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Why Do People Love Frank Lampard?

Frank Lampard is one of the most beloved footballers in England and across the world. The former Chelsea and England midfielder had an illustrious playing career spanning over two decades, during which he established himself as one of the greatest goalscoring midfielders of all time.

Even after his retirement in 2017, Lampard remains hugely popular among football fans. His name still elicits affection and appreciation from supporters of every club. There are many reasons why Lampard is so widely admired and respected. This article will explore the main factors behind his enduring popularity.

Goalscoring Prowess

One of the biggest reasons why Lampard is so revered is his extraordinary goalscoring record. As a box-to-box midfielder, his tally of 211 goals in 648 games for Chelsea is simply astonishing. No other midfielder comes close to matching that scoring rate in the Premier League era.

Lampard holds the record for being the highest goalscoring midfielder in Premier League history. He is also fifth in the overall list of leading scorers. His instincts in front of goal and ability to time his runs into the box made him a huge threat. Lampard had an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time to finish off chances.

Consistency in goalscoring

What makes Lampard’s goalscoring feats even more impressive is his consistency. He scored at least 10 Premier League goals in 15 consecutive seasons between 1997 and 2012. To reach double figures in goals year after year is remarkable for any player, let alone a midfielder.

Lampard always stepped up with important goals too. He scored in big games when his team needed him the most. The fact that he kept scoring so prolifically as he aged also added to his legend. Lampard netted a career-best 27 goals in 2009/10 at the age of 31.

Club record goalscorer

In May 2013, Lampard overtook Bobby Tambling’s longstanding record to officially become Chelsea’s highest ever goalscorer. It was a historic moment, achieving a milestone many thought would never be broken. Lampard scored his 203rd goal for Chelsea against Aston Villa to earn his place in the club’s folklore.

Breaking a record that had stood for nearly 50 years cemented his legacy. Tambling’s record had stood since 1970 before Lampard surpassed it 43 years later. It was a fitting reward for Lampard’s tremendous service over 13 years at the club.

Work Ethic and Professionalism

Another reason Lampard won such respect from fans is his immense work ethic and consummate professionalism. He was the ultimate role model in his training habits, lifestyle and determination to keep improving. Lampard’s work ethic is legendary within football.

Throughout his career, Lampard was famed for being the first player to arrive and last to leave the training ground. His commitment in training was unmatched, setting the tone for others to follow. Lampard looked after his body too, displaying the highest levels of professionalism.

Adapted his game to stay at the top

A big factor in Lampard’s longevity was how he adapted his game over the years. He evolved from being a box-to-box midfielder able to cover huge distances into a deeper-lying playmaker. This enabled him to dictate games well into his mid-30s.

Lampard’s technical and tactical evolution is an example to any player. By adding more facets to his game, he was able to remain a key player even in his late 30s. Very few footballers can extend their careers at the very top past their mid-30s. Lampard’s professionalism allowed him to defy ageing.

Consummate leader on the pitch

Lampard also deserves huge credit for the leadership and responsibility he showed throughout his career. He led by example with his tireless running andDemanding high standards from those around him.

After the retirement of John Terry, Lampard became Chelsea’s captain and thrived with the extra responsibility. He played a key role in helping young players develop and integrating them into the first team. Lampard was a model professional that set the tone for everyone at the club.

Loyalty to Chelsea

Loyalty in football is a rare commodity, which is part of what made Lampard so special. The midfielder enjoyed huge success at Chelsea but also stayed committed during more challenging times.

Lampard joined Chelsea in 2001 and went on to spend 13 years with the London club. He was a key player throughout Chelsea’s transition from traditional underachievers to Premier League superpower.

Despite interest from other big clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid, Lampard remained loyal. He even stayed after the appointment of Jose Mourinho signalled the end of his run in the team.

One-club man

Very few players can claim to be genuine one-club men. Despite lucrative opportunities to leave, Lampard felt such an affinity for Chelsea that he stayed there his entire career before leaving for MLS.

His association and longevity with Chelsea created a special bond between Lampard and the fans. Supporters adored him for embodying the soul of the club for so many years. He was the constant presence while managers, players and owners came and went.

The fact Lampard spent so long at Chelsea in the modern era is almost unheard of. Young supporters literally grew up with Lampard as a Chelsea player. That loyal service is why Lampard will forever be synonymous with Chelsea Football Club.

Success and Achievements

Winning trophies adds to any player’s legend and Lampard enjoyed great success at Chelsea. He was a key figure in the most successful era in the club’s history under Jose Mourinho between 2004 and 2007.

During this period, Chelsea won two Premier League titles, two League Cups, the FA Cup and a Community Shield. Mourinho helped transform them into England’s dominant force with Lampard central to that.

Lampard’s goals and dominant midfield displays were crucial to Chelsea ending their 50-year league title drought in 2004/05. He was voted Premier League Player of the Season and FWA Footballer of the Year. Chelsea retained the title the following season as Lampard excelled again en route to another Premier League crown.

