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Why Do People Love Brady Noon?

Brady Noon is a young actor who has quickly risen to fame in recent years. He is best known for his roles in the comedy films Good Boys and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. Here are some of the key reasons why Brady Noon has become so popular and beloved by audiences:

Comedic Talent

One of the biggest reasons people love Brady Noon is his incredible comedic timing and ability. Despite his young age, Brady has shown a real knack for delivering funny lines and improvising humor on screen.

His breakthrough performance was in the 2019 comedy film Good Boys, where Brady played one of three 6th grade boys trying to make it to a kissing party. His portrayal of innocent yet raunchy tween Max was hilarious and even earned Brady a Best Young Actor award at the Critics Choice Movie Awards.

Brady followed up this performance with another funny turn in the 2021 Disney+ series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. As the earnest and often clumsy Evan Morrow, Brady got to showcase both physical and verbal comedy chops opposite veteran actors like Lauren Graham.

His natural charisma and likable presence on screen only heightens the hilarity of Brady’s performances. He has an innate talent for understanding comedic beats and landing jokes, which quickly endears him to audiences.

Some Examples of His Comedy Skills

  • His hilarious speech and dating advice to his friends in Good Boys
  • His knack for physical comedy, like tumbling over the hockey gear in Mighty Ducks
  • His nervous rambling and rule-breaking in both shows
  • His witty comebacks and one-liners, often surprising for such a young actor

Plays Relatable, Likable Characters

In addition to being funny, Brady Noon excels at portraying characters that feel relatable and likable. Both Max in Good Boys and Evan in Mighty Ducks are recognizable personalities with qualities that make them easy to root for.

Max is the mild-mannered, slightly nerdy tween who just wants to make it through 6th grade and go to the big kissing party. Evan is the earnest new kid eager to learn how to play hockey with his idols. While the characters find themselves in absurd situations, at their core they feel like real, down-to-earth kids.

Brady’s natural charisma and endearing screen presence only heighten the relatability. He expresses the innocence, heart and spirit of these characters in a way that resonates. Audiences identify with and root for these underdogs, thanks to Brady’s portrayal.

Why His Characters Are Relatable:

  • They have familiar struggles, like fitting in and navigating school
  • They are inherently good kids, despite messing up sometimes
  • They have an innocence and optimism about them
  • Brady plays them in an earnest, grounded way

He Has Shown Impressive Range at a Young Age

While Brady Noon may be best known for comedy, he has already shown an ability to tap into more dramatic, emotional material as well. This impressive range sets him apart from many young actors and demonstrates his vast potential.

In Good Boys, Brady navigates some more serious moments as Max deals with his parents’ divorce and anxiety over growing up. There is a melancholy undercurrent that Brady expresses effectively.

In Mighty Ducks, Brady also portrays Evan’s journey in learning to trust teammates and find self-confidence. The show gives him content that involves overcoming grief, dyslexia, and bullies. Brady handles the drama adeptly.

Additionally, Brady guest starred in an episode of Netflix’s acclaimed Atypical, playing an autistic character. This role especially highlighted his versatility as an actor.

Examples of Brady’s Dramatic Abilities:

  • Portraying Max’s complicated feelings about his parents’ divorce
  • Capturing Evan’s grief over losing his dad
  • His dramatic turn as an autistic teen in Atypical
  • Expressing emotions like vulnerability, anger, sadness

He Has Great Chemistry With Castmates

Much of Brady Noon’s success can also be attributed to his natural chemistry and rapport with the actors he works with on screen. Brady develops fun, believable relationships that enhance the entertainment value.

In Good Boys, Brady plays off his co-stars Jacob Tremblay and Keith L. Williams so well. Their authentic camaraderie and banter make their friendships totally convincing.

Similarly, in Mighty Ducks, Brady forms a lovable, ragtag team with his castmates. He also creates great comic tension with his on-screen mom Lauren Graham. Their amusing antagonistic dynamic steals many scenes.

Brady clearly has an innate ability to connect and find the right vibe with fellow actors. This not only improves the quality of his own performances, but makes the overall project more engaging too.

Strong Examples of Brady’s On-Screen Chemistry:

  • His brotherly bond with Jacob Tremblay and Keith Williams in Good Boys
  • Playful friction with Lauren Graham as his mom in Mighty Ducks
  • Team spirit and unity with his fellow Mighty Duck teammates
  • Believable best friend and mentor relationships

He Has Star Power Beyond His Years

Despite only being in his mid-teens, Brady Noon demonstrates a stage presence and star quality that is rare for someone his age. He holds his own against more veteran actors and is able to anchor projects with his charismatic charm.

