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Why Do People Hate Sophia Lillis?

Sophia Lillis is a young American actress who has risen to fame in recent years for her roles in films like It and Sharp Objects. However, despite her talent and early success, Lillis has also garnered a fair share of dislike and criticism online. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why certain groups of people have expressed negativity towards Sophia Lillis.

Sudden Fame at a Young Age

One of the primary factors that fuels dislike of Sophia Lillis is that she became famous incredibly quickly at a very young age. Lillis was just 15 years old when she landed her breakthrough role as Beverly Marsh in the blockbuster horror film It in 2017.

Prior to It, Lillis had only a handful of small acting credits to her name. So going from relative obscurity to starring in a major studio film viewed by millions worldwide was a huge jump for someone so young.

This extremely quick rise to fame can breed resentment from some who may feel Lillis didn’t “earn” or “pay her dues” for her level of success. Her age and inexperience may also lead some to believe she lacks acting skills or talent.

Age and Experience of Sophia Lillis Before Fame

AgeYearBiggest Role / Credit
132015Minor TV roles
152017It (Beverly Marsh)

Privileged” Background

Another source of dislike for Sophia Lillis stems from perceptions about her background and upbringing. Some believe Lillis grew up in a privileged environment that afforded her advantages in accessing and breaking into the competitive film industry.

Lillis was raised in Brooklyn by her mother, who worked as a photographer. While not extremely wealthy, Lillis did attend a private school dedicated to the arts, which likely gave her a leg up in developing her acting skills from a young age.

Many people resent when young stars appear to benefit from nepotism or family connections, and Lillis’ arts education and NY/Brooklyn upbringing may strike some as privileged or exclusionary. These perceptions fuel the narrative that she didn’t fully “earn” her fame.

Typecast Too Much

After breaking out in It, Sophia Lillis began taking on very similar roles that had her typecast as a horror or thriller genre actress. This includes starring in the TV adaptation of Sharp Objects soon after It, as well as her role in the horror film Gretel & Hansel in 2020.

Some feel these repetitive, dark roles don’t allow Lillis to demonstrate the full breadth of her acting skills. There’s a sense she is leaning too much on what made her famous initially (It) rather than pushing herself as an actress. The lack of diversity in her filmography can also make her seem one-dimensional or lacking in talent.

Major Roles of Sophia Lillis Since Fame

YearFilm/TV ShowGenre
2018Sharp ObjectsThriller/Mystery
2020Gretel & HanselHorror

Doesn’t Stand for Much

Another complaint that sometimes surfaces around young stars is that they don’t use their platform to push for social causes or stand for issues larger than themselves. While not extremely vocal on sociopolitical topics, Sophia Lillis also does not go out of her way to remain apolitical or neutral like some celebrities do.

However, she hasn’t made any huge declarative statements or used her fame thus far to draw attention to particular issues or movements. This can lead some to perceive her as self-focused or unconcerned with lending her voice or brand to larger societal matters. Particularly for Gen Z, lack of social awareness can fuel backlash.

Looks and Style Don’t Resonate

For better or worse, the opinions and preferences of fans can greatly impact a celebrity’s public perception and popularity. When it comes to Sophia Lillis, her fashion choices and style don’t seem to resonate with certain demographics.

Lillis often opts for more quirky or unconventional looks on red carpets and events. Things like bold patterns, bright colors, and retro elements characterize her personal style. For those more accustomed to starlets dressing in elegant, classic gowns, Lillis’ aesthetic can feel jarring or off-putting.

Peoples’ subjective tastes on beauty and attractiveness also come into play. While by no means unattractive, Lillis’ look is quite unique, from her ginger hair to her porcelain skin and wide eyes. For mainstream audiences more drawn to conventional beauty standards, Lillis’ striking appearance may not align with their preferences.

Acting Skills Are Overhyped

The most direct and substantial criticism leveled at Sophia Lillis is that her acting abilities are simply overstated. Some feel she was adequate but not outstanding in her breakout It role, and believe the hype and sudden fame that resulted were disproportionate to her talent level.

Critics point to flat or stilted line readings and limited emotional range in some performances as evidence that Lillis is not the incredible acting prodigy that some claim. They feel she needs more training and experience before being elevated to the level of stardom she quickly achieved.

Is Sophia Lillis Unfairly Critiqued?

However, it’s worth noting that much of the dislike aimed at Sophia Lillis stems from factors outside of her actual acting skills or talent. Things like her age, background, early successes and typecasting are external forces, not reflective of her abilities.

Examining her filmography, Lillis has garnered positive reviews from most professional critics. While she has room to grow as she matures, most consider her a promising young actress with her standout performances in It and Sharp Objects speaking for themselves.

So dislike fueled by resentment over her quick fame or subjective opinions on her looks could be argued as unfair or irrelevant critiques. At just 18 years old, Sophia Lillis’ career is only beginning, and over time she will likely continue proving herself as a skilled actress.


In summary, while dislike for rising young stars like Sophia Lillis stems from multiple areas, much of it likely arises unfairly:

  • Her incredibly quick rise to fame at a very young age breeds resentment, despite her obvious on-screen talent in breakout roles like It.
  • Perceptions about her privileged upbringing and arts education background make her success seem unearned, ignoring her acting abilities.
  • Typecasting into similar dark thriller roles restricts her range, but she still demonstrates skill within these performances.
  • With youth on her side, Lillis has ample time to use her platform more or refine her fashion and style to broader appeal.
  • Most objective critics praise her performances, confirming her acting chops despite online detractors.
  • As she continues scoring prominent roles, Lillis will only further validate herself as an actress, regardless of unnecessary dislike rooted in irrelevancies.

Overall, while understandable to a degree, much of the criticism toward Sophia Lillis seems disproportionate to her proven talents. As she matures and her career progresses, Lillis has the skill set to overcome shallow detractors and earn appreciation as a star actress for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people think Sophia Lillis didn’t earn her fame fairly?

Some people believe Sophia Lillis didn’t truly earn her rapid rise to fame because she came from a relatively privileged background and attended a prestigious arts school. This led to perceptions that she benefited from nepotism or exclusivity rather than solely her own talents.

How was Sophia Lillis typecast after her breakout role?

After gaining fame from the horror film It, Sophia Lillis became typecast in similar dark thriller and horror roles in projects like Sharp Objects and Gretel & Hansel. This one-note filmography makes some feel she relies too heavily on her It fame.

What are some of the stylistic choices Sophia Lillis makes that turn off mainstream audiences?

Lillis often wears bold, quirky outfits with unconventional patterns, colors, and retro elements. For mainstream audiences accustomed to stars dressing elegantly, Lillis’ eccentric style can seem off-putting or jarring.

What evidence do critics point to when they say Sophia Lillis is overhyped as an actress?

Critics who feel Sophia Lillis is overhyped point to flat line readings, limited emotional range, and stiffness in some of her performances as evidence that her abilities are overstated. They believe she needs more experience to improve.

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