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Why Do People Love Angourie Rice?

Angourie Rice is a young Australian actress who has quickly captured the hearts of audiences around the world with her charming personality and incredible acting talent.

At just 24 years old, Angourie has already built an impressive resume of roles in major films like The Nice Guys, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the recent critically-acclaimed film Where’d You Go, Bernadette.

But beyond her early success as an actress, what is it exactly that makes people adore Angourie Rice so much? This article explores the key reasons why fans and critics alike can’t seem to get enough of this rising star.

What Films and TV Shows Has Angourie Rice Been In?

YearFilm/TV ShowRole
2023Senior YearStephanie
2022Three Thousand Years of LongingJess
2021Mare of EasttownSiobhan Sheehan
2021Where’d You Go, BernadetteBee Branch

To understand Angourie’s widespread appeal, it helps to be familiar with some of her most notable acting roles so far. She first broke out with a witty supporting turn in 2016’s The Nice Guys opposite Ryan Gosling.

She then endeared herself to mass audiences as tech-savvy Laura in the Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home. More recently, she earned rave reviews for her performance in the HBO miniseries Mare of Easttown.

Winning Personality Shines Through On-Screen and Off

Part of what makes Angourie Rice so beloved is her charming, down-to-earth personality that shines through both on-screen and during interviews. She comes across as genuine, relatable and effortlessly likable.

Even as a teenager acting alongside huge stars like Cate Blanchett and Ryan Gosling, Angourie has always carried herself with a maturity and confidence beyond her years. She has an expressive face that allows her to morph into any role, yet she still radiates her natural warmth.

Off-screen, fans are always delighted to see her fun-loving and humble nature during interviews. Despite her early success, she remains incredibly grounded. It’s easy to see why her co-stars and crews fall for her vibrance and good humor on every set.

Personality Traits Fans Love:

  • Genuine, relatable nature
  • Confident but humble
  • Expressive, versatile acting ability
  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Fun-loving, magnetic energy

Chooses Complex, Dynamic Roles

Another reason why Angourie Rice resonates so strongly with audiences is the complexity of the characters she takes on. At just 24, she has already compiled an impressive range of roles displaying her immense acting chops.

Rather than play it safe, Angourie consistently challenges herself with gritty, substantive roles in bold films like The Beguiled and Mare of Easttown. Even in mainstream fare like the Spider-Man sequel, she layers her characters with a dimensionality beyond typical blockbuster movies.

Fans love that Angourie chooses projects with depth and never phones it in. She disappears completely into each new role, showcasing new sides of her talent. The risky creative choices pay off, making her a stand-out amid typical Hollywood starlets.

Critics Are Floored by Her Presence and Ability

One major reason Angourie Rice has skyrocketed to fame is that critics simply can’t stop raving over her screen presence and acting capabilities. Despite her young career thus far, she has continually earned overwhelming praise from the industry’s toughest critics.

Reviewers at outlets like the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter, and Indiewire have called her things like:

  • “a dynamo”
  • “compulsively watchable”
  • “a star with finesse beyond her years”

Critics have specifically pointed out her startling emotional intelligence and control on-screen. They are floored by her ability to employ small facial expressions and gestures to convey hidden depths. It’s extremely rare for such a young actress to posses such refined dramatic skills.

Carved Her Own Unique Persona

In an industry full of egos and manufactured personas, Angourie Rice is a breath of fresh air. This is because she has stayed true to herself rather than conforming herself to typical Hollywood trends.

Rather than compete with or emulate starlets like Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone, Angourie has carved her own unique niche with an off-beat, intelligent sensibility. Her fashion sense encapsulates her quirky personality – it’s edgy yet playful.

She also speaks freely in interviews with an insightful perspective far beyond most 24 year olds. Fans appreciate that she feels no need to dumb herself down or be fake to succeed in the industry.

Australian Audiences Adore Her Homegrown Talent

As a Melbourne native, Angourie Rice holds a special place in the hearts of Australian audiences. They have relished watching her talent blossom over the years into a globally-adored star.

