WoodWool: Sustainable and High-Quality Wood Wool Products

WoodWool is a well-known Ukranian company and leading the market of wood products for years. It was established in 2012 and started delivering premium quality wood wool ropes. Later, in 2016, it expanded its products and started to deliver Swedish torches to its customers.

Now, they are providing many other products like fire starters, wood wool for decoration etc. Their collection is amazing and their every step encourages us to use eco-friendly products. I personally recommend you to visit their website at https://woodwool.com.ua/en/ and you will surely be amazed by viewing their amazing product collection.

Types of Products

These are the products that WoodWool offers to their customers.

Wood Wool Rope

The woodwool rope is made of high-quality wood material to ensure its eco-friendliness and durability. You can use it for multiple purposes including packaging, as a natural filter for gift boxes. It is also useable when it comes to cushioning the delicate items. It also has some uses in the gardening industry. Here, it can be used for plant protection and mulching.

Swedish Fire Logs

Swedish fire logs are the tremendous crafts of these woods. It makes your gatherings more beautiful through offering dream light. You can use a Swedish fire log for camping-like scenarios. With light, these logs are also a great source of heat.

To make these logs such useable, they craft them from high-quality and dry wood. It allows them to burn for hours while these are easy to ignite.

Decorative Wood Wool

This softwood wool also fascinates us when we use it for decorative purposes. Their smoothness, and natural look offer aesthetic appeal to our overall decorative collection. It is also useable for floral arrangements, display setups, and gift packaging. They use untreated and finely shredded wood to provide it soft and attractive texture.

Fire Starters

These help you to start fires even in the worst weather conditions. It is useable for both home and outdoor uses. Especially, you can use them for igniting your camping fire or other fireplaces. It is also made by natural and high-quality dry wood that becomes a reliable source for your igniting purposes.

Production and Technology

WoodWool uses a unique manufacturing process that let them to deliver the premium quality products.

In the initial phase, they select untreated and premium quality wood. Later, they shredded it into fine strands. This strand’s manufacturing is the main process when the manufacturing team needs to focus a lot. To get a fine-quality product, these strands must achieve the desired texture and thickness. The whole process is completed under professionals to not compromise on the quality of products.

Technological Advancements and Innovations

They use advanced technologies to get the best quality products while sustaining work speed and efficiency. They use state-of-the-art machinery to manage the shredding and shaping of products. Further innovative machinery also helps them to decrease their waste and allows them to use resources to get their maximum.

Scale of Production

WoodWool production scale is too high. We can assume it by concluding that they produce millions of meters of wood wool rope annually. This scale is just for producing one product while they are offering diverse products.

Now, they are producing products on a further massive level because they have to deliver products in both national and international markets. This all is possible due to their worker’s dedication, and the machine’s quality to deliver products of such massive quality.

Market Position and Competitiveness

Like any successful business, they are committed to their claim of providing reliable and high-quality products. Further, their competitors are just offering one or two products while WoodWool offers a diverse collection of useable products that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

They also focus on eco-friendly practices and most of their customers embrace their efforts and reward them by making purchases from them. Innovative touches like making their products look unique and offering new products also set them apart from other such product-selling companies.

Further, they are not restricted by borders. They have a high reach in the Ukranian market while they are enhancing their reach to global markets. This helps them by getting massive projects.


Wood Wool is in the market with a mission to deliver eco-friendly and reliable products. Here, they are valuing the environment while also maintaining their product standards.

They hold FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, which signifies that they are committed to responsible forest management. This certification also reveals that they are working as professionals and do not harm forests, or their economic gains while delivering you the best quality products.


How can I contact WoodWool for customer support?

They shared their contact details on their website Contact Us page. Email and phone numbers, both are available to approach them.

What are the main uses of WoodWool products?

WoodWool products are useable for different purposes and we explain all over in the products section. Go and check it.

Does WoodWool ship internationally?

Yes, you can get their products even if you are not a Ukrainian citizen. You just need to order on their website with your shipping details.

How can I place an order with WoodWool?

You can directly contact them to share details related to your shipping address and the product you need.

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