Why Do People Love Joe Biden?

Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States in January 2021 after defeating former president Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Biden has had a long political career, serving as vice president under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017 and as a senator for Delaware from 1973 to 2009. He is known for his moderate political views, folksy charm, and ability to connect with working-class voters. But what is it exactly that makes Biden so beloved by many Americans? This article will explore the key reasons why people love Joe Biden.

His Personality and Charm

One of the biggest reasons many Americans adore Biden is his personality and charm. He comes across as an honest, down-to-earth man who genuinely cares about people. Some of the qualities that make him so likable include:

His Empathy

Biden is known for being able to connect with people on an emotional level. He can sympathize with others, especially those going through difficult times. This empathy comes from Biden’s own experiences with personal tragedy, including losing his first wife and baby daughter in a car accident in 1972, and his son Beau to brain cancer in 2015. His ability to listen and share in people’s pain endears him to many.

His Sense of Humor

Biden has an excellent sense of humor and often pokes fun at himself. He comes across as someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. His gaffes and colorful turns of phrase, like calling the Affordable Care Act a “big f*cking deal,” make him amusing and relatable.

His Authenticity

Many see Biden as an authentic and genuine person who says what he means. He frequently speaks candidly and off-the-cuff, which makes him appear transparent and honest, even if he misspeaks at times.

His Political Views and Agenda

Another key reason Biden is beloved is that his political views align closely with a wide segment of the American public. His moderate, centrist approach appeals to those tired of polarization. Some of Biden’s most popular policy positions include:

Strengthening the Middle Class

Biden is committed to bolstering the middle class through policies like job creation, higher wages, paid family leave, affordable health care, and lower taxes for average Americans. His focus on the working and middle class earns him appreciation.

Climate Change Activism

Biden believes climate change is an existential threat and has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord. He is pushing for carbon neutrality by 2050. His environmental activism is admired by many citizens.

Racial Justice Reform

The Black Lives Matter protests increased scrutiny on Biden’s civil rights record. He now vows to dismantle systemic racism through police reform, decriminalizing marijuana, and expanding fair housing and lending policies. His stances on racial justice please progressives.

COVID-19 Response

Many approve of Biden’s sober, science-based approach to managing COVID-19, such as coordinating vaccine distribution. He also passed economic relief packages like the American Rescue Plan to aid recovery from the pandemic’s fallout.

He Represents Stability and Normalcy

After four tumultuous years under the unpredictable Donald Trump presidency, many voters craved a return to normalcy and competence in government. Biden seemed like a safe choice who could restore sanity and decency to the White House. Reasons he represents stability include:

Extensive Experience

With decades serving in the Senate and eight years as vice president, Biden brought unparalleled experience and knowledge of governance to the role of president. His deep expertise makes Americans feel they are in steady, seasoned hands.

Bipartisan Credentials

During his long tenure in the Senate, Biden worked productively with Democrats and Republicans alike. He was known for negotiation and compromise. As president, he promised to unify America and restore bipartisan cooperation.

Trusted Leadership

Biden was the trusted “right-hand man” to Barack Obama as his vice president for two terms. He helped steer the country through recovery from the Great Recession. His proven leadership gives people confidence.

Mainstream Administration

Biden’s Cabinet appointments, like Antony Blinken for Secretary of State, signal a return to mainstream, expert-led leadership in government. There are no divisive firebrands or Washington outsiders. This restores faith in governance.


There are many clear reasons why President Joe Biden is beloved by a broad cross-section of the American public. His empathetic personality and charm, moderate political views, focus on the working class, experience, and promise of bipartisanship all hold wide appeal. After the chaos of the Trump era, Biden provides a sense of normalcy, competence, safety and compassion at a time when Americans desperately need it. While he faces many challenges ahead, Biden’s fundamental decency continues to shine through and win over skeptics. If he can follow through on his policy agenda aimed at the middle class, racial justice, climate action and recovering from COVID-19, the 46th president may maintain high favorability throughout his term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people like Joe Biden more than Donald Trump?

Many feel Biden has a more charismatic, empathetic, and “presidential” personality compared to the abrasive, confrontational style of Donald Trump. Biden also has far more political experience which gives people confidence.

What demographic groups tend to like Joe Biden the most?

Biden is very popular with Black voters, suburban women, college-educated professionals, urban dwellers, and more moderate voters in both parties. Groups like union workers also connect well with his working-class focus.

Do Republicans like Joe Biden?

Biden has much lower approval – around 24% – among Republican voters. However, he has been able to earn the endorsement of some prominent anti-Trump GOP figures like Cindy McCain and Mitt Romney who appreciate his moderate stances and character.

Why do some progressives not like Joe Biden?

Some progressive Democrats wanted a more overtly liberal candidate like Bernie Sanders. They feel he is not ambitious enough on issues like climate change, criminal justice reform, income inequality and health care access. However, many still support him as a better option than Trump.

What do polls show about Biden’s popularity?

Biden has averaged a 53% approval rating across his first two years – higher than Donald Trump but lower than Barack Obama’s average approval at the same point in their presidencies. Biden’s support dipped in 2022 due to high inflation but remains competitive.

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