Angourie first charmed Aussie audiences with standout theatrical performances as a precocious child. She exuded an intangible star quality even in her earliest roles. So when she started landing big international movie roles, Australians felt a surge of pride in her achievements.

To this day, she remains uniquely humble and candid about her rapid rise to fame from an Australian perspective. Fans down under will fiercely defend and support Angourie’s career and can claim her as their own rising talent.

Become a Role Model for Youth

Given the fickleness of Hollywood and young stars burning out, Angourie Rice provides a refreshing role model for youth today. She has achieved massive success already, yet stays completely grounded and focused on artistry rather than fame.

Especially for young girls and teens, Angourie demonstrates that you can stick to your values and personality while conquering the entertainment world. She advocates for removing social stigmas around mental health, having candid conversations about anxiety.

With so much content and messaging bombarding younger generations, Angourie cuts through the noise. She pushes back against external pressures and stays resiliently herself. These qualities have rapidly endeared her to younger fans seeking authenticity.

Fans Feel Invested in Her Career Trajectory

Usually when a young actress delivers a stellar breakout role, there’s no guarantee they will back it up with future quality performances. Fluke stars who fade out quickly are commonplace in Hollywood.

However with Angourie Rice, fans remain confident that she is the real deal. From her audacious film choices to her consistency shining in every genre, she keeps demonstrating incredible long-term potential.

Supporters feel personally invested in her meteoric rise, longing to see how she’ll continue to push her artistic boundaries. The excitement around the early stages of her career and speculation over where she’ll go next have driven even more widespread adoration from newfound fans.

Gen Z Vibe Resonates Widely

A major part of Angorie Rice’s magnetism is her uniquely Gen Z energy. As someone born in 1997, she taps into the zeitgeist and ethos of her generation with an authenticity unlike stars from previous eras.

Whereas many young actresses seem to emulate millennials, Angourie firmly represents the next generation’s outlook. Her candor about societal challenges like climate change fuels a sense of kinship among Gen Z audiences.

At the same time, her fun fashion/beauty choices and grasp of pop culture trends make young fans feel seen. They feel she embodies the modern young woman in a way that rings true.

Ultimately, Angourie Rice simply “gets” the mindset of Gen Z viewers. This allows her to form even deeper emotional connections through her acting and media presence.


In conclusion, Angourie Rice has won over a massive global fanbase with her trifecta of acting talent, cascading charisma, and career fearlessness. Despite the fickleness of Hollywood, she has laid the foundations for longevity by avoiding traps of over-exposure or trend-chasing.

As she continues carefully cultivating her resume with smart, unexpected roles, critics and fans alike eagerly await her next moves. She has proven her capabilities of blending blockbuster and prestige projects across any genre imaginable.

Moving forward, Angourie Rice seems destined for superstardom as audiences crave more of her relatable spirit and knack for illuminating the human experience. If she stays true to her roots while expanding her artistic horizons, the entertainment world is her oyster.


What was Angourie Rice’s breakout role?

Angourie Rice’s breakout role was as Holly March in the 2016 comedy crime film The Nice Guys opposite Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Her sharp wit and maturity in the role won over critics and audiences, proving she could hold her own beside veteran actors.

What awards has Angourie Rice won so far?

Some of Angourie’s most notable awards so far include:

  • Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award for Best Young Actor (2017)
  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival Virtuoso Award (2017)
  • National Association of Theatre Owners Award for Female Star of Tomorrow (2017)

What upcoming projects does Angourie Rice have?

Angourie has several major films in the pipeline, including Vanessa Leigh Calloway’s The Allegory, Senior Year with Rebel Wilson, and an untitled romantic comedy opposite Nicholas Galitzine. She is also rumored to be reprising her role as Betty Brant in another Spider-Man sequel.

Is Angourie Rice on social media?

Yes – fans can follow her on both Instagram (@angourierice) and Twitter (@angourierice). She has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and 112K Twitter followers currently. Even on social media she maintains her trademark humor and down-to-earth spirit that her fans adore.

What causes or charities is Angourie Rice involved with?

Angourie proudly uses her platform to support causes like children’s healthcare, Black Lives Matter, mental health awareness, and climate change activism. She wants to empower young people to enact positive change in the world.

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