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Why Do People Hate Amiah Miller?

Amiah Miller is an American actress known for her roles in the horror films Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle Comes Home, and most recently Halloween Ends.

While still early in her career, Miller has garnered a divisive response from audiences, with some praising her talent and others voicing strong dislike towards the young actress. Here we’ll explore the major reasons behind the dislike towards Amiah Miller and her characters.

Does Her Acting Ability Provoke Dislike?

Some criticism aimed at Miller relates to her acting skills and range. As a child actor thrown into prominent horror movie roles, the quality of her performances has been variable.

In earlier films like Annabelle: Creation, Miller’s acting was criticized as flat, emotionless, and wooden. Her line delivery and facial expressions were seen as stilted and lacking nuance. As an inexperienced young actress, she struggled to convey fear and intensity in frightening scenes.

However, Miller’s skills have developed over time. In the recent Halloween Ends, many reviewers noted clear improvement, with one calling her performance “effectively natural.” She handled the film’s emotional demands with more maturity.

While her acting has progressed, the early wooden performances may still color perceptions of Amiah Miller, especially among those who haven’t seen her recent work. Dislike often stems from those unimpressive early acting efforts.

Typecast in Annabelle Films?

Another source of dislike is Miller’s enduring association with the polarizing Annabelle franchise.

She portrayed Judy Warren in the prequel Annabelle: Creation, before reprising the role in Annabelle Comes Home. The Annabelle films have proven hugely successful financially, but have received mixed reviews. Some find the movies repetitive and formulaic.

Miller is therefore linked to an inconsistent franchise that breeds apathy in general audiences. Fans frustrated with the films’ perceived lack of originality and reliance on jump scares may overlook Miller’s contributions as an individual performer.

Being typecast in the same role across multiple panned films can negatively impact audience perceptions of Miller herself. There is a sense she has become representative of the franchise’s flaws.

Role in Halloween Ends Provoke Backlash?

Miller’s most recent and controversial role came as Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends.

The decision to include Corey as a protege of killer Michael Myers provoked instant backlash among Halloween fans. Viewers disliked the choice to give precious screentime to a new character rather than series protagonist Laurie Strode.

More so, they felt Miller’s Corey detracted from the film as an ending to the Michael/Laurie saga. As an emblematic example of the film’s missteps, Corey/Miller attracted vitriol.

Miller’s acting wasn’t necessarily the issue. Rather, anger stemmed from Corey representing a deviation from what fans wanted or expected from a closing Halloween chapter. The character’s mere inclusion fueled resentment.

Disliked for Portraying ‘Creepy’ Characters?

An interesting observation is that much of the audience dislike towards Amiah Miller seems based on the creepy characters she plays, rather than Miller herself.

In both Annabelle and Halloween films, she plays children who are psychologically disturbed, isolated, abused, or tied to evil forces. These creepy characteristics provoke unease and discomfort in viewers.

However, there is little evidence of Miller being unappealing as a person. She gives cheerful interviews and has an ordinary social media presence. Dislike instead results from her association with eerie, frightening on-screen roles.

So while audiences find her characters unlikable, Miller herself has given little reason for personal dislike. Their aversion relates to her filmography rather than her personality or behavior.

Get Critiqued Based on Age/Gender?

Some criticism of Amiah Miller may also stem from her being a young female actor in the horror genre.

Young actresses often face extra scrutiny of their abilities and roles. And the horror space has been traditionally male-dominated from a fandom perspective.

Miller’s mistakes or undeveloped skills as a new actress may be judged more harshly because of her age and gender. Her inclusion in significant horror franchises goes against expectations.

As such, she provokes more extreme reactions than similarly inexperienced young male actors might receive.

While not the sole factor, Miller’s demographics likely contribute to the intense dislike she generates compared to actors in similar positions.

Why do some fans not like Amiah Miller’s character in Halloween Ends?

Many hardcore Halloween fans did not enjoy Miller’s character of Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends for a few key reasons:

  • Detracts from Laurie Strode/Michael Myers story: Fans disliked Corey getting so much screen time in what was supposed to be the conclusion of the Laurie vs Michael saga. They felt the final film should have focused solely on the two core characters.
  • New protege concept feels contrived: The idea of Michael Myers randomly gaining a new child protege after decades felt too far-fetched and forced to many viewers. They felt it deviated too far from the established story.
  • Makes Michael Myers less menacing: Some felt that Michael befriending and mentoring Corey ultimately made the killer seem more humanized and less intrinsically evil. This upset fans who view him as an embodiment of pure, mysterious evil.
  • Acting critiques: While some praised her performance, others felt Miller’s acting was wooden and one-note. This made it hard for them to connect emotionally with her character.

Overall the consensus was that Corey’s presence and storyline diluted what should have been a tense, focused conclusion pitting Laurie against Michael one final time. Right or wrong, Corey’s role made Miller subject to serious fan scorn.

What do critics say about Amiah Miller’s acting skills?

Amiah Miller’s acting skills and performances have garnered a polarized response from professional critics:

  • Early acting critiqued as wooden: Many criticized her acting in Annabelle: Creation as emotionless and stilted. Variety said she portrayed fear and trauma poorly.
  • Developing steadily: In later films like Annabelle Comes Home, critics noted improvement in capturing character nuance and conveying hidden emotions.
  • Natural performance in Halloween Ends: With Miller’s role as Corey in the 2022 film, most reviewers praised her performance as effectively natural and mature. The New York Times said she aced the role.
  • Still needs seasoning: Some reviews indicate Miller still needs more experience to improve her consistency and range. But she shows promise picking more complex, demanding roles.
  • Better suited to introverted characters: Critics feel Miller excels at portraying loners, oddballs and introverts. Her subdued style fits those parts well versus the traditionally energetic child actor.
  • Hasn’t proven full acting chops: While her skills grow, some question if Miller has the versatility required for an A-list career span. Her long-term future may depend on picking roles that play to her low-key strengths.

