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Why Do People Love Sophia Lillis?

Sophia Lillis is a young American actress who has quickly risen to fame in recent years for her starring roles in major films and TV series. With her vibrant red hair, expressive face, and innate acting talent, Lillis has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. But what exactly is it about this young performer that makes her so beloved?

What Films and TV Shows Has Sophia Lillis Starred In?

Sophia Lillis first broke out in 2017 with her role as the young version of Beverly Marsh in the critically acclaimed horror film It, based on Stephen King’s novel. Her performance as the brave and troubled Beverly was lauded as one of the standouts in the film, holding her own against more established young actors like Jaeden Martell and Finn Wolfhard.

Lillis went on to reprise the role of Beverly in the sequel It Chapter Two in 2019. She delivered another strong performance, portraying the adult Beverly as she returns to her hometown to confront the evil Pennywise once more. Lillis was widely praised for capturing the essence of Beverly as both a child and an adult.

In 2018, Lillis took on the iconic role of Nancy Drew in the supernatural mystery series Nancy Drew on The CW network. As the inquisitive teen detective, Lillis has anchored the show for multiple seasons and earned praise for bringing a spunky, determined energy to the beloved character.

Some of Lillis’ other notable roles include:

  • Amy Adams’ teenage daughter in the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects (2018)
  • The haunted teen Sydney in the Netflix film I Am Not Okay with This (2020)
  • The younger version of Amy in the drama Where the Crawdads Sing (2022)

With her versatile performances across genres from horror to mystery to coming-of-age drama, the young actress has proven her wide-ranging talents.

What Makes Sophia Lillis Such a Gifted Actress at a Young Age?

For an actress who just turned 20 years old in 2021, Sophia Lillis displays a maturity and depth in her acting that exceeds her years. Some key factors that make her stand out as such a gifted performer include:

  • Expressive range – Lillis has an incredibly expressive face and voice that allows her to convey complex emotions. As Beverly in It, she moved seamlessly between fear, sadness, anger, and determination.
  • Nuanced vulnerability – Lillis excels at portraying vulnerability in nuanced ways. As the abused Beverly, she depicted pain and loneliness without ever seeming weak.
  • Wise beyond her years – Roles like Nancy Drew require a maturity that is rare in young actors. Lillis brings an innate wisdom and quick-thinking wit that makes her a natural fit.
  • Evokes relatability – Even in supernatural roles, Lillis evokes a relatability that allows viewers to connect with her characters. Her girl-next-door charm makes her both likable and accessible.
  • Old soul – Though young, Lillis seems to possess an “old soul” quality, able to tap into emotions and experiences beyond her own years through her acting.

What Personality Traits Make Sophia Lillis So Appealing Onscreen and Off?

In addition to her standout acting abilities, Sophia Lillis possesses many winning personality traits that make her extremely appealing both onscreen and off. Some of the key qualities that draw people to this talented young star include:

  • Authenticity – Lillis comes across as extremely genuine and authentic. She seems comfortable in her own skin and grounded in who she is.
  • Good sense of humor – In interviews, Lillis displays a fun sarcastic wit and sense of humor that shines through on talk shows.
  • Intelligence – Her thoughtfulness and perceptiveness when speaking on issues showcases a sharp mind behind the acting talent.
  • Kindness – Tales from co-stars and crew describe Lillis as a kind-hearted person who treats everyone with respect.
  • Passion for acting – Lillis truly seems to love acting and his highly motivated by doing meaningful work.
  • Lack of ego – Despite her early successes, Lillis does not seem to have an inflated actor’s ego and stays down to earth.

With this winning blend of qualities, it’s easy to see why Lillis is such a delight to watch onscreen and so admired offscreen as well. She has the likeability factor in spades.

What Life Experiences Might Contribute to Sophia Lillis’ Acting Abilities?

While clearly gifted with natural acting instincts, Sophia Lillis’ life experiences prior to acting likely also contributed to shaping her into the versatile and perceptive performer she is today. Some key influences on Lillis include:

She Grew Up in Brooklyn, New York

Lillis was born and raised in the diverse, vibrant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up immersed in one of America’s biggest melting pots likely exposed her to different cultures and perspectives from a young age. This may have aided her ability to step into diverse roles.

Gymnastics Competitively

From ages 6 to 10, Lillis competed in gymnastics, even placing third in a state competition one year. This background could have instilled crucial discipline and determination that carries through in her acting dedication.

Bullied as a Child

Lillis has said she was badly bullied growing up for her looks and interests. These painful childhood experiences may provide emotional depth she can tap into for roles involving trauma or mistreatment.


Though outgoing onscreen, Lillis has described herself as cripplingly shy and introverted growing up. Acting gave her a safe space to come out of her shell and shed inhibitions through imaginative roles.

Homeschooled by