said, Sydney’s critics also use disproportionate language breeding division. Her family buying one house becomes “extreme privilege”; her flawed outlooks become secret affluence.

As perspectives grow more extreme, tribalism gets worse. Sydney transitions from complicated individual to saint for supporters – or two-faced villain to critics.

Communication Breakdown

This tribalism destroys nuanced communication between groups. We lose our ability to acknowledge valid critiques, disagree reasonably, and find common ground.

The cycle ultimately helps no one while generating real psychological harm to those involved.


Sydney Sweeney’s rising fame has garnered both significant praise and backlash. Some criticize her privileged background being allegedly downplayed. Her questionable perspectives on success, work and opportunity also spark debates.

However, the intensity of tribalism surrounding such issues exacerbates conflict exponentially. Sydney transitions into a one-dimensional saint or villain based on identity alignment. This worsens communication breakdown between worldviews.

There are reasonable nuanced conversations regarding privilege, opportunity and empathy that apply to Sydney Sweeney. However supercharged tribal hatred often sadly overrides earnest debate, helping no one.

Sydney is neither a nefarious liar nor a helpless victim. She’s a talented entertainer still determining how fame changes her outlook. Perhaps with life experience and age she may develop wisdom fostering empathy across groups.

FAQs About Sydney Sweeney’s Public Perception

Does Sydney Sweeney lie about growing up poor?

No – while from a relatively privileged background, there’s no evidence Sydney outright lies about poverty. She acknowledges her family owned small businesses. However, critics argue she misleadingly downplays her comfortable upbringing.

What businesses does Sydney’s family own?

Public records show Sydney’s family owning various small companies around Spokane related to construction, events, food, real estate and more. While not massive corporations, they afforded Sydney a middle-class background.

Where is Sydney Sweeney originally from?

Sydney Sweeney was born and raised in Spokane, WA by parents who ran several local businesses. She resides in Los Angeles currently to work as an actress.

How much is Sydney Sweeney worth?

Celebrity net worth sites estimate Sydney Sweeney’s current net worth around $5 million. As her acting career continues rising, this net worth figure will likely grow.

Did Sydney’s parents truly buy her a new home?

Yes – in August 2022, Sydney’s mother Lisa King Sweeney posted on Facebook about buying her daughter a home as a gift. Photos showed Sydney emotionally celebrating this purchase with her parents.

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