Joey King

Why Do People Love Joey King?

Joey King is one of the most popular and beloved young actresses in Hollywood today. At just 23 years old, she already has over 50 acting credits to her name, demonstrating her incredible work ethic and versatility as a performer.

There are many reasons why Joey has developed such a loyal, passionate fanbase over the years. Here is an in-depth look at the actress and why she is so adored by audiences around the world.

What Films and TV Shows Has Joey King Been In?

Joey got her start as a child actress, landing small roles in shows like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Entourage, and medium before getting her breakout role starring alongside Selena Gomez in Ramona and Beezus in 2010. This kicked off a successful career for Joey as a teen actress in both television and film.

Some of her most notable projects over the years include:

  • The Kissing Booth film trilogy (2018-2021) – Her most popular role as teenager Elle Evans.
  • The Act (2019) – Playing Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the Hulu true crime series.
  • The Conjuring films (2013, 2016) – As Christine Perron in the horror film franchise.
  • Fargo (2017) – Emmy-nominated turn as Adora Smutny.
  • Wish Upon (2017) – Lead role in the supernatural horror.
  • White House Down (2013) – Acting alongside Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.
  • Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) – Part of the ensemble cast led by James Franco.
  • Ramona and Beezus (2010) – Her breakout as the lead character Ramona Quimby.
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – Appearing as young Talia al Ghul.

Joey has proven herself as a versatile actress capable of excelling in both comedic and dramatic roles across film and television. Her long resume of roles has introduced her talent to a wide audience over the years.

How Did The Kissing Booth Films Make Her a Star?

While Joey King had been working steadily as an actress for years, it was her starring turn in the teen romantic comedy The Kissing Booth in 2018 that propelled her to full-blown stardom. King played Elle Evans, a high school student who falls for her best friend’s older brother, in the Netflix film. It became one of the streaming platform’s most rewatched original films ever.

King reprised the role of Elle in two sequels, The Kissing Booth 2 in 2020 and The Kissing Booth 3 in 2021. The trilogy was a major commercial success, gaining a loyal following of viewers who loved the chemistry between King and co-star Jacob Elordi. As Elle, Joey King made audiences laugh while also dealing with relatable challenges as a teenager. It showcased new depths to her talents and personality.

The Kissing Booth established Joey King as a bona fide star who could anchor a successful film franchise. It opened the door to bigger and better opportunities in her career thanks to all the new fans it brought her way. Joey King credits the films with changing her life – the type of project every actor dreams of being part of.

What Are Joey King’s Most Impressive Acting Achievements?

For a performer so young, Joey King already has an impressive array of standout acting achievements on her resume. She has shown impressive range across mediums with projects spanning television, film, and voice acting. Some of her most remarkable accomplishments include:

2019 Emmy Nomination for The Act

King received widespread acclaim for her dramatic turn in The Act, including a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series. As real-life murder victim Gypsy Rose Blanchard, King had to portray her character across decades while also delicately handling the disturbing true-life story. Critics praised her performance as equal parts sympathetic and chilling. The Emmy nom solidified King as a gifted dramatic actress.

Leading The Kissing Booth Franchise

Carrying a major film franchise is difficult for even veteran actors, but King made it look easy with The Kissing Booth trilogy. She offered natural charisma, deft comedic timing, emotional vulnerability, and palpable chemistry with co-stars like Jacob Elordi. King proved herself a true leading lady who could anchor these romantic comedies that resonated so strongly with audiences.

Versatility Across Genres

From The Conjuring horror films, to the wit of Fargo and The Kissing Booth, to voicing characters in animated fare like The Boxcar Children, Joey King has tried her hand at projects across genres. She constantly challenges herself with new roles, showcasing range as both a dramatic and comedic performer. King’s versatility is incredibly rare for someone so young.

Precocious Young Talent

King has been acting professionally since age four, but even her early roles demonstrated uncommon talent and screen presence. Her first acting credit was on television movie Grace Under Fire in 1999, followed by work across both TV and film throughout the 2000s. Despite her young age, King always held her own on-screen opposite more seasoned performers.

Reliable Working Actor

With over 50 credits already under her belt, Joey King puts her head down and consistently delivers as a working actor. She booked multiple projects every year for over a decade, proving her reliability and strong work ethic. Despite starting so young, King grew up in the industry while continually maturing as a performer – all which requires true commitment to the craft.

