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Why Do People Love Violet McGraw?

Violet McGraw is a young American actress who has quickly risen to fame in recent years for her roles in major films and TV shows. She was born in Santa Rosa, California in 2007 and got her start in acting at just 3 years old.

Some of her most notable roles so far include:

  • Young Mildred in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce
  • Young Nellie in The Haunting of Hill House series on Netflix
  • Young Theodora Crain in The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix
  • Evie in the horror film The Black Phone
  • Harper in Father of the Bride 2022 remake

Despite her young age, McGraw has proven herself to be an extremely talented actress capable of handling complex, emotional roles. She has received widespread critical acclaim for her nuanced, mature performances.

Why Do People Love Her?

There are several key reasons why Violet McGraw has become so beloved by audiences and critics alike:

Innate Acting Talent at a Young Age

For someone so young, McGraw possesses impressive natural acting instincts and maturity on screen. She first started acting professionally at just 3 years old and immediately impressed directors and viewers with her ability to take direction and convey believable emotions.

Despite her age, she has held her own against veteran adult actors and never feels out of place. Her wise-beyond-her-years presence and commitment to each role has allowed her to shine, even when playing challenging parts dealing with complex trauma or emotions.

Diverse, Memorable Performances

Though still early in her career, McGraw has already shown impressive range by portraying very different characters across genres.

In Mildred Pierce, she played a melancholy child enduring the fallout of her parents’ divorce in the 1930s. In Hill House, she depicted an energetic, endearing child experiencing paranormal horrors. And in The Black Phone, she pivoted to play a smart, courageous girl held captive by a twisted killer.

In every role, she brings nuance, heart, and believability that sticks with viewers. Her diverse performances have proven she’s much more than a one-trick pony child actor.

Character Depth and Emotional Portrayals

A Violet McGraw performance always feels grounded in real emotion and psychological complexity. She expertly depicts whatever her character is feeling–whether it’s unrestrained joy, deep grief, intense fear, or quiet contemplation.

Scenes with McGraw as a focal point are often the most poignant, largely thanks to her ability to convey authentic, layered feelings beyond just what’s on the script page. Audiences are drawn to the depth she brings to each role.

Old-Soul Screen Presence

McGraw has an unusually mature on-screen presence for someone her age. She often plays child characters who seem wise beyond their years.

Even in interviews and talk show appearances, she comes across as thoughtful and earnest in a way that feels like she’s an “old soul” packed inside a child’s body. This gives her performances and characters an intriguing duality audiences find compelling.

The Promise of Her Future Potential

One of the most exciting things about Violet McGraw’s early success is it provides a glimpse of her immense talent to come. Most actors take years or decades to win over audiences and critics, but she’s done so by age 10.

Seeing such strong acting ability at just the start of her career is very promising. It’s clear she has the skills and presence to potentially become a generational acting talent, if she continues on this trajectory. The promise of what’s to come makes her such an engaging performer to follow.

Violet McGraw’s Popular Roles and Performances

Here’s an overview of some of Violet McGraw’s most popular and acclaimed roles so far:

Mildred Pierce (2011)

  • Played a young version of the titular character in the HBO miniseries
  • Delivered a somber, affecting performance as a child of divorce in 1930s America
  • Earned praise for her mature, nuanced performance beyond her years

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

  • Played young Nell Crain, the youngest daughter in the troubled Crain family
  • Stood out even among the impressive adult cast with her emotive, scene-stealing performance
  • Brilliantly conveyed her character’s complex mix of innocence, pain and strength

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

  • Reprised her role as young Nell, this time known as Theodora Crain
  • Gave an equally praised performance, effortlessly shifting between joyful, somber and chilling
  • Endeared audiences again with her poise, emotional maturity and charm

The Black Phone (2022)

  • Portrayed the brave, quick-thinking character of Evie who is kidnapped by a serial killer
  • Showcased impressive range expanding into a thriller/horror genre role
  • Earned rave reviews for her nuanced, grounded performance as a child in grave peril

Father of the Bride (2022)

  • Played the sweet, mischievous daughter Harper in the remake with Andy Garcia
  • Stole scenes with her hilarious sibling banter and bubbly, expressive energy
  • Stood out even among comedy veterans with her perfect comedic timing and charm

What Makes Violet McGraw Such a Gifted Young Actress?

Violet McGraw displays several key qualities and abilities that set her apart as a truly gifted young actress:

Innate Emotional Intelligence

From a very young age, McGraw has exhibited a natural ability to comprehend and convey complex human emotions. She inhabits each role with an impressive degree of emotional intelligence beyond her years.

