Top 5 Popular Examples of React Native Apps

Many startups and Fortune 500 corporations utilize React Native in their mobile app projects. Hire dedicated React Native developers to leverage this framework’s incredible capabilities, which include native performance, hot reload for quick development, reusable components for effective coding, and a sizable community for resources and support.

A mobile application can be made using various methods, such as writing a native one or utilizing a structured framework like React-native. These days, the easiest way to obtain information is through your phone. Thus, your app must be cross-platform and compatible with various operating systems. 

Facebook created the open-source React Native framework. Developers use it to develop apps for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Windows, and UWP in addition to native platform features. 

The main goal of React Native, a native version of the well-known web framework of the same name, is to enable the creation of native mobile apps using React’s capabilities. React Native is the 2nd most used cross-platform mobile app development framework among developers.

The development of React Native apps is flexible, effective, and performance focused. React Native is now leading the React vs. React Native race and is being favored by tech giants worldwide. 

Many companies today opt to hire dedicated React Native developers since it provides many benefits for mobile app development. 

However, this article is for you if you still need clarification. Here, we’ll go over the top 5 popular React Native apps that are widely used.

Exploring the Top 5 React Native Apps: A Showcase of Popular Examples

Here’s an overview of five exemplary React Native apps that showcase the versatility and effectiveness of the framework:

1.    Facebook

Facebook was the first React Native app, as it invented the framework. While the whole app was not created with React Native, a sizable percentage of them were, allowing Facebook to keep the user experience similar across several platforms.  

Facebook can provide a fluid and responsive user interface because React Native can attain near-native performance. The framework’s ability to share code also makes it possible to create and maintain features for both the iOS and Android platforms more effectively.

The first completely cross-platform React Native app created by Facebook was Facebook Ads. It supports several currencies, time zones, and ad formats. Furthermore, it processes a massive volume of data per minute.

The development of Facebook ads and the production of native mobile apps, such as the Ads Manager app, have been made possible by React Native. Facebook Ads uses React Native to its full potential to streamline the development process and provide a smooth user experience, utilizing all the native features of each platform.

2.    Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an excellent app for international business and finance. This web platform provides global business and finance news and market data, which business professionals, financial professionals, and enthusiastic business readers use to stay current on business and financial markets.  

Bloomberg used it a long time back, in 2016, by launching a revamped app for iOS and Android platforms. The company employed React Native to introduce features such as personalized content, videos, and live feeds.

Bloomberg’s team hired dedicated React Native developers to create this React Native consumer mobile application for iOS and Android to explore cross-platform app development. 

This react-native application offers a smooth, engaging experience with readily available movies, live feeds, and personalized material shown throughout Bloomberg’s media. Users may easily access tailored content across Bloomberg’s media with the new app’s simplified, interactive interface.

3.    Walmart

The most popular internet retailer in the world is Walmart. It gives customers access to a website and excellent mobile apps to shop from home. Walmart has consistently pursued technical improvement and innovation to become the most significant online retailer globally. They included Node.js in their stack because of this motivation. However, they used React Native to redesign their mobile app a few years later.

Walmart could share nearly the whole codebase between the apps on both platforms by using React Native. In a short time, this resulted in multiple performances and experience enhancements.

Hire dedicated React Native developers who comprehend your project and deliver the most outstanding results if you wish to surpass your rivals like Walmart did.

4.    Instagram

 Another well-known example of an application powered by React is Instagram. It is one of the most prominent social media platforms for sharing photos and videos. With more than 2 billion active users monthly, it got fourth globally in terms of social media usage in 2023.  

The challenge to include React Native into Instagram’s current native app was accepted. The Push Notification view, essentially implemented as the WebView, was the first view they created.  

Despite a few obstacles, Instagram’s development team significantly increased developer velocity. Around 85% to 99% of the code was shared between Android and iOS apps, which allowed the team to release the app considerably faster than they could have with a native solution.

5.    Wix

Wix is one of the popular website builder platforms that enables customers to create a website easily using their website design services. It also provides web design and hosting services. With drag-and-drop tools, users may create and develop HTML5/CSS websites and mobile websites. It was one of the businesses that used React Native early on. 

Because React Native is cross-platform compatible and allows for effective code sharing between the iOS and Android platforms, Wix uses it as a foundation for their mobile app development. This decision takes advantage of React’s rich ecosystem to enable fast iteration and scalability while streamlining development, cutting time-to-market, and preserving a consistent user experience.


Like React, React Native has demonstrated its abilities by creating dependable, scalable, and intuitive mobile applications. These apps quickly won users’ hearts and are currently sweeping the globe.  

The top five best React Native applications we have covered in this blog show the framework’s adaptability, effectiveness, and efficiency in driving top-notch mobile applications for various sectors. If you hire dedicated React Native developers, they can deliver exceptional user experiences while streamlining development efforts and reducing time to market.  

But remember to hire dedicated Custom Mobile App developers from leading mobile app development companies with a solid track record and positive reviews!

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