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Why Do People Hate Joey King?

Joey King is an American actress who has been acting since a young age. She has starred in many popular films and TV shows over the years, including The Kissing Booth movies, The Act, and Ramona and Beezus. While King has many fans, she also has her fair share of critics and people who dislike her. There are various reasons why some people are not fans of Joey King.

Overexposure at a Young Age

One of the main reasons why people dislike Joey King is because she has been overexposed at a very young age. King started acting professionally at age 4 and has been working consistently ever since.

Early Acting Roles

Some of King’s earliest roles included commercials and minor parts in shows like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. As a child actor, she took on more substantial roles in movies like Quarantine, Ramona and Beezus, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

While King showed talent as a young performer, her ubiquity led to a feeling of oversaturation from audiences. Seeing a young child acting so frequently can make the child actor seem disingenuous or like they are missing out on a normal childhood.

The Kissing Booth Films

King starring in the popular Netflix teen rom-com films The Kissing Booth 1 and 2 in her late teens solidified a feeling among audiences that she had been overexposed from a very early age. The Kissing Booth films were hugely popular among teen audiences, but criticized by adult viewers for average quality.

After The Kissing Booth’s success, a perception grew that King had spent far too much of her childhood and adolescence acting in mediocre projects rather than focusing on school and regular childhood activities.

Perception She is Too Directed or “Hollywood”

Another reason for dislike of Joey King is the sense that she has been too managed, directed, or perhaps inauthentic in her acting and public persona.

Lack of Authenticity

Some feel King comes across as less authentic and more manufactured than other young stars. Her very polished Instagram account, partnerships with brands like Beats by Dre, and the consistent acting from a super young age contribute to this feeling that she is a manufactured “Hollywood starlet.”

Compared to child stars who take breaks, avoid social media, or maintain a more down-to-earth image, King can come across as constantly striving for fame and success from a young age. This turns some people off.

Focus on Fame Over Acting Ability

There is also a feeling among critics that King has been more focused on attaining fame and celebrity than developing genuine acting skill. While she has landed many major acting roles, critics have often found her acting abilities to be mediocre or subpar.

Some believe King has spent more energy conforming to expectations and taking any major role offered to keep her fame up rather than dedicating time to improve as an actor. The sense that she prioritizes fame over honing her craft contributes to disliking her.

Her “Typecast” Roles Lack Range

Another contributor to Joey King fatigue is the perception that she has been typecast into playing similar roles that lack range and depth.

The “Teen Girl” Typecast

After starring in multiple young adult projects like The Kissing Booth and shows like Fargo, critics argue King has simply continued playing stereotypical teen girl characters that all blend together.

Roles like Elle Evans in The Kissing Booth have led to the belief Joey King has narrow abilities as a young, relatable teen girl protagonist and hasn’t expanded much beyond this.

Limited Serious Acting Chops

While King attempted more dramatic acting in projects like The Act, reviewers found her performance lackluster. This furthered the impression she does not have much versatility as an actor beyond typical teen roles.

King’s consistent casting as “the teen girl” in rom-coms and YA projects makes her seem one-note and tiresome rather than a serious actor to audiences. More varied, complex roles could help combat this.

She Lacks a Distinctive Charisma or Persona

A final factor in dislike of Joey King is her perceived lack of a captivating screen presence or star power. While skilled in some ways as an actor, audiences do not find her particularly charismatic or compelling to watch on screen.

Struggles With Comedic Charisma

In comedic projects King has acted in like The Kissing Booth movies or television shows like Bent, critics have noted she lacks natural comedic timing and charisma. While she delivers lines adequately, that x-factor of humor and relatability has seemed missing in roles meant to be funny and charming.

Serious Roles Fall Flat

In more serious roles like The Act and Wish I Was Here, King has also struggled to truly captivate audiences. Her dramatic performances have often been criticized as flat, stilted, or lacking magnetism.

Ultimately, King’s acting is competent but does not jump off the screen. The lack of a truly captivating presence or star quality leaves many viewers cold. Developing this magnetism could help turn audiences around.


In summary, Joey King’s overexposure from a very young age, managed public image, typecasting in repetitive teen roles, and lack of a distinctive charismatic star power contribute to a feeling of disliking her acting and celebrity persona for many viewers.

However, King is still young and has ample time to expand her skills, take on new roles and challenge public perception. With the right choices and maturity, she may potentially reshape her image and win over critics in time by focusing on versatility and authenticity. The coming years will tell if King can transition to more complex adult roles and win over skeptics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Joey King start acting so young?

Joey King started acting professionally at just 4 years old, appearing in commercials and minor TV roles. Her mother was involved in acting and likely got King interested in the field from a very early age. King seemed to demonstrate natural acting abilities, leading to her working consistently throughout childhood.

What are Joey King’s most famous roles?

Some of Joey King’s most famous and popular roles include:

  • Ramona Quimby in Ramona and Beezus
  • Elle Evans in The Kissing Booth film series
  • Gypsy Rose Blanchard in Hulu miniseries The Act
  • Young Talia al Ghul on CW series The Flash
  • Greta Evans in Netflix film Wish I Was Here

What critiques have people made of Joey King’s acting skills?

Critics of Joey King argue that while competent, her acting skills are mediocre. Reviews often find her comedic timing lacking, dramatic skills flat, and overall screen presence uncaptivating. Many believe she has prioritized fame over dedicating time to truly hone her acting abilities.

Why do people find Joey King’s public persona unlikeable?

Factors in Joey King’s public persona that some find unlikeable include her highly curated Instagram account and constant brand partnerships that seem inauthentic. Her super young start in acting also signals an overly managed child star to critics. The sense she prioritizes fame over other pursuits contributes to the negative perception.

Has Joey King won any major acting awards?

Joey King was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series for her role in The Act. She also won the Young Entertainer Award for Best Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film for Ramona and Beezus. However, she has yet to win more prestigious acting awards.

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