Why Do People Love Ramona Singer?

Ramona Singer is one of the most iconic and beloved cast members from The Real Housewives of New York City. She has been a mainstay on the show since Season 1, captivating audiences with her over-the-top personality, brutal honesty, and endless supply of Pinot Grigio.

Even after 12 seasons, Ramona remains one of the most talked-about housewives and a true reality TV legend. But what is it exactly about Ramona Singer that makes her so endearing to fans? Here’s a deep dive into the reasons people can’t get enough of Ramona:

Her Eccentric Personality

One of the biggest reasons Ramona is so popular is her eccentric, outgoing, and unfiltered personality. She has no qualms about speaking her mind, even when it may be insulting or inappropriate. Ramona is unapologetically herself.

Her mannerisms, voice, and bizarre habits (like constantly saying “Ramona” in third person) make her a truly one-of-a-kind housewife. Fans are entertained by her kookiness and the hilarious situations she often finds herself in due to her lack of self-awareness. Though she may be an acquired taste, her wacky behavior provides some of the show’s funniest and most meme-worthy moments.

Her Signature Catchphrases

A huge part of what makes Ramona so iconic are her now-famous one-liners and catchphrases. Any RHONY fan can immediately recognize classic Ramona-isms like:

  • “Get the Pinot ready!”
  • “I’m renewing, okay? Renewing!”
  • “Go to sleep! Go to sleep!”
  • “Ramona’s zoned out right now.”

Whenever Ramona utters one of her popular sayings, viewers can’t help but laugh and reminisce about previous seasons. Though she’s repeated these phrases for over a decade, they never seem to get old!

Her Epic Fights with Bethenny Frankel

One of the hallmarks of RHONY has been the explosive feuds between Ramona and her castmate Bethenny Frankel. Their polar opposite personalities have resulted in some of the most intense arguments ever shown on the Housewives. Whether they are fighting about touching each other’s “dead bodies” at a funeral or their verbal battle in the Berkshires, Ramona and Bethenny’s fights are often the most dramatic moments of each season. Fans are always entertained anytime these two heavyweights clash.

Her Messy Romantic Life

As one of the few original cast members, viewers have gotten to follow Ramona’s tumultuous romantic life for 12 seasons. They watched her get divorced from her ex-husband Mario Singer in an emotional storyline. Since then, she’s dated numerous men on-camera, bringing laughs with her awkward dates and laundry list of demands. Fans love dissecting Ramona’s search for love, from her short-lived engagement to her rollercoaster dynamic with ex Mario. Her candid approach to dating as an older divorcee makes Ramona’s love life always intriguing to watch.

Her Bond with Avery Singer

One of the most endearing parts of Ramona’s character is the close relationship she shares with daughter Avery Singer. From Avery’s childhood days to college years, RHONY audiences have seen her grow up on screen. Ramona’s protective mom instincts and Avery’s level-headed personality make them a hilarious duo to watch. Fans adore Avery for keeping Ramona in check and grounding her eccentricities. Their heartfelt mother-daughter moments provide a refreshingly authentic aspect to Ramona’s dramatic storylines.

Her Luxurious Lifestyle

As one of the wealthiest housewives, Ramona enjoys flaunting a lavish, upper east side lifestyle. Viewers love catching glimpses of her expensive wardrobe, elite social circle, and stint as a New York socialite. She jets sets around on private planes and yachts, mingles with celebrities, and spares no expense on plastic surgery and age-defying treatments. Fans live vicariously through her adventures, dream homes, and non-stop luxury. Ramona personifies everything aspirational about living in New York City. Her affluent lifestyle is an attraction of watching the series.

Table 1: Notable Ramona Singer Moments

SeasonNotable Ramona Moment
Season 1Saying “Get the Pinot ready” at a wine-tasting
Season 3Renewal stand-up routine at cabaret club
Season 4Epic fight with Jill at Scary Island
Season 8Mario cheating scandal and divorce
Season 9Throwing a wine glass at Kristen in the Berkshires
Season 12Leah McSweeney throws ravioli at her in Newport

She’s Not Afraid of Embarrassing Herself

Lastly, Ramona earns respect from fans for not being afraid of embarrassing herself or looking foolish. As one of the least self-aware housewives, Ramona has found herself at the center of many cringeworthy situations over the years. Like the time she crap her pants at a party! Or her severely awkward catwalk lessons. But Ramona owns it and moves on, usually laughing with viewers about her mishaps later. She’s confident being herself, no matter how mortifying it can be. This ability to not take herself too seriously makes Ramona lovably hilarious.