In both Good Boys and Mighty Ducks, Brady shows he can be a leading man who carries the story. He brings a natural energy and screen presence that pops off the screen.

Brady also handled his newfound fame and success with impressive maturity and poise for someone so young. He demonstrates a professionalism in interviews and promotional appearances.

Overall, there is an intangible “it factor” Brady possesses – a magnetic charisma and likability on and off screen. It’s this star power that allows him to stand out even among the most experienced adults he works with.

Moments Where Brady’s Star Quality Stood Out:

  • Carrying much of the screentime in Good Boys as a co-lead
  • Being featured prominently on posters and ads for his projects
  • Holding his own in late night TV interviews post-Good Boys
  • Handling the pressure of a starring TV role with poise
  • Earning awards buzz and acclaim so early in his career

Chooses Interesting, High Quality Projects

While still early in his career, Brady Noon’s choice of projects has contributed to his appeal. He has shown savvy in selecting roles in buzzy, acclaimed comedies and franchises.

Good Boys was one of the most popular and hilarious comedies of 2019, giving Brady the chance to breakout in a hit film. The movie earned strong reviews for its unique comedic perspective on tween boys.

The Mighty Ducks meanwhile tapped into 90s nostalgia as a continuation of the beloved franchise, but with a fresh young cast. This gave Brady the chance to put his own stamp on the iconic Ducks legacy.

And prior to these star-making turns, Brady got the chance to work on the critically praised show Atypical. Focusing on quality projects like this in comedy and drama has allowed Brady to flex his skills.

Projects That Boosted Brady’s Profile:

  • The hit raunchy tween comedy Good Boys
  • Revamping the Mighty Ducks franchise in a Disney+ series
  • Earning acclaim in award-winning shows like Atypical
  • Working with prominent producers, casts and directors
  • Associating with popular franchises and brands

Brady Noon’s Future Outlook

At just 17 years old, Brady Noon’s career is clearly on the rise. Based on his early success and talent, what does the future likely hold for this young star?

More Leading Comedy Roles

Brady’s combination of comedic skills and natural charisma lend themselves perfectly to leading roles in funny films. Now that he has broken out in Good Boys, offers for more starring vehicles will likely come pouring in.

These could be solo leading parts or paired with young co-stars, similar to his pairing with Jacob Trembley. Given his chemistry with casts so far, Brady can easily carry an ensemble comedy too. Expect to see him headline many future movie comedies as his star continues to grow.

Transitioning to More Adult Roles Over Time

As Brady Noon gets older, he will gradually phase out of the tween roles that first brought him fame. The next step will be angling for teen roles, then eventually more mature adult parts when he is a bit older.

This transition will allow Brady to show more dimensions to his acting. Given his dramatic chops already displayed, taking on more layered teen roles would come naturally to him. And eventually Brady can use his comedic wit in more grown-up humor and raunchier material.

Potential Franchise Lead

Thanks to his stint in Mighty Ducks, Brady Noon has shown he can capably lead an existing popular franchise. This ability could help him land other big franchise roles as well.

He would be an excellent choice if any major YA book series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Percy Jackson ever get adapted into movie franchises. His comedic talent and everyman appeal can attract audiences to even more unknown material too.


In summary, Brady Noon has become a rising young star in Hollywood due to his hilarious comedy skills, endearing charisma, impressive range, and surprisingly mature screen presence. Despite only being a teenager, Brady has shown he can carry major films and shows with his natural talent and work ethic.

As he moves forward in his career, Brady Noon will likely continue landing bigger comedic movie roles and transitioning into more adult material. He has the potential to lead major franchises as well. While it’s impossible to say exactly what the future holds, Brady Noon’s early success and talent suggest he has the makings of a major star who will entertain audiences for years to come. His future looks incredibly bright.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Brady Noon’s breakout role?

Brady Noon’s breakout role was as Max in the 2019 comedy film Good Boys. His hilarious yet heartfelt performance as one of three young 6th grade boys earned him widespread critical praise and awards attention.

How old is Brady Noon?

As of 2023, Brady Noon is 17 years old. He has been acting professionally since around 2016, when he would have been just 12 years old.

Where is Brady Noon from?

Brady Noon was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He continues to live in Toronto with his family when not working on projects in the United States.

What shows has Brady Noon been on?

Some of Brady Noon’s most notable TV projects include guest roles on Netflix’s Atypical and Schitt’s Creek, along with his current starring role as Evan in the Disney+ series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

Is Brady Noon on social media?

Yes, Brady Noon is active on Instagram under the username @brady.noon where he has over 750k followers. He often promotes his latest projects and shares behind the scenes photos on his account.

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