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Why Do People Love Indira Varma?

Indira Varma is a renowned English actress known for her versatile performances in television, film, and theatre. Some of her most famous roles include Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones, Zoe Luther in Luther, and Captain Nina Singh in For Life.

Early Life and Background

Indira Anne Varma was born on September 27, 1973 in Bath, Somerset to an Indian Kashmiri Pandit father and a Swiss-German mother. Her multicultural upbringing imbued in her a profound understanding of different cultures that reflects in the diversity of characters she has successfully depicted on screen.

Varma displayed keen interest in dancing and acting since childhood. She trained in classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali growing up. At 19, she secured admission at the Experimental Theatre Wing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to formally study drama and theatre.

Theatre Career

After completing her education, Varma performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company for three seasons from 1996-1998. Some noteworthy plays she acted in include Romeo and Juliet (as Juliet), The Sensational Wonder Women, and The Countess Cathleen.

Critics highly praised her portrayal of Nina in Anton Chekhov’s classic The Seagull, her London West End debut in 2003. She received a Laurence Olivier Award nomination for her brilliant performance as Suzan in the British premier of David Farr’s political drama My Zinc Bed.

Film Career

Varma’s first movie role was as a vampire in 2002’s spoof horror film, Grave Indiscretion. She then went on to play the lead love interest in several high grossing films such as Bride and Prejudice (2004), Reduce Speed (2007), and Shooting the Past (2021).

The talented actress also shone in notable supporting roles like Inspector Richardson in the crime thriller, Paranoid (2022), and as Razia Laghari, a Lesbian Muslim lawyer in the comedy drama, Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006).

Critics praised her performance in the 2020 short film Lavender, portraying the emotionally complex character of Alice with tremendous empathy and sensitivity. She won Best Actress awards at several international film festivals for this role.

Television Career

Varma first rose to fame with British television audiences through her performance as beetle-browed commando officer, Meenah Khan in Channel 4’s mini-series, No Angels in 2004.

Her groundbreaking portrayal of Muslim single mother Zaara Parvin in the hit soap opera, Coronation Street (2008-2009) humanized a community frequently stereotyped by the media. Audiences loved her character for representing strength, individuality, and determination in a Muslim woman.

However, Varma’s career defining role came with the smoldering and scheming Ellaria Sand in HBO’s fantasy drama, Game of Thrones (2013-2017). As the bisexual paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell, she exuded raw sensuality and vengeance, becoming an instant fan favorite.

Varma went on play the enigmatic lead detective, Zoe Luther in BBC One’s critically acclaimed crime drama, Luther, further cementing her fame worldwide. She also received praise for her performance as the righteous lawyer and social justice crusader, Nina Singh, in ABC’s courtroom drama For Life.

What Makes Indira Varma such a Great Actress?

Captivating Stage Presence and Persona

Critics widely acknowledge Varma’s magnetic persona and powerful stage presence as her biggest assets. She immerses herself completely into diverse roles, hooking audiences into every story.

Varma credits her theater training for teaching her to effectively engage the audience. In a 2020 interview she said, “That’s what you learn at drama school – it’s communicating with your audience and sustaining their interest.”

Impressive Range and Emotional Depth

The actress displays exceptional range through vastly different characters – from sensual and scheming Ellaria Sand to righteous and resilient Nina Singh.

She delivers emotional complexity in roles like Alice and Zaara Parvin that feel intensely real and human to audiences. Critics praise her nuanced depictions that avoid stereotypes.

Dedication to Her Art

Peers and critics admire Indira Varma for her utter dedication to growth as an actress. She actively seeks out roles that scare and challenge her.

In preparing for Game of Thrones, she requested director Michelle MacLaren to treat her harshly during rehearsals, unafraid to exit her comfort zone. Such commitment to her craft makes every performance shine.

Collaboration and Camaraderie

Co-actors often speak fondly of Varma’s incredible collaboration skills and camaraderie on sets. Idris Elba, her Luther co-star, shares great creative chemistry with her.

Varma maintains she focuses more on her character’s need than being competitive with others. This generous spirit nurtures the authenticity and synergy characters need onscreen.

Why Do Fans Love Indira Varma?

Talent and Charisma

Fans instantly connect with Indira Varma’s charming persona and appreciate her conspicuous talent. Her screen presence enraptures viewers no matter the role – whether playing steely Nina Singh or sultry Ellaria Sand.

In an age obsessed with celebrity, Varma’s sheer skill and artistry feel like a breath of fresh air to audiences. Talent and substance attract loyal, adoring fans across the globe.

