Why Do People Hate Vittoria Ceretti?

Vittoria Ceretti is an Italian model who has walked for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Despite her success, Vittoria has faced some backlash and hate online from certain groups of people. In this article, we’ll explore the potential reasons why Vittoria Ceretti generates dislike among some audiences.

Her Success at a Young Age

Vittoria’s modeling career took off when she was very young

Vittoria was born in June 1998. She was discovered by a modeling scout when she was just 13 years old. By the time she was 15, Vittoria was already walking the runway for major designers like Prada and Versace.

Her quick rise to fame at such a young age has led some people to criticize the fashion industry for using underage models. There are concerns about the physical and mental wellbeing of models who start working so young. Some people believe Vittoria was too young to handle the pressures of the modeling world.

She achieved a level of success most models work years to attain

Most models have to work for years before reaching the heights Vittoria attained by age 16. She walked for Chanel, Armani, and other massive brands most models only dream of representing.

Vittoria’s instant success fuels the perception that she didn’t have to struggle and pay her dues like other models. This fosters resentment from those who feel her career progressed too easily.

Her Looks and Modeling Style

Vittoria represents the trend for very thin models

Vittoria has an extremely slim frame, which is considered the modeling industry ideal. However, some believe the preference for ultrathin models promotes an unhealthy body image.

While Vittoria maintains her weight is natural, critics argue she still perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards through her modeling work. These critics feel models like Vittoria encourage excessive thinness.

She has an androgynous look that doesn’t appeal to everyone

With her short hair, slim build, and sharp features, Vittoria has an androgynous appearance. While fashion designers may appreciate her edgy look, some mainstream audiences prefer models with more traditional femininity.

Vittoria’s modeling aesthetic isn’t universally appealing. Her angular features and boyish style inspire dislike from those who favor models with curvier, more classically feminine looks.

Perceived Lack of Personality

Vittoria is seen as aloof and unfriendly

In interviews and public appearances, Vittoria comes across as shy and unapproachable. She often seems stiff, uneasy, and not very emotive.

While some chalk this up to youth or a reserved personality, Vittoria’s perceived coldness rubs many people the wrong way. Her apparent lack of charm and magnetism means she lacks a devoted fan following.

She is not an outspoken advocate on social issues

Numerous models use their platform to promote causes like body positivity, sustainability, and diversity in fashion. Vittoria herself has not taken up social issues as a personal mission.

Her silence on these matters leads some to see Vittoria as self-absorbed and unaware of important feminist and social justice movements. For those who expect models to be outspoken role models, Vittoria disappoints.

Controversies She Has Been Involved In

Vittoria appeared in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign accused of racism

In 2018, Vittoria was part of a Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign that featured a Chinese model attempting to eat Italian food with chopsticks. Many deemed the ads offensive and racist stereotyping.

Although Vittoria did not create the concept, she faced criticism for participating in a campaign considered culturally insensitive. The controversy still shadows her modeling career years later.

She was photographed modeling fur, drawing the ire of animal rights activists

Animal rights supporters were outraged when Vittoria did a 2017 fur campaign for Fendi. The graphic photos of her posing in animal furs brought accusations of supporting cruelty to animals.

Though fur remains common in fashion, its ethics are heavily scrutinized now. Vittoria’s decision to model fur makes her a target of animal activists who protest the fur trade.

Perceptions That She Lacks Modeling Skill

Claims that her facial expressions are limited and amateurish

Some critics argue that Vittoria lacks dynamism and range as a model. They believe she leans too heavily on a blank, robotic stare in photographs and on the runway rather than displaying more varied facial expressions.

For these naysayers, Vittoria’s modeling demonstrates a lack of training, skill, and imagination. They see her as succeeding based on appearance alone without bringing modeling technique or artistry.

Accusations that she simply got lucky in her career

Because Vittoria was discovered at 13 before undergoing years of honing her modeling abilities, some argue she is not a hardworking or talented model. They perceive her as someone who got lucky but does not have dedication to her craft.

Under this view, she secured top modeling gigs by virtue of her youth and slim body rather than earning it through effort and ability. Her quick success can appear undeserved.

Concerns About the Fashion Industry

She fuels the impression that models are interchangeable

To some critics of fashion, Vittoria is emblematic of models being treated as homogenized, disposable objects. Her lack of individuality causes complaints that she is indistinguishable from dozens of other young, thin models.

Some argue models with unique attributes and skillsets have been replaced by an endless stream of anonymous, generic models like Vittoria. She demonstrates that high fashion prizes conformity over personality.

Her career trajectory perpetuates the focus on newness and youth

Like many models, Vittoria’s career shone brightest in her late teens and may decline as she matures. Critics argue this teen model pattern demonstrates that fashion favors girls who are fresh and new.

They believe the industry’s obsession with extreme youth comes at the expense of appreciating more experienced models with longevity in their careers. Vittoria epitomizes the constant hunt for the next big young thing.


Vittoria Ceretti’s rise to modeling fame has certainly been met with criticism and negativity from some groups. While she has achieved remarkable success very early on, her slim build, unusual looks, and perceived bland personality do not appeal to all audiences. Controversies like her fur modeling work have also sparked backlash.

However, much of the antipathy towards Vittoria stems from larger issues with the fashion industry, such as its promotion of unhealthily thin body types and reliance on young teenage models. Rather than attacking her as an individual, a more productive discussion could focus on changing the systemic problems that shape a model’s career in ways beyond her control.

There are certainly positives to be found in Vittoria’s story as well – a young model able to access remarkable opportunities that can inspire other girls to follow in her footsteps.

FAQs about Why People Dislike Vittoria Ceretti

Does Vittoria Ceretti have a bad attitude?

Vittoria generally does not come across as rude or mean-spirited in interviews. However, she is very shy and quiet, which can be perceived as unfriendly or aloof. Some feel her reserved personality translates to a bad attitude.

Is Vittoria Ceretti a diva?

There are no reputable stories of Vittoria behaving like a diva on photo shoots or backstage at fashion shows. By all accounts she is professional and does not make unreasonable demands of staff. She appears humble rather than entitled.

Is Vittoria Ceretti problematic?

While Vittoria herself does not court controversy, she has been tied to problematic ads (like the Dolce & Gabbana campaign accused of racism). Critics also take issue with her participation in the fashion industry’s promotion of young, very thin models. But she has not made inflammatory statements herself.

Does Vittoria Ceretti have a drug problem?

There is no evidence Vittoria abuses drugs, and she has stated she eats healthily and exercises to stay slim. Models do face pressure to be unnaturally thin, but Vittoria does not seem to engage in unhealthy behaviors to lose weight.

Is Vittoria Ceretti a mean girl?

By all accounts Vittoria is not aggressive or unkind to others in the fashion industry. She is shy with a very calm demeanor, not a ruthless mean girl personality. Clients and colleagues seem to regard her as polite and professional.

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