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Why Do Some People Hate Mark Hamill?

Mark Hamill is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars film series. While hugely popular in this iconic role, Hamill has also faced some criticism and disliked by a minority over the years.

Acting Skills and Range are Limited

One common criticism of Mark Hamill is that he is not a strong actor and has limited range.

Struggled After the Success of Star Wars

Hamill found breakout fame with 1977’s Star Wars which typecast him as a heroic lead. However, he struggled to find success outside this role. Movies like 1980’s The Big Red One were box office flops. This gave detractors fuel to critique his acting versatility.

He is Closely Tied to Luke Skywalker

Even decades later, Mark Hamill remains inextricably linked to Luke Skywalker in the cultural zeitgeist. He has continued voicing this character for video games, cartoons, and the recent Star Wars sequel trilogy. To some, his long association with this single character is a microcosm of his acting abilities.

Post Star Wars Filmography

After the original Star Wars trilogy ended in 1983, Mark Hamill acted sparingly in live action films for the next 15 years. Highlights like 1989’s Slipstream showed potential range outside Luke Skywalker but were largely ignored.

1989SlipstreamWill Tasker
1993Time RunnerMichael Raynor
1995The GuyverMax Reed

This period opened Hamill up to criticism for being an actor with one famous role who could not lead films outside the Star Wars universe.

His Political Opinions are Divisive

In recent years, Mark Hamill has been outspoken politically on social media platforms like Twitter. His liberal viewpoints on issues like President Donald Trump have turned off some more conservative fans.

Frequently Posts Anti-Trump Messages

Since 2016, Hamill has used his platform to consistently criticize Donald Trump’s policies and fitness for office. This includes accusing Trump of racism, questioning his mental stability, and challenging his claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Public Feuds With Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence

Beyond Trump himself, Hamill has called out members of his administration like Ivanka Trump and former VP Mike Pence. In December 2016 he tweeted at Ivanka:

You Force Choked GOP repktakers 4 not supporting your dad?! THAT is so wrong for so many reasons. Period. #RemoveThePest

His public spats with Trump administration figures has further inflamed critics of his politics.

Defender of Liberal Hollywood

As a self proclaimed “Centrist Democrat”, Mark Hamill stands in defense of the predominantly liberal Hollywood establishment in the face of attacks from conservatives. To right wing detractors, this confirms their view of Hamill and the film industry overall as left biased.

He Made Controversial Comments About Star Wars

Despite being beloved as Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill has in the past made controversial comments expressing displeasure with the direction of the Star Wars franchise. This upset some hardcore fans.

Criticism of Luke’s Portrayal in The Last Jedi

In 2017’s The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker is portrayed as disillusioned and exiled on an island removed from the galactic conflict central to Star Wars storylines. Hamill admitted this darker take surprised him, saying director Rian Johnson “…made decisions I disagreed with”.

Strained Relationship with Disney Era LucasFilm

Multiple times, Hamill has hinted at tensions between him and LucasFilm leadership in Disney’s stewardship of Star Wars. In 2018 he tweeted a picture of himself arm wrestling Disney CEO Bob Iger. He once compared the secrecy around Star Wars production to working for the CIA.

Comments About “Forced Diversity” Alienated Some Fans

A certain subset of fans critical of new Star Wars films “pushing diversity” latched onto a 2017 interview where Hamill said:

“Now they’re going to have to gender balance, race balance, have aliens interspersed… it’s all good with me.”

These fans saw this and similar comments as validating their worldview of liberal Hollywood overriding storytelling for political correctness.


In summary, iconic Star Wars star Mark Hamill has faced criticism and dislike from some over the years for various factors like perceived limited acting range, divisive political opinions, and controversial comments on the film series that made him famous.

Despite impressing as Luke Skywalker, struggles outside this role led some to pigeonhole Hamill or view him as merely a one hit wonder. As an outspoken liberal, his disdain for Donald Trump alienated conservative fans of his acting work.

Lastly, fan devotion to Luke Skywalker and Star Wars lore amplified backlash towards comments Hamill made indicating tensions with franchise overseers Disney and hints of dissatisfaction at creative choices made with the character in recent sequels.

While a minority viewpoint, understanding why subsets of the populace feel negatively towards one of Hollywood’s most beloved figures provides insight into the passions and divisions surrounding both entertainment and politics in these times.

This resentment speaks to a culture where celebrities face scrutiny for airing political takes as much as creative output, actors wrestle with typecasting and post-fame career arcs in the blockbuster age, and legacy properties like Star Wars deal with a generational divide among fans on how stories and characters should progress while retaining essence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mark Hamill’s Haters

Why do some Star Wars fans hate Mark Hamill?

A minority of Star Wars fans dislike Mark Hamill primarily for his comments criticizing creative decisions made with the Luke Skywalker character in Disney’s sequel trilogy films, seeing this as insulting to the franchise legacy.

Does Mark Hamill support Donald Trump?

No, Mark Hamill has consistently and publicly criticized Donald Trump’s policies and fitness for office across social media since at least 2016. This has alienated some of Hamill’s more conservative leaning fans.

What movies did Mark Hamill act in besides Star Wars?

While Mark Hamill struggled to find hits beyond Star Wars early in his career, he later reinvented himself as a prolific voice actor in animated films and series like Batman the Animated Series, Avatar the Last Airbender, Regular Show, and the 2019 Child’s Play remake.

Why did Mark Hamill feud with Ivanka Trump?

In December 2016, Mark Hamill sent a tweet addressed to Ivanka Trump: “You Force Choked GOP repktakers 4 not supporting your dad?! THAT is so wrong for so many reasons. Period. #RemoveThePest”. This tweet likened her to Darth Vader using the dark side ability Force Choke seen in Star Wars.

Did Mark Hamill make political comments about new Star Wars movies?

Yes, a subset of fans latched onto a 2017 interview quote where Mark Hamill said Disney had pressure for the new films to “gender balance, race balance” which these fans saw as validating complaints about forced diversity overriding story in Hollywood filmmaking.

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