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Why Do People Love Olivia Sanabia?

Olivia Sanabia is an American actress who is best known for her role as Kelly Quinn on the Disney Channel series Just Roll With It. She has been acting since a very young age and has quickly become a fan favorite, especially among younger viewers.

But what is it exactly that makes Olivia Sanabia so loved by fans? Here is an in-depth look at who Olivia Sanabia is and why she has developed such a loyal following.

Olivia’s Background and Early Life

Olivia Sanabia was born on April 13, 2004 in Southern California. From a very early age, Olivia showed a passion and talent for performing. She began acting professionally at the age of 6, appearing in commercials and print ads for major brands like JC Penney, IKEA, and Target.

As a child, Olivia was very outgoing and loved being the center of attention. Her parents recognized her natural charisma and encouraged her to explore acting. By age 8, she started landing small roles in short films, student projects, and commercials.

In 2012, at just 8 years old, Olivia got her big break when she was cast as Kelly Quinn on the new Disney Channel series Just Roll With It. This was her first major acting role and really propelled her career to new heights.

What is Just Roll With It?

Just Roll With It is an improvisational comedy series that premiered on Disney Channel in 2019. The show combines scripted comedy with improvisation, meaning some scenes are fully scripted while others feature the actors improvising reactions and dialogue.

Olivia Sanabia stars as one of the main characters, Kelly Quinn, the sassy and quick-witted daughter in a blended family. The show became a big hit for Disney and earned Olivia a lot of exposure and fans.

Why People Love Olivia Sanabia

So what is it that makes Olivia Sanabia so adored by fans? Here are some of the key reasons this young actress has become such a star.

Comedic Talent and Timing

One of Olivia’s biggest strengths is her talent for comedy. She has fantastic comedic timing and delivery that comes across very naturally. Even though she is acting, her reactions and line reads feel genuine and in-the-moment.

This skill really shines in her improv scenes on Just Roll With It. She’s able to think quickly on her feet and turn even small moments into big laughs. Her spontaneity makes every episode feel fresh and fun.


Even though Olivia Sanabia is a successful actress, she comes across as very down-to-earth and relatable. She feels like someone you could be friends with in real life.

Fans love how open Olivia is about sharing glimpses into her everyday life on social media. She posts about hanging out with friends, going to school, spending time with family, etc. This makes her feel like a real person fans can connect with.

Passion and Work Ethic

It’s clear when watching Olivia that she truly loves what she does. Despite her young age, she has an incredible work ethic and passion for acting.

In interviews, Olivia talks about how acting doesn’t feel like “work” to her. She enjoys every part of the process from table reads to rehearsals to being on set. Fans can feel this enthusiasm come across on screen.

Character on Just Roll With It

As the character of Kelly Quinn, Olivia has created someone fans just love watching every week. Kelly is sarcastic, confident, and always ready to shake things up. She’s a great blend of quick one-liners and vulnerability when interacting with her family.

Fans enjoy Kelly’s sassy attitude and the dynamic she has with the other characters. Olivia really makes Kelly feel like a fully developed person viewers want to see more of.

Olivia’s Other Notable Roles

Beyond Just Roll With It, Olivia Sanabia has landed roles in several other notable TV shows and films. Here are some other projects fans may have seen her in:

Coop and Cami Ask the World

  • Disney Channel series starring Olivia as Charlotte Wrather
  • She appeared in 7 episodes during the first season
  • Allowed her to show more of her acting range in a different role

The Willoughbys

  • Animated Netflix film released in 2020
  • Olivia voiced the character Jane Willoughby
  • First time voicing an animated character

Raven’s Home

  • Reprised her Just Roll With It role of Kelly Quinn in a crossover episode
  • Kelly causes chaos when she visits the Baxter family
  • Crossover was highly anticipated by fans of both shows

Christmas at the Ranch

  • 2017 Christmas TV movie on UPtv
  • Olivia played Hope Wells, one of the main children characters
  • Showcased her talent in a movie format vs episodic TV

Getting to see Olivia in these other projects allows fans to appreciate the versatility of her acting ability even more.

Olivia’s Influence Through Social Media

A major factor in Olivia Sanabia’s fame is her social media presence across platforms like Instagram and TikTok. She utilizes these channels to give fans a window into her life and connect with them in a more direct way.

Fun, Relatable Content

Olivia’s Instagram and TikTok are full of fun, relatable content. She posts about her experiences growing up as a regular teen – school, friends, sports, etc. Fans feel like they get to know the “real” Olivia.

