Why Do People Hate Michelle Dockery?

Michelle Dockery is an English actress best known for her role as Lady Mary Crawley in the hit period drama Downton Abbey. Despite her success, Michelle Dockery has faced some backlash and hatred from certain groups over the years. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why some people dislike Michelle Dockery.

Her Privileged Upbringing

One of the main sources of resentment towards Michelle Dockery stems from her privileged background. She was born in London to a wealthy family and attended expensive private schools. This has led some people to view her as out of touch with the struggles of ordinary people.

Her posh accent and mannerisms on Downton Abbey fueled this perception that she grew up in high society. Some believe she secured her big break on Downton due to her family’s connections rather than raw talent. This rubs many people the wrong way who feel her success isn’t truly deserved.

Typecasting as a Rich Snob

Michelle Dockery’s breakout role as Lady Mary established her as an archetypal rich snob in many people’s minds. With her sharp tongue and haughty demeanor, Lady Mary was an antagonistic character for much of Downton Abbey’s run.

Even though Michelle Dockery was just playing a role, many viewers disliked her by association and viewed her as similarly privileged and mean in real life. As such, some have resentment towards Michelle Dockery stemming from their hatred of Lady Mary as a character.

Her Political Views

Outside of acting, Michelle Dockery has been vocal about her left-leaning political views. She has advocated for issues like climate change activism, wealth taxes, and other progressive policies.

This has drawn the ire of those on the right who dislike celebrity activists pushing political agendas. Her views that are out of step with conservatives have led some on the right to harbor animosity towards Michelle Dockery specifically.

Perceptions of Favoritism on Downton Abbey

There is a perception amongst some Downton Abbey fans that Michelle Dockery was the productions’ favorite actress on the show. As such, her character of Lady Mary got more screentime and dramatic storylines than her fellow cast members.

Whether true or not, this belief that Michelle Dockery was coddled or given preferential treatment over others has sparked some resentment from viewers. They believe other actors were more talented but neglected at Michelle Dockery’s expense.

Backlash Against Her Post-Downton Abbey Roles

After gaining fame from Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery had trouble finding other high-profile roles that connected with viewers. She starred in some poorly reviewed and rated TV series like Good Behavior and Anatomy of a Scandal.

Some believe these failures stem from audiences being unable to see Michelle Dockery as anyone but Lady Mary. As such, they blame Dockery for not working hard enough to showcase her range and avoiding typecasting. This has led to resentment from those who feel she squandered her opportunity.

Her Dating Life Scrutiny

As a relatively high-profile actress, Michelle Dockery’s romantic relationships have been chronicled in the tabloid press. Some believe she plays the field too much by dating multiple men over short periods of time.

In particular, she received backlash for beginning a relationship shortly after her fiancé died of cancer in 2015. Her love life makes her a target for sexist double standards about dating as an unmarried woman.

Table Summarizing Dockery’s Controversies

Privileged backgroundWealthy family, private educationSeen as nepotism beneficiary
TypecastingLady Mary role as rich snobDislike for Dockery personally
Political viewsVocal progressive opinionsBacklash from conservative critics
Perceived favoritismMore dramatic storylines than castmatesResentment from Downton Abbey fans
Post-Downton rolesFailed TV seriesBlamed for not avoiding typecasting
Dating life scrutinyTabloid coverage of relationshipsSexist double standards backlash


In summary, Michelle Dockery faces dislike from some demographics for her wealthy background, association with an antagonistic character, leftist views, perceived favoritism, failed new roles, and scrutiny about her love life.

However, she remains a talented performer with many fans across the globe who admire her work. The hatred stems from limited perspectives, while Michelle Dockery continues achieving success on her own terms.

Why Do Some Dislike Her Privileged Upbringing?

Some people feel Michelle Dockery’s posh upbringing and expensive education make her out of touch with regular people’s struggles. She’s viewed as the product of nepotism rather than a self-made talent.

How Has Playing Lady Mary Fueled Resentment Towards Her?

Lady Mary was an antagonistic snob to many Downton Abbey viewers. Some direct their dislike of the character towards Michelle Dockery herself, unable to separate her from the role.

What Are Some of Her Political Views That Have Drawn Backlash?

She has advocated for higher taxes on the wealthy, action against climate change, and other progressive causes that clash with conservative ideals. This irks some on the right.

What Perception Exists Around Favoritism Towards Her on Downton Abbey?

Some believe she was coddled by creators and given more meaningful screen time and drama than her castmates. Whether true or not, this perception exists.

Why Has Her Post-Downton Abbey Acting Career Upset Some People?

She has failed to find other successful starring TV roles and some blame her for not working hard enough to show range beyond Lady Mary or avoid typecasting.

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