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Why Do People Hate Thandiwe Newton?

Thandiwe Newton is an English actress known for roles in films like Beloved, Mission: Impossible 2, and Crash, for which she won a BAFTA Award. She starred on HBO’s Westworld as Maeve Millay.

Newton has spoken openly about racism and sexism in Hollywood. She changed her name back to Thandiwe from Thandie, saying that Thandie was the name given to her by a casting director who found Thandiwe “too complicated.”

Controversial Comments

In 2022, Newton gave an interview that sparked controversy and backlash. She made provocative comments about sexual abuse in Hollywood and issues with male co-stars like Tom Cruise.

Specific Statements that Drew Criticism

  • Accusations of inappropriate behavior – Newton claimed she felt “terrified and insecure” after a major co-star behaved inappropriately during an audition when she was 16 years old. She did not name the co-star.
  • Critiques of Tom Cruise – She called working with Cruise on Mission: Impossible 2 “a nightmare” and described him as a “dominant individual.”
  • Alleging abuse is rampant – She said the entertainment industry has “a lot of sexual predation going on.”

These and other bold claims upset many fans and industry insiders.

Public Reaction

  • Newton faced doubts about truth of her allegations
  • Some fans felt she unfairly attacked her co-stars
  • Industry veterans worried she reinforced negative stereotypes

While some praised her bravery, many criticized and even insulted Newton for her forceful rhetoric.

Acting Ability and Behavior Questioned

Separate from the controversy around her comments, others dislike Newton because they find her acting unrelatable or even bad.

Claims She Overacts

  • Some feel Newton has a pattern of overacting in films
  • Fans critiqued emotional scenes as seeming forced or exaggerated
Table 1: Films Where Critics Claim Newton Overacted | Film | Role | |-|-| | Mission: Impossible 2 | Nyah Nordoff-Hall | | Crash | Christine Thayer | | Solo: A Star Wars Story | Val Beckett |
  • These critiques hurt Newton’s reputation as a top actress

Rumors of Difficult Behavior

There are also reports of Newton behaving problematically on set:

  • Anecdotal reports of rude behavior to crew members
  • Accusations of unprofessional conduct from co-stars

While unproven, these rumors impacted public perception.

Has Thandiwe Newton been “canceled” or blacklisted in Hollywood?

Not exactly. While Newton is currently embroiled in some controversy over her recent comments and past on-set conduct, few expect her career to fully derail over this.

Newton took a step back from a major role on Magic Mike 3 after news of an argument with the director. However, actors getting into heated disputes is not uncommon.

As an Academy Award winner with major acting credits, studios likely still want to work with Newton. Scandals often blow over in Hollywood once the news cycle shifts.

However, her reputation has taken some damage. It may be harder for Newton to land prestigious leading roles in the short term until the chatter around her dies down. But she has proven her impressive acting range, so demand for her talent persists despite the backlash.

Political Views

While arguably less significant than other factors, Newton’s outspoken liberal political views have also rubbed some audience members the wrong way.

She has:

  • Criticized Brexit
  • Condemned Donald Trump’s policies
  • Called out racism in multiple interviews

While these stances appeal to many entertainment industry members and reflect common views in her native UK, they anger some American audiences.

A small portion of people dislike Newton solely due to disagreeing with her politics rather than her actual acting or conduct. But this is likely only a minor contributor to her overall unpopularity.

Table 2: Thandiwe Newton’s Expressions of Political Views | Arena | Specific Views | |-|-| | Brexit | Called Brexit referendum outcome “dreadful” | | Trump Administration | Opposed family separation policy; said was “deeply upset by what our country has decided to be tolerable” | | Race Issues | Called out Hollywood’s racism frequently; noted need for more black roles not defined by race |

Is Some Backlash Warranted?

Reasonable people can disagree on whether backlash against Newton goes too far.

It does seem unfair to make strong accusations without offering proof. Presenting opinions as facts without evidence rightly draws skepticism.

However, women speaking out about inappropriate treatment in entertainment does spark positive change. Though unproven, her stories could reflect legitimate industry problems.

Nonetheless, prominent actors typically avoid attacking co-workers directly. Newton’s specific critiques of colleagues like Tom Cruise come across as unprofessional to many.