Behind the Scenes

Social media also gives Olivia a place to post entertaining behind the scenes videos from projects like Just Roll With It. Getting this sneak peek makes fans feel closer to her.

Positive Message

Olivia uses her platforms to spread positive messages about self-confidence, hard work, and staying true to yourself. She knows young fans look up to her and wants to share uplifting content.

Interaction with Followers

Not only does Olivia post engaging content, she also interacts directly with followers through likes, comments, and messages. Responding to fans helps strengthen their connection.

Overall, social media allows Olivia to deepen her relationship with fans and extend her influence beyond just the TV screen.

What Does the Future Hold for Olivia Sanabia?

At just 18 years old, Olivia Sanabia already has an esteemed resume under her belt. Fans are excited to see what the future has in store for this talented young star. Here are a few possibilities:

More Leading TV Roles

Olivia has proven herself as a lead actor through shows like Just Roll With It. Fans can expect to see her land more starring and supporting roles on various TV series. She has great potential to headline her own show.

Transition to Adult Roles

As Olivia grows up, she may begin pivoting to more mature, adult roles. Taking on new challenges could show off even more of her acting skills.

Feature Films

With her improv skills and dynamic personality, Olivia is the perfect fit for big Hollywood comedies and blockbuster franchises. Fans would love to see her break onto the big screen.

Behind the Camera

Olivia may also decide to explore working behind the scenes as a director or producer. Her time spent on sets gives her valuable perspective on what goes on behind the camera.

No matter what direction Olivia’s career takes her next, one thing is clear – her future in the entertainment industry is brighter than ever!

Why Olivia Sanabia is a Role Model

Not only is Olivia Sanabia a talented performer, she is also a great role model for young fans. Here are some of the key reasons she is someone to look up to:

Promotes Positive Self-Image

Olivia uses her platform to promote positive self-image, especially for young girls. She wants fans to feel confident embracing their uniqueness.

Advocates Education

She openly discusses the importance of education and working hard in school. Olivia serves as an example of balancing acting with academics.

Gives Back to Community

Olivia supports various charities and causes she feels passionate about. She encourages young fans to find ways to give back as well.

Stays True to Herself

Even with fame at a young age, Olivia stays grounded and true to herself. She doesn’t let success change who she is as a person.

Handles Success Gracefully

Despite her major success, Olivia handles it with grace and humility. She takes the responsibility of being a role model seriously.

Olivia Sanabia represents the best of her generation – talented, driven, and socially conscious. That’s why she’s such an inspiring role model.


Olivia Sanabia may have gained fame at a young age, but it’s clear she has the talent and work ethic to maintain her success. No matter what projects she takes on next, her genuine spirit and comedic charm will surely win over even more fans.

Olivia’s relatable personality on and off-screen has allowed her to form a special connection with her audience. As she continues to grow up in the spotlight, fans are excited to follow the next chapters in her career and life.

While fame inevitably changes a young star, Olivia has so far handled it with grace, humility, and humor. She is appreciative of her supporters and makes time to interact with them through social media and personal events.

For all of these reasons and more, Olivia Sanabia has solidified her place as an adored star who will likely hold onto that fan loyalty for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Olivia Sanabia

Who is Olivia Sanabia?

Olivia Sanabia is an American teen actress best known for starring as Kelly Quinn on the Disney Channel series Just Roll With It. She has been acting professionally since age 6.

How old is Olivia Sanabia?

Olivia was born on April 13, 2004. As of 2023, she is 18 years old.

Where is Olivia Sanabia from?

Olivia was born and raised in Southern California and still resides there when not working.

What shows has Olivia Sanabia been on?

Major shows include Just Roll With It, Coop and Cami Ask the World, Raven’s Home, and the Netflix film The Willoughbys.

Is Olivia Sanabia on social media?

Yes! Olivia is on both Instagram and TikTok where she connects with fans and shares behind-the-scenes content.

When did Olivia get her big break?

Olivia’s career took off in 2019 when she was cast as one of the lead roles on Disney Channel’s Just Roll With It at just 14 years old.

What is Olivia Sanabia doing now?

Olivia continues to act in TV shows and films. She uses social media to connect with fans and share glimpses into her everyday life.

What does the future look like for Olivia Sanabia?

Olivia has huge potential to land more lead TV and film roles. Fans are excited to see her continue growing into adult roles and new genres.

Why do people love Olivia Sanabia?

Fans love Olivia for her comedic talent, relatability, work ethic, character portrayal, and positive influence on youth.

Is Olivia Sanabia a role model?

Yes! Olivia uses her platform to advocate self-confidence, education, charity work, and staying true to yourself.

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