Represents Strength in Female Characters

Varma frequently plays strong female characters that break stereotypes like lawyers, detectives or warriors. Her fans, especially women, find inspiration and empowerment from such portrayals.

Essaying these roles authentically as a woman of color herself, she advances a more progressive representation in entertainment media. Fans revere Indira as a role model advocating for diversity through her acting.

Global Popularity through Game of Thrones

As Ellaria Sand in the world’s biggest TV show Game of Thrones, Indira Varma achieved massive global stardom few British actors ever do.

Her nuanced performance humanized the sexually liberated Ellaria in contrast to the exploitative portrayal of most female characters on Thrones. She amassed a huge, loyal fan following through this career-defining role.

Active on Social Media

Unlike many actors, Varma regularly engages with fans through Twitter and Instagram. She responds to comments and posts delightful BTS pictures or sneak peeks into upcoming projects.

Followers love Indira’s funny, humble and down-to-earth persona online. Getting to virtually interact with the talented star allows fans a greater sense of personal connection.

Some of Indira Varma’s Most Iconic Roles

Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones

As Prince Oberyn Martell’s beloved paramour on Game of Thrones, Indira Varma portrayed the fierce and sensual Ellaria Sand. She plots vengeance against the Lannisters with the Sand Snakes after Oberyn’s murder.

Fans loved Ellaria’s strong chemistry with Oberyn and her scheming cunning in later seasons. Varma’s captivating screen presence enthralled global audiences, making Ellaria an iconic character.

Zoe Luther in Luther

In the psychological crime series Luther, Varma plays the quick-witted detective chief inspector Zoe Luther. As Idris Elba’s love interest and professional rival, the two share crackling chemistry on screen.

Zoe’s character combines steeliness, compassion and vulnerability, showcasing Varma’s impressive emotional range. Critics praised her performance as Luther’s most intriguing antagonist.

Nina Singh in For Life

As crusading lawyer and social justice reformer Nina Singh in For Life, Varma channels her trademark strength and principled determination. Her moving performance earned critical acclaim.

Nina fights tirelessly for the wrongly convicted and reforms the inhumane prison system. Fans hailed Varma for bringing sincerity, resilience and hope to this timely character.

Suzan in My Zinc Bed

Varma received high praise for her performance as Suzan in the stage play My Zinc Bed, including a Laurence Olivier award nomination.

As a recovering alcoholic struggling with addiction and dysfunctional relationships, Varma brings remarkable emotional depth to this complex role. Critics called it one of her finest performances.


Indira Varma’s meteoric rise has made her one of Britain’s most renowned actresses with impassioned fans worldwide. Her powerhouse acting talent combined with willingness to take risks has led to some truly phenomenal performances on stage and screen over an illustrious career.

Whether playing strong female characters that inspire fans or heartbreaking emotional roles that showcase her versatility – Indira Varma’s dedication to her craft dazzles audiences. Her iconic portrayals will undoubtedly be remembered for representing progressive values of diversity, equality and justice.

With upcoming roles in major high-profile projects, the future shines bright for the veteran star. As Indira continues fearlessly reinventing herself and pushing boundaries, more captivating performances await to transfix viewers globally.

FAQs about Why People Love Indira Varma

What is Indira Varma best known for?

Indira Varma is best known globally for her career defining role as the cunning and sensual Ellaria Sand in HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones (2013-2017). Her captivating performance opposite Pedro Pascal made Ellaria an instant fan favorite.

How did Indira Varma get her big break?

Though she was an established theater actress, Varma’s career truly took off with her praised performance as the Muslim commando Meenah Khan, in Channel 4’s 2004 miniseries No Angels. Her authentic and humanizing portrayal opened doors for more meaningful television roles.

What awards has Indira Varma won?

Some noteworthy awards Varma has received for her brilliant acting over the years are:

  • Nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Suzan in My Zinc Bed (Laurence Olivier Awards 2004)
  • Best Actress award at California Women’s Film Festival (Lavender 2020)
  • Best Actress award at London Independent Film Festival (Lavender 2020)

What upcoming projects is Indira Varma a part of?

Varma has an exciting slate of upcoming projects in 2023. She is presently shooting for the second season of Disney+ Hotstar’s spy thriller series Feel Good.

Other upcoming projects include AMC’s adaptation of bestselling novel Interview with the Vampire in which she plays a pivotal role, and Julian Fellowes’ period drama The Gilded Age portraying famous opera diva Dame Nellie Melba.

Why is Indira Varma considered an inspiration?

Indira Varma inspires fans globally for breaking barriers and stereotypes as an accomplished British Indian actress. She is admired for her activism through performances that advance representation, diversity and gender equality in the entertainment industry.

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