What are the main complaints about the Annabelle movies starring Amiah Miller?

The two Annabelle movies featuring Amiah Miller – Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home – have received some common complaints from reviewers and audiences:

  • Repetitive plot lines: The films repeat similar story beats, especially around the doll’s origin. Many find the prequel/sequel format tired.
  • Reliance on jump scares: Critics allege the movies use cheap/predictable jump scares too often in place of atmospheric tension or creative twists.
  • Thin characterization: Beyond Annabelle herself, the human characters receive limited development or depth.
  • Lack originality: Little effort is made to distinguish the films from other horror fare about possessed dolls, ghosts, etc. The stories feel derivative of better movies.
  • Miller’s stiff acting: As covered earlier, many took issue with Miller’s supposedly wooden, emotionless acting in her first Annabelle outing.
  • Style over substance: Some claim the movies prioritize spooky visuals, production design, and cinematography over strong storytelling.

While still successful, the repetitive nature of the Annabelle movies likely hurts audience perceptions of Miller due to her constant association with the franchise.

How has Amiah Miller’s role as Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends been received?

Amiah Miller’s performance as Corey Cunningham, the protege of serial killer Michael Myers, in the 2022 film Halloween Ends has elicited strongly divided reactions:


  • Praised her nuanced portrayal of a socially isolated teen descending into violence
  • Said she delivered one of the strongest performances in the film
  • Felt her acting was mature and natural, conveying complexity


  • Criticized the Corey character for detracting from the Michael/Laurie plot resolution
  • Said Miller lacked the acting skills required for such a demanding dramatic role
  • Disliked the forced/unrealistic protege concept and how it humanized Michael
  • Found her performance one-note, failing to elicit empathy from the audience

While reviews of Miller’s acting range from positive to scathing, Corey proved a controversial inclusion that dominated discussion of Halloween Ends often at the expense of critiquing Miller’s performance on its own merits.

Does Amiah Miller’s young age and gender contribute to the criticism she receives?

There are a few ways that Amiah Miller’s age and gender may negatively impact how audiences and critics view her acting skills and character portrayals:

  • Harsher judgement of mistakes – Miller’s early acting missteps may be magnified because viewers are less forgiving of child actors’ developing skills.
  • Doubts about taking on mature roles – Some may feel that as a young actress, she lacks the life experience to convincingly portray complex adult emotions and situations.
  • Horror roles defy expectations – As a girl, starring in scary movies goes against gender norms. So Miller may face pushback for tackling darker, villainous character types.
  • Appearance over talent – There can be greater focus on young actresses’ looks/style versus assessing their pure acting talent.
  • Genre bias – The male-dominated horror fanbase is less welcoming of young females as protagonists.

While not the sole factor, Miller’s age and gender appear to contribute to the intense audience split on her acting skills. As she matures, a wider range of roles could ease some of these biases.


In summary, Amiah Miller provokes passionate dislike primarily due to her contentious roles in major horror franchises, as opposed to her skills or personality. Portraying eerie children in both the Annabelle and Halloween universes puts her squarely in the crosshairs of intense fan scrutiny.

Being typecast as a creepy kid in divisive sequels and reboots has certainly damaged audience perceptions of Miller’s talents. However, reviews indicate she has improved considerably as an actress recently.

With age and experience, she may gradually change minds by diversifying her characters and honing her craft in less fraught, formulaic movies. Miller remains extremely young with ample time to refine her abilities and counter the dislike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amiah Miller

Who is Amiah Miller and how old is she?

Amiah Miller is an American actress born in 2004. She is currently 18 years old as of 2022. Miller began acting professionally at age 8 and is best known for horror movies like Annabelle: Creation and Halloween Ends.

What was Amiah Miller’s first movie role?

Miller’s first major movie role came in the 2017 horror prequel Annabelle: Creation, where she played the role of Judy Warren, a young girl living in a home terrorized by the demonic Annabelle doll. This launched her career in the horror genre.

Has Amiah Miller won any awards?

Not yet. As a young actress just launching her career over the past five years, Miller has not yet received nominations for major mainstream awards. However, she was nominated for Best Performance by a Child Actor at the 2018 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Annabelle: Creation.

What do critics say about her acting skills?

Critics have given mixed opinions on Miller’s acting skills thus far. Early roles like Annabelle: Creation were panned for flat, wooden acting. But many praised her mature performance in Halloween Ends as effectively natural, showcasing growth in her emotional range and delivery.

Why do some dislike her role as Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends?

Fans often disliked her role in Halloween Ends because they felt the character detracted from the main Laurie vs Michael storyline. They also criticized the concept of Michael Myers having a random protege as forced. Some felt her acting was still one-dimensional in the role.

Has Amiah Miller done any other work besides horror movies?

Yes. Miller has appeared in the 2018 comedy drama A-X-L, provided voice work for animated films like The Addams Family 2, and guest starred on TV shows such as 9-1-1. However, she remains primarily known for her horror roles at this early stage.

What upcoming projects does Amiah Miller have?

Miller will voice the role of Darcy in the animated film My Father’s Dragon in 2023. She is also attached to star in two upcoming horror films – Karen and The Marsh. Miller seems slated to remain in the horror genre that kickstarted her career.

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