What Makes Joey King So Appealing to Fans?

There are many qualities about Joey King as both an actress and person that have endeared her to fans across the world. Some of the things that make King such a beloved celebrity include:


Fans find Joey King extremely relatable. She comes across as the down-to-earth girl next door who anyone would want to be friends with. King’s recent roles as everyday teenagers in The Kissing Booth films added to this perception. Her real-life persona is charmingly goofy and candid as well. King avoids the appearance of being overly packaged or phony.

Social Media Presence

King is highly engaged on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, allowing fans to feel connected to her day-to-day life. She comes across as authentic, posting silly behind-the-scenes videos along with glamorous photos from events. King interacts earnestly with fans online, furthering her reputation as #relatable.

Sense of Humor

Joey King has a delightful sense of humor both on and off-screen. Her comedic chops are obvious in roles like The Kissing Booth’s Elle, where her timing and physicality translates to laughs. But King is also hilarious in real life, cracking jokes in interviews and on social media. Her funny, self-deprecating personality shines through.

Work Ethic

As a performer who has been constantly working since early childhood, Joey King clearly has an incredible work ethic. She balances schoolwork with long hours on demanding film and TV sets. Even with her busy schedule, King always brings her A-game. Fans respect her obvious dedication to the craft.

Advocacy Work

King uses her platform to bring awareness to causes she cares about. She has advocated for the cystic fibrosis community after her sister Hunter was diagnosed. King has spoken openly about body acceptance as well. Her outspoken support for important issues impresses fans.

Joey King’s Greatest Performances

Let’s look back on some of Joey King’s most impressive and memorable performances thus far in her career:

The Act (2019)

Without a doubt, King’s role as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the Hulu true crime series The Act is her finest acting achievement to date. She gave a haunting and deeply empathetic portrayal as Gypsy, coloring the character’s isolation, twisted relationship with her mother, and inner desperation. The range of emotions and ages King had to embody was staggering, and she rose to the immense challenge.<div class=”table-responsive”>

2019The ActGypsy Rose BlanchardEmmy-nominated performance

The Kissing Booth (2018)

As her breakout, star-making performance, King was utterly winning, hilarious, and believably teenage in The Kissing Booth. She crafted such affection for her character Elle Evans through the actress’ magnetism, physical comedy skills, and undeniable chemistry with co-star Jacob Elordi. This vaulted King to a whole new level of stardom.<div class=”table-responsive”>

2018The Kissing BoothElle EvansStar-making performance

Ramona and Beezus (2010)

This family film marked King’s first big role in a major studio production as the lead character Ramona Quimby. At just 10 years old, King anchored the entire film with confidence, showcasing comedic chops and solid dramatic acting for someone so young. It kicked off her career in incredibly impressive fashion.<div class=”table-responsive”>

2010Ramona and BeezusRamona QuimbyImpressive lead performance at age 10


Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

Though only in a supporting part, King made her mark among the top-notch ensemble cast led by James Franco in this magical prequel film. As a young girl named China Girl, King employed a moving vocal performance and formed a memorable bond with Franco’s Oscar. She held her own against the spectacular special effects.<div class=”table-responsive”>

2013Oz the Great and PowerfulChina GirlMemorable supporting turn

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

It takes real presence to share scenes with actors like Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, but a pre-teen King pulled it off effortlessly as young Talia al Ghul in the Batman sequel. Though her role was small, she left a big impression thanks to her poise and polished delivery opposite these major stars.<div class=”table-responsive”>

2012The Dark Knight RisesYoung Talia al GhulImpressive presence opposite stars

Joey King’s Legacy and Influence at Just 23 Years Old

Although only 23 years old, Joey King has already left a formidable imprint on Hollywood thanks to her continually maturing talents. Still at the dawn of her career, here are some of the ways King is leaving a legacy:

Proving Child Actors Can Transition Successfully

As a performer who has worked steadily since preschool, King is a prime example of a child actor making the challenging transition to more adult roles. By taking on increasingly nuanced, complex parts, King is proving a successful “child star” trajectory is possible.

Inspiring Young Girls

Through characters like The Kissing Booth’s Elle Evans, King provides a relatable on-screen presence that resonates with girls and young women. Her candor about topics like body image and advocacy for causes like cystic fibrosis make her an inspiring role model.

