Why Do People Hate Trevor Engelson?

Trevor Engelson is an American film producer and talent manager who gained worldwide fame after marrying and subsequently divorcing Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. While he kept a relatively low profile during their marriage, Engelson was thrust into the spotlight following Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry.

As Markle’s fame skyrocketed, public interest in her ex-husband grew as well. This has led many to criticize Engelson and spew hate towards him online. But what exactly has he done to garner such animosity? Here is an in-depth look at the reasons behind the dislike for Trevor Engelson.

Claims He Taken Advantage of Markle’s Fame

After she began dating Prince Harry, Markle’s acting career took off tremendously with her starring role on the hit TV series Suits. Many believe that Engelson tried to take advantage of Markle’s newfound fame during this time in order to promote projects for his talent management firm.

In fact, shortly after the news broke of Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry, Engelson allegedly began contacting producers and studios to capitalize on the press surrounding his ex-wife. This perceived opportunism did not sit well with fans who saw it as an attempt to profit off of Markle’s personal life.

Trying to Cash in on Fame

  • Pushed his projects and clients more aggressively right after Markle’s fame surge
  • Took on new clients with minor connections to Markle
  • Heavily marketed his company as her ex-husband

Many saw these moves as a blatant effort by Engelson to cash in on Markle’s fame rather than succeed based on merit alone. Whether valid or not, these claims certainly damaged his public image.

Received a Large Divorce Settlement

After ending their two year marriage, Engelson received a reported $1.8 million divorce settlement from Meghan Markle. This large sum bolstered accusations that he was opportunistic and fueled characterizations of him as greedy or money-hungry.

The Settlement Breakdown

  • Engelson received five installments of $400,000 each
  • Additional lump sum payment of $200,000
  • Total settlement valued around $1.8 million

Critics argued that Engelson did not rightfully earn this money and was unfairly profiting off his short-lived marriage to a future princess. The huge settlement made him seem like a gold-digger in many people’s eyes.

hasn’t Publicly Supported Markle

Unlike his ex-wife who continues to receive floods of media attention, Engelson has stayed mostly silent since their divorce. While he rarely speaks about Markle in interviews, some feel he should have publicly praised or defended her amidst the onslaught of tabloid gossip.

Could Have Publicly Praised Her

  • Never made supportive comments as she adjusted to royal life
  • Didn’t condemn negative attacks by tabloids
  • Stayed silent rather than defending her character

This lack of public support especially after profiting from the marriage through divorce settlement has further portrayed Engelson as selfish and caring only about himself. Right or wrong, his silence spoke volumes to detractors.

Displays Bitterness Towards Markle

Based on the limited comments made by Engelson about his ex-wife, some detect a sense of bitterness underlying his words. This is particularly evident in his quote about “what goes around comes around” that seemingly referenced Markle’s newfound success and prominence.

Occasional Cryptic Remarks

  • Comment during wedding about “what goes around…”
  • Offhand jokes about royal family to friends
  • Rare quotes contain subtle digs at Meghan

These vague digs and occasional snide remarks give the impression that Engelson remains resentful regarding how his marriage to Markle ended. Whether or not this is actually true, it casts him in a highly negative light.

Lives Lavish Lifestyle Since Divorce

Paparazzi photographs reveal that Engelson’s lifestyle has become increasingly lavish since divorcing Markle and securing his multi-million dollar settlement. From luxury vacations to expensive cars, his indulgent purchases have raised eyebrows.

Flaunting His Wealth

  • Took tropical vacations with new wife Tracey Kurland
  • Drives a Range Rover and Porsche convertible
  • Moved into $5 million Los Angeles home

Rightly or not, this ostentatious lifestyle makes Engelson seem smug, spoiled, and like he is flaunting money not truly earned. It fuels characterizations of him as smug, greedy, and obnoxious.

Has a “Defiant” Personality

According to various media profiles, Engelson has a defiant, “my way or the highway” personality. This abrasive attitude has reportedly rubbed many colleagues and work associates the wrong way over the years.

Aggressive and Controlling

  • Refused to compromise or change course when challenged
  • Insisted on having final say on all decisions
  • Quick to cut ties with those who disagreed

Engelson’s hard-nosed, uncompromising approach also extended to his personal life and marriage. This tough demeanor adds to his generally unlikable public persona.


Why do people think Trevor Engelson took advantage of Meghan Markle’s fame?

After Markle began dating Prince Harry, many believe Engelson tried leveraging her newfound fame to promote projects and sign celebrity clients for his talent management company. This was seen as opportunistic andexploiting his ex-wife’s prominence.

How much money did Engelson get in his divorce from Meghan Markle?

Engelson received a total settlement of approximately $1.8 million from Meghan Markle through a combination of lump sum payments and installments. This large amount fueled criticism that he unfairly profited from the marriage.

Why are some upset that Engelson hasn’t publicly supported Meghan Markle?

Some argue that despite profiting from his marriage to Markle through a huge divorce settlement, Engelson has not come to her defense amidst tabloid gossip or publicly praised her success. His silence seems self-serving to critics.

What lavish purchases has Trevor Engelson made since his divorce from Meghan Markle?

Paparazzi photos reveal Engelson’s lifestyle has become more lavish with luxury vacations, sports cars, and a multi-million dollar Los Angeles home. This ostentatious lifestyle makes him seem smug and greedy in many people’s opinion.

How is Trevor Engelson’s personality and attitude described by colleagues?

Profiles depict Engelson as having an abrasive, uncompromising personality at work where he insists on having things his way. This defiant attitude likely also extended to his marriage, further damaging his reputation.


In summary, Trevor Engelson became a focal point of intense public criticism primarily due to his association with Meghan Markle. Accusations of opportunism, greediness, bitterness, and arrogance have all contributed to his unpopularity.

While the validity of these characterizations is up for debate, these factors shed light on why many people have expressed a strong dislike for Engelson. Only time will tell if his public perception eventually shifts.

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