Celebrities That Are Outspoken About Their Weed Smoking

After more than a century of global prohibition, stigmatization, lies and rumors, the truth about cannabis is making a comeback. The extremely therapeutic herb is reappearing and quickly gaining reintegration into society as a valid medication and safe recreational substance. Cannabis was once thought to be connected only to stoners and hippies. The stigmatization has been so high, that there are at least 1,200 slang terms related to cannabis. However, these days the public’s perception of cannabis is entirely different. Notable academics, business executives, and public figures are being open and honest about their cannabis usage, which is improving public opinion.

Whether smoking a bong or rolling a joint, many of the most famous celebrities admitted to smoking marijuana during their free time. This group of six celebrities, which includes well-known artists, actors, and entrepreneurs, has contributed to a change in how society views cannabis users and users themselves.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of Hollywood’s A-list stars. Aside from being a very successful world-famous pop artist, she is also an actress, having appeared in films such as “American Horror Story”, “A Star Is Born”, and “House of Gucci”. In her 2017 Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, the pop icon talked about how she uses cannabis to handle her chronic pain. She also told 60 Minutes in 2011 that she used it to improve her creativity. Many artists claim that smoking weed helps them with creativity. Gaga seems to be one of them. She admitted to smoking pot when she writes music. Gaga wanted to be real about smoking weed, admitting that she’s not a sober human being.

Snoop Dogg

Referred to by some as “the Michael Jordan of zaza”, Snoop Dogg is  probably the most famous artist we think of when we think of the words “celebrity” and “weed”. Widely known as a weed enthusiast, cannabis experts and fans were shocked to learn when Snoop Dogg had made the decision to “give up smoke,” a declaration that most people took to mean smoking cannabis. The rapper has since clarified, however, that the announcement was merely a lighthearted “prank” to promote a company that makes smokeless fire pits. In the past, Snoop Dogg has been open about his love for weed. In addition to being a consistent smoker, he also enjoyed serving as Cameron Diaz’s dealer while she was experimenting with marijuana at university. He has started a number of businesses in the cannabis industry, including Leafs by Snoop, his own cannabis brand. Additionally, the rapper and his close friend Martha Stewart have teamed up on related programs. Snoop is so chill about smoking, that even his son Corde Clavin Broadus posted a picture of him on Twitter lighting his bong for Snoop. 

Seth Rogan

In addition to being a well-known actor, writer, and producer, Seth Rogen is also a cannabis lover and advocate. In his statements, Rogen has openly admitted that he smokes marijuana “all day, every single day” because it makes his life “more comfortable [and] more palatable.” When asked about the change in weed culture along with the market, Rogan told Vanity Fair “Weed was so stigmatized—something that people were forced to feel bad about, something that they were told made them stupid. People are reveling in the fact that they can enjoy it.” In 2019, Rogen founded Houseplant, a company that distributes cannabis products through retailers in California and offers custom-made accessories for cannabis-related home goods, some of which he designed himself. 

Pete Davidson 

During an interview with Howard Stern, comedian and actor Pete Davidson stated that he smokes marijuana on a regular basis to help him control his health difficulties after being sober for three months. The comedian said that the use of cannabis helps him handle the symptoms of his Crohn’s disease and borderline personality disorder. Davidson said that there was a point where he couldn’t get out of bed. But he also admitted that he just loves using cannabis. By that point, he continued, he had been consuming weed “every day for eight years.


Pop diva Rihanna has always been outspoken about her love for weed. Whether for a music video, an album cover or just for fun, Rihanna has never cared what others think or say about her cannabis use. In 2015, she even released an interlude on her website called “James Joint” in celebration of 4/20. Now a mom of two, Rihanna told Vogue her experience when she had to take a break during pregnancy. Rihanna revealed to Vogue that she was bracing herself for something insane because she knew she wouldn’t have her usual coping mechanism, then said she couldn’t just go and smoke weed during her pregnancy.

Jennifer Lawrence 

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence recently said that she turned to acting as a part of her method.  She has smoked weed in her last three movies. In her latest film, the quirky comedy No Hard Feelings, her character Maddie smokes a joint in an early scene while hanging out with friends at the beach. Lawrence’s characters have also smoked in her previous two films: a pipe in Don’t Look Up (2021) during a particularly stressful moment as a comet approaches Earth, and a blunt with Brian Tyree Henry in Causeway (2022) during a deep bonding session. Lawrence also told The New York Times last year that she used to smoke with her Hunger Games co-stars after premieres. Lawrence revealed that she and actors Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson would always go back to their  hotel, drink whiskey and get stoned. However, Lawrence says that she stopped smoking cannabis after becoming a mother.

It is clear that public support for marijuana is on the rise. Many celebrities are pledging for marijuana liberalization across the country. According to the Gallup Report, “half of Americans (50%) claim they have used marijuana at some point.”

 The list of successful cannabis smokers is nearly endless. As the cannabis market expands, many people are eager to see how the future of cannabis use will unfold.

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