Revitalizing the Teen Rom-Com Genre

The Kissing Booth trilogy enchanted millions of viewers, becoming Netflix’s most rewatched original movie. King was instrumental in re-energizing interest in the teen romantic comedy genre and demonstrating its continued profitability.

Balancing Studio Franchises and Indie Films

From major studio projects like The Kissing Booth to grittier fare like The Act, King balances big-budget movies with riskier, independent offerings. This allows her to please mainstream audiences while also flexing her acting muscles.

Displaying Impressive Range

With over 50 diverse credits showcasing both comedic and dramatic chops, King boasts an impressive range – especially for someone so young. From The Conjuring horror films to voicing animated characters, no part seems beyond King’s capabilities.

Carving Her Own Path

Rather than get pigeonholed as just a “young adult” star, King actively seeks out complex roles in provocative material. She clearly wants to push herself and develop her legacy as a performer – not just capitalize on fame from The Kissing Booth.

What Lies Ahead in Joey King’s Career?

At just 23 years old, Joey King clearly has a bright future ahead with so much already accomplished. Here is an outlook of what likely lies ahead in this talented young star’s career:

More Mature, Complex Film Roles

Look for King to continue gravitation toward more mature, nuanced roles in challenging films. Projects like The Act hint she is interested in showcasing greater character depth. Expect more drama, true stories, and complex protagonists.

Potential Awards Recognition

With an Emmy nod already under her belt, King seems poised to bring in more prestigious award nominations as she continues proving her chops in grittier, provocative material. Don’t be surprised to see her in the Oscar conversation within the next 5-10 years.

Directing or Producing

King has expressed interest behind-the-camera work, and she clearly has gained ample experience understanding the filmmaking process. Trying her hand at directing, producing, or even screenwriting seems like a natural evolution.

Graceful Career Transition

As she enters her mid to late 20s, King will likely move firmly into more adult-oriented projects, gracefully transitioning fully out of “young adult” roles. All signs point to continued success.

More Charitable Initiatives

The actress already utilizes her platform for good causes close to her heart. As her star continues to rise, look for King to take on more charitable initiatives, especially related to cystic fibrosis research and body image.

Potential Move to Prestige TV

Many film actors have been making the leap to television as the medium offers richer opportunities. With the success of The Act, don’t be shocked if King heads to HBO, Netflix, FX, or other outlets for a juicy, multifaceted lead TV role.


In examining Joey King’s impressive career achievements so far, vast range of roles, relatable star persona, and major impact already made at just age 23, it becomes quite clear why she has developed such a passionate fanbase. With so much versatility and screen presence, King manages to delight across genres – from blockbuster rom-coms to affecting dramas to even horror.

As she gracefully transitions to more mature film roles while balancing television projects, King’s combination of prodigious talents and down-to-earth charisma will only continue winning over audiences everywhere.

She possesses that rare “it factor” of audience connection that hints at enduring stardom. So much has already been accomplished, yet Joey King’s career feels like it’s only just getting started. The future surely holds great things, with the talented actress achieving even greater heights in Hollywood. Audiences will be enjoying her work for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joey King’s Appeal

What is Joey King’s background?

Joey King was born Joey Lynn King on July 30, 1999 in Los Angeles. She began acting professionally in minor roles at age four. King had her breakout role at age 10 starring as Ramona Quimby in the 2010 film Ramona and Beezus. She has two older sisters, including actress Hunter King.

What was Joey King’s first major role?

Joey King’s first major role was playing the lead character Ramona Quimby in the 2010 family film Ramona and Beezus. This marked her breakout after years of small television and movie roles as a child. King was only 10 years old at the time but proved herself a confident lead actress.

Is Joey King on social media?

Yes, Joey King is highly active on social media to connect with fans. She has millions of followers on Instagram under @joeyking and also posts silly videos on TikTok under @joeyking. King’s social media presence helps fans feel like they know her beyond just acting.

Does Joey King sing too?

In addition to acting, Joey King is also a talented singer! She got to showcase her vocal chops in the film Ramona and Beezus performing “Ramona Blue.” King also sang in The Kissing Booth 2 and has shared videos singing pop songs on social media.

How close are Joey King and Jacob Elordi?

Joey King and Jacob Elordi became romantically involved in real life after playing Elle Evans and Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth. However, the two eventually broke up after the sequel in late 2018, admitting the relationship fizzled out. They have remained friends and cordial co-stars.

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