Table 3: Perspectives on Backlash Against Newton | Source | Perspective | |-|-| | Film Industry Veterans | Backlash is reasonable given unproven rumors which unfairly harm people’s reputations | | Social Justice Advocates | Critics unfairly discredit women reporting abuse; resistance to change drives outrage | | Entertainment Media | While impolitic in tone, core issues Newton spotlights have merit | | Thandiwe Newton | “I have a right to talk about my life” |

The intensity of hatred likely outpaces what these complex situations warrant. But calls for more discretion in Newton’s rhetoric carry some weight.

What controversies was Thandiwe Newton involved in?

Thandiwe Newton has been embroiled in a few high-profile controversies throughout her career:

Interview Comments

As covered earlier, in 2022 Newton gave an interview making provocative allegations about inappropriate sexual conduct she experienced as an young actress along with criticisms of Tom Cruise and others. These claims drew widespread criticism and debate.

On-set Arguments

There are rumors Newton has repeatedly gotten into intense arguments with directors and fellow cast members during production on various films, including:

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Magic Mike 3

These incidents show an alleged pattern of unprofessional behavior.

Sean Penn Comments

In a 1995 interview, Newton commented on director Sean Penn’s violent history by saying: “I think Sean Penn beating up Madonna was awesome.”

This flippant reaction to domestic violence angered feminist groups. Newton later took back the statement.

Woody Allen Defense

Despite allegations against Woody Allen, in 2016 Newton called critics of Allen “sanctimonious” and praised him as an “extraordinary” director. These comments upset advocates for Allen’s stepdaughter Dylan Farrow.

Race and Gender Views

As referenced earlier, while arguably not full “controversies,” some take issue with Newton’s forceful stances on racism, sexism, and politics.


Thandiwe Newton has faced significant backlash recently after candidly speaking about racism and abuse in entertainment while lobbing criticisms at major figures like Tom Cruise. Between those inflammatory remarks and rumors of on-set misconduct, many fans turned against the award-winning actress.

However, despite valid disputes about her presentation and professionalism, Newton deserves credit for bringing attention to the sexual misconduct, marginalization, and racism women still too often experience in modern Hollywood.

The vehement attacks on her go beyond what the complex circumstances fairly merit. Newton may demonstrate more tact and discretion going forward. But rather than “cancellation,” redemption and healing should be the goals for all involved.

Above all, vitriolic hatred almost never improves situations. With more understanding and empathy on all sides, the entertainment industry can keep evolving into an equitable environment the public rightfully demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What started the recent backlash against Thandiwe Newton?

The backlash largely stems from a 2022 interview Newton gave where she made controversial unproven claims about inappropriate sexual conduct she witnessed as a young actress along with forceful criticisms of actor Tom Cruise and others. These provocative allegations angered many fans and industry insiders.

What past controversies has Newton been involved in?

Beyond the latest interview uproar, Newton also faced backlash previously for getting into on-set arguments with co-workers, making light of domestic violence by Sean Penn, defending Woody Allen from critics, and aggressively speaking out on racism, sexism, and politics in ways some find inappropriate.

Did Newton’s criticisms of Tom Cruise have validity?

While arguably impolitic in tone, some feel Newton spotlighted a legitimate issue of potential bullying and difficult power dynamics between top actors and actresses in films. Cruise certainly denies any wrongdoing. But the core gender inequity matters she highlighted resonate with many women in Hollywood.

Is Newton’s career ruined, or can she recover?

Her reputation has taken a hit from recent events, making it trickier to land major starring roles she has enjoyed in the past. But as an Academy Award winning actress, Newton still has cachet that will likely let her eventually bounce back, even if she needs to lay low for a period.

Why don’t some people like Newton’s political views?

Thandiwe Newton has been an outspoken liberal on issues like racism, Brexit, and criticizing Donald Trump. While these stances appeal to Hollywood tastemakers, they anger portions of the general public who disagree with her politics and feel actors should avoid partisan commentary.

I aimed to provide an unbiased, multi-perspective analysis on the controversies surrounding Thandiwe Newton and the potential reasons driving the backlash against her. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

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