Why Fans Find Ramona Relatable

For all her outlandish behavior, Ramona also has a surprising relatability factor that draws in viewers. Here are some of the ways fans find Ramona relatable even with her over-the-top persona:

She’s Unfiltered and Unapologetic

Ramona says whatever pops into her mind in the moment. For better or worse, she always speaks her truth without worrying about judgment. Fans relate to her honesty and not feeling the need to filter herself to please others. Ramona’s willingness to share her uncensored thoughts is refreshing.

She Struggles with Anxiety

Though she masks it with her boisterous personality, Ramona has shared her struggles with anxiety over the years. She panics easily under stress and has a lot of nervous energies. Many viewers find this vulnerability and anxiety they also feel to be relatable.

She Craves Control

Ramona likes things done a certain way and her pet peeves are familiar to anxious perfectionists. Fans relate to how she micromanages situations and has difficulty relinquishing control in unfamiliar environments. Her need for control in a chaotic world resonates with viewers.

She’s Had Relationship Troubles

From divorcing her husband of over 20 years to dating disasters, Ramona’s romantic struggles are highly relatable. She makes poor choices when it comes to men and relationships, just like average people. Fans empathize with Ramona’s broken heart and search for love.

She’s Insecure About Aging

A huge subplot for Ramona over the seasons is grappling with aging in her 50s and 60s. Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Ramona deals with the same insecurities about looks and plastic surgery that many everyday women face. Viewers commiserate with her handling aging in the public eye.

Ramona Singer’s Future on RHONY

While Ramona Singer has undoubtedly cemented her status as a true RHONY legend, fans have wondered what her future looks like on the show heading into season 14. Here’s a look at where Ramona likely stands:

She’ll Likely Remain Full-Time

Despite rumors over the years that she could be demoted or fired, Ramona remains a central housewife twelve seasons later. She’s a staple of RHONY who brings too much entertainment value and history to let go. It’s highly probable Ramona stays full-time unless she chooses to leave.

Butting Heads with Newer Cast Members

Now that RHONY has added newer, younger cast mates like Leah McSweeney, Ramona’s old school attitude clashes with them. Fans can expect more generational conflicts with Ramona struggling to fit in with the new vibe of the show.

Continuing Her Reign of Chaos

The Ramona fans have come to know and love isn’t changing anytime soon. She will continue bringing her lovably chaotic energy, lack of self-awareness, and brutal opinions season after season. Ramona isn’t slowing down her antics.

Passing the Torch Eventually

At 65 years old and after 12 seasons, Ramona likely recognizes she won’t be on RHONY forever. When she does decide to leave, she can pass the baton and crown to a worthy successor. No one can replace Ramona Singer, but she’ll ensure the next generation carries on her legacy of Pinot-sipping madness!


In conclusion, Ramona Singer endures as one of the most iconic Real Housewives because underneath her zany persona lies a surprisingly relatable woman. Fans can’t resist someone so unabashedly herself, flaws and all. Her eccentricities, brutal honesty, and fearless embrace of embarrassment make Ramona Singer an absolute original.

RHONY just wouldn’t be the same without Ramona’s hilarious hijinks, viral rants, and reliable lack of self-awareness. She keeps viewers laughing, cringing, and shaking their heads in disbelief season after season. For all these reasons, fans will continue adoring and rooting for the one and only Ramona Singer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ramona Singer

Why does Ramona Singer talk about herself in third person?

Ramona often refers to herself in the third person as “Ramona” rather than using “I” or “me”. This quirk likely stems from her background as a New York socialite and need to reinforce her brand. Saying her own name adds drama and elevates her status. It’s an eccentric habit that fans find both hilarious and bizarre.

What business ventures does Ramona Singer have?

Ramona has several side businesses apart from her Bravo fame. She founded Ramona Wines, True Renewal skincare, and Ramona Singer Collections jewelry and fashion lines. Ramona also previously owned an upscale restaurant called RMS Fashion Lounge.

What plastic surgery has Ramona Singer gotten?

Ramona has been very open about getting various plastic surgery procedures over the years. She reportedly has gotten multiple facelifts, rhinoplasties, breast implants, eyelid surgeries, injectable fillers, and laser skin treatments. Ramona maintains a very youthful, enhanced appearance.

How much is Ramona Singer worth?

Ramona reportedly has an estimated net worth around $18 million. Her wealth comes from Bravo salary, divorce settlement, various business ventures, endorsements, and real estate investments with her ex-husband Mario.

Where does Ramona Singer live?

Ramona owns several luxurious homes between New York City and the Hamptons. Her primary residence is a high-rise apartment on the Upper East Side. She also bought a Southampton mansion with Mario that she got in the divorce and recently purchased a $4 million vacation home in Sag Harbor.

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