Obvious Joy and Passion for Acting

In every performance, it’s clear acting is what McGraw was born to do. Her dedication, enthusiasm and passion for her craft shines through. This translates into joyful and memorable performances.

Advanced Focus and Concentration

McGraw has stunned directors with her uncommonly strong focus, concentration and retention of direction on set. She commits fully to each scene with a seriousness and work ethic rare for a child actor.

Excellent Memorization and Recall Skills

Whether it’s nailing the precise timing of comedic scenes or delivering long monologues flawlessly, McGraw’s memorization abilities are outstanding. She has demonstrated she can handle heavy dialogue-driven scripts with ease.

Natural Comedic Timing and Wit

Though she started in dramatic roles, McGraw has shown she’s equally adept at comedy. She knows just how to deliver lines for maximum humor and has perfected hilarious sibling chemistry and banter.

Extreme Professionalism

McGraw consistently proves she can manage the demands and pressures of filming major productions without sacrificing quality of performance. Her professionalism on set rivals actors many years older.

Memorable Violet McGraw Quotes About Acting

Here are some insightful quotes from interviews with Violet McGraw that provide a window into her passion and perspectives on acting:

“I just want the chance to play different characters and learn more about myself through those experiences.”

“Acting lets me imagine how other people experience life differently than I do. I get to step into someone else’s story which is really special.”

“I don’t think my age should define the roles I can play. I just focus on finding the humanity and truth in every character.”

“Even with really emotional scenes, I try to have fun and enjoy the experience. Acting is doing what I love most.”

“Playing so many period piece roles has taught me a lot about how people lived in different times. We’ve come so far as a society.”

“There’s nothing better than making a connection with the audience through a performance. Getting to impact people through my acting is an honor.”

“I’m always looking to improve my acting skills and challenge myself with new genres and roles. Growth should never stop.”

“My favorite actors make every role feel real. That’s my big goal too—to bring truth and honesty to my characters.”

“The best advice I’ve gotten is to stay present in each moment when the cameras are rolling. That’s when the magic happens.”

Violet McGraw’s Future Career Outlook

At just 15 years old, Violet McGraw’s incredible early success and talent makes her future career outlook extremely bright, with essentially unlimited potential if she sticks with acting.

Here are a few likely directions her career could take in the years ahead:

Movie Stardom

Given her standout performances in major horror and comedy films already, it’s easy to picture McGraw becoming a huge movie star appearing in tentpole blockbuster franchises as she gets older. She clearly has the skills to headline her own major movie someday as an adult.

Prestige Dramas

McGraw could easily follow the path of actors like Saoirse Ronan and continue shining in emotionally complex, critically acclaimed dramas.


In conclusion, Violet McGraw has become such a beloved rising star because her incredible acting talent and on-screen charisma are impossible to ignore, regardless of her young age. She conveys emotions with a complexity and authenticity that many adult actors spend decades trying to master.

Audiences are drawn to the way she fully inhabits each role and finds subtle depths in the characters she plays. The rare wisdom, passion and earnestness she radiates in performances and in real life give her an undeniably magnetic screen presence.

It’s clear that big things lie ahead for Violet McGraw. With her skills and work ethic, the possibilities seem limitless. Film, television, and theater are all better off thanks to the light she brings as both an outstanding actress and role model. Without a doubt, Violet McGraw is one of the most exciting young talents in Hollywood today with so much more still to give.

Frequently Asked Questions About Violet McGraw

What is Violet McGraw best known for?

Violet McGraw is best known for her roles as young Mildred in Mildred Pierce, young Nell in The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, and young Evie in The Black Phone. Her emotional depth and advanced acting abilities have earned widespread praise.

How old is Violet McGraw?

Violet McGraw was born in 2007 and is currently 15 years old as of 2022. She started acting professionally at age 3.

What was Violet McGraw’s first role?

Violet McGraw’s first credited acting role was in the 2011 miniseries Mildred Pierce, where she played the younger version of the title character. This breakout dramatic role showed her skills and launched her career.

What awards or nominations has Violet McGraw received?

Though still early in her career, Violet has received several Young Artist Award nominations already, including wins for Best Performance in a TV Movie or Special for Mildred Pierce and The Haunting of Bly Manor.

What upcoming projects will feature Violet McGraw?

Upcoming roles for Violet include producing and starring in the animated series Harper’s Corner. She will also appear in the film Rebecca and Lucy alongside Scarlett Johansson.

Is Violet McGraw on social media?

Yes! Violet McGraw is on Instagram under @violetmcgraw with over 1 million followers. She shares fun behind-the-scenes photos along with using her platform to promote social causes important to her.

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