Champions League glory

Winning major trophies in the latter part of his Chelsea career also boosted Lampard’s popularity. He finally fulfilled his dream of winning the UEFA Champions League in 2011/12.

Lampard captained Chelsea’s memorable win against Bayern Munich in the final. He also scored a penalty in the shootout on that famous night in Munich. It was just reward for Lampard’s years of excellent service to finally claim Europe’s top prize.

In 2009/10, he inspired Chelsea to their first league and cup Double with a career-best 27 goals. Lampard proved he could still dominate games even after passing 30. He continued playing a vital role right through until lifting the Europa League trophy in his last season in 2013.

International Pedigree

While Lampard’s achievements for Chelsea were immense, he also shone on the international stage for England. He made over 100 appearances for the Three Lions between 1999 and 2014. Lampard’s energy, drive and goal threat from midfield made him an important player.

Lampard appeared at three FIFA World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014), as well as two European Championships (2004, 2012). He scored 29 goals for his country in total, playing alongside elite names like David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney.

Always passionate about representing England, Lampard’s commitment never wavered. He scored a brilliant brace against Croatia to secure England’s qualification for the 2014 World Cup for example. Ultimately, he became one of very few English centurions for the national team.

Playing Style and Persona

Lampard’s playing style during his peak years also contributed to his huge popularity. At his best, he epitomised the box-to-box midfielder, covering endless ground and contributing at both ends.

Boundless energy and a capacity to get up and down the field enabled Lampard to influence games. His ability to arrive in the box and score goals was unmatched among midfielders. Lampard also developed into an excellent crosser and passer capable of scoring and creating.

The way Lampard played the game with such energy and determination resonated with supporters. Fans could see how much he gave for the cause in every performance. This helped forge a special connection between them.

Model professional and leader

Equally important was Lampard’s professional persona away from the pitch. He was a model pro who avoided controversy and scandals throughout his career. Lampard let his football do the talking as he crafted out a brilliant career.

Moreover, he assumed the role of senior pro and leader at Chelsea and England with aplomb. Younger teammates looked up to him as an example to follow. Lampard set the standards in everything he did.

All these factors combined to turn Lampard into one of English football’s most popular and respected icons. The way he conducted himself ensured fans revered him even after retirement. He is sure to go down as a legend of the game.

Why is Lampard so highly regarded and loved?

Frank Lampard earned such affection and respect for a variety of reasons:

  • Greatest goalscoring midfielder of the Premier League era
  • Broke Chelsea’s all-time scoring record with 211 goals
  • Tireless work ethic and consummate professionalism
  • Adapted his game to stay at the top into his late 30s
  • One-club man who spent his entire career at Chelsea
  • Stuck with Chelsea through good and bad times
  • Won every major trophy during Chelsea’s glory years
  • Played with passion and determination
  • World class performances for England at World Cups/Euros
  • Box-to-box dynamo who dominated games from midfield
  • Led by example and assumed responsibility as captain
  • Conducted himself immaculately on/off the pitch
  • Remained humble and avoided controversies
  • Inspired loyalty and affection from Chelsea and England fans

Lampard had the talent and mentality to become a true legend of the game who is cherished by football supporters everywhere.

Was Lampard the greatest Premier League midfielder ever?

Whether Lampard can be considered the greatest midfielder in Premier League history is debated among fans and experts. The Chelsea icon has a strong case but faces competition from other midfield legends of England’s modern era.

The case for Lampard being the best

  • Most prolific goalscoring midfielder by a huge margin
  • Integral part of Chelsea’s most successful era
  • Second highest assists tally behind only Ryan Giggs
  • Only midfielder to score 10+ goals in 10 straight seasons
  • Won every major honor at club level
  • Still a star player past his mid-30s due to professionalism
  • Dominated games into his late career from deep midfield roles
  • Had the endurance and engine to box-to-box in his prime
  • Tactically astute and developed excellent passing range
  • Among England’s greatest ever players

Competition from other legendary midfielders

  • Paul Scholes – Genius passer and scorer with a cannon shot
  • Steven Gerrard – Led Liverpool to glory as a complete midfielder
  • Patrick Vieira – Dominant box-to-box presence for Arsenal Invincibles
  • Roy Keane – Fierce driving force and leader in Manchester United’s midfield
  • David Silva – Magician who starred in Manchester City’s era of dominance

All these midfielders have legitimate claims to being the Premier League’s greatest ever. Lampard however remains the undisputed king when it comes to goalscoring, which sets him apart from his peers. His incredible strike rate and consistency at the highest level strengthens his case.

Ultimately, comparing players across eras is difficult. But Lampard’s phenomenal stats and achievements ensure he deserves mention alongside the very best English central midfielders of any generation.

Lampard’s legacy at Chelsea

Frank Lampard’s legacy at Chelsea is immense thanks to his record-breaking goalscoring exploits, trophy-laden tenure, and status as a one-club icon.

Greatest goalscorer

Lampard smashed Bobby Tambling’s long-standing Chelsea goals record, finishing with 211 strikes. This figure places him clear at the top of Chelsea’s all-time scoring charts. Lampard netted goals at an unprecedented rate for a midfielder and became a Stamford Bridge legend thanks to his ruthlessness in front of goal.

Defining player of the Abramovich era

After Roman Abramovich’s 2003 takeover, Lampard spearheaded Chelsea’s most fruitful period. His goals and dynamism as a box-to-box player embodied their transformation into England’s preeminent force. Lampard delivered in big games continuously to help Chelsea win three Premier League titles and fulfill their potential under Abramovich.

Champions League triumph

Lampard finally conquered Europe with Chelsea in 2012, captaining them to a famous Champions League victory over Bayern Munich. It was just reward for his service to deliver the trophy Chelsea craved. Lampard scoring a penalty in the shootout completed his own journey to European glory in Chelsea blue.

One-club man

Spending his entire Premier League playing career at Chelsea from 2001 to 2014, Lampard gained an indelible association with the club. His long-term loyalty as Chelsea grew into a superpower endeared him forever to the Stamford Bridge faithful.

Youth talent developer

Later in his Chelsea stint, Lampard transitioned into an elder statesman role fostering the next generation. His leadership and professional habits established high standards for emerging young players to match.

Lampard departing in 2014 concluded an era in which he cemented his status as Chelsea’s greatest ever player. With his reputation and legacy beyond dispute, Lampard became the benchmark for all future Chelsea midfielders to aspire towards.

How Lampard inspired a generation of young midfielders

Such was Frank Lampard’s brilliance and influence at the peak of his powers that a generation of young midfielders grew up idolizing him. His well-rounded excellence as a goalscoring, creative force inspired so many promising players.

Goalscoring masterclass

Lampard proved midfielders could affect games hugely in the final third by perfecting his movement and timing in the box. A generation of midfielders analyzed his intelligent runs and ability to ghost into scoring positions relentlessly.

Young stars like Dele Alli and James Maddison modeled parts of their game on Lampard’s capacity to time late runs from midfield and produce huge goal tallies. Lampard set the benchmark for box-to-box dynamism and prolific scoring.

Well-rounded technical quality

At his peak, Lampard coupled raw athleticism with technical quality on the ball. He could pass, cross, shoot powerfully with both feet and control games from midfield.

For emerging midfield prospects, Lampard demonstrated the importance of honing every facet of your game. His all-round excellence across so many areas inspired young players to develop complete skillsets.

Dedication and leadership

Lampard’s mental strengths also resonated with the next generation. His work ethic, training habits and competitive spirit were second to none throughout his career. He assumed responsibility seamlessly after being appointed Chelsea captain.

As a role model, Lampard inspired others to train harder and set standards in every session. Young developing players understood from him that talent must be backed up by dedication.

By playing at such a high level for over a decade at the top, Lampard set the modern template for elite box-to-box midfielders. His enduring influence on the current generation underlines the unmatched impact he had.

Key lessons from Lampard’s career

Frank Lampard’s outstanding career provides invaluable lessons for any young footballer striving for success.

Work ethic trumps talent

Lampard maximized his ability through sheer hard work and determination. He was never the most naturally talented player but had an unrivalled work rate.

Remain adaptable

Lampard continually adapted facets of his game to stay at the top. This enabled him to transition smoothly into a deep-lying playmaker later in his career.

Lead by example

Lampard’s immense leadership qualities stemmed from leading by example. He demanded high standards starting with his own dedication and conduct.

Look after your body

Lampard’s supreme athleticism and fitness well into his 30s was thanks to an impeccable professional lifestyle. His body conditioning gave him a crucial edge.

If any young player can emulate Lampard’s work ethic, drive for improvement and model professionalism, they will be well on the path to success.

Frank Lampard’s Career TimelineHighlights
1995–2001West Ham debut – Becomes first team regular
2001–2014Joins Chelsea – Becomes all-time leading scorer
1999–2014First England cap – Retires after 106 caps
2004–05Premier League title – Premier League Player of the Season
2008–09Reaches 100 Premier League goals
2011–12Captains Chelsea to Champions League glory
2013Breaks Bobby Tambling’s Chelsea goals record with 203
2014Leaves Chelsea after scoring 211 goals

Times Lampard produced magical moments

Throughout his illustrious playing days, Lampard consistently stepped up when it mattered most. Here are 5 of his most magical and important Chelsea moments:

Overhauling Barcelona in 2005 Champions League

After a 2-1 first leg defeat, Lampard’s quickfire double inspired a famous 4-2 second leg win over Ronaldinho’s Barcelona at Stamford Bridge.

Title-clinching double against Bolton in 2005

Lampard’s pair of sublime long-range strikes against Bolton sealed Chelsea’s first league title in 50 years.

Redemption against Liverpool in 2010

Having missed a penalty in the 2008 Champions League final loss to Liverpool, Lampard gained redemption by scoring the winner against them in 2010.

200 not out against West Ham in 2013

Lampard brought up his double century of Chelsea goals by netting against former club West Ham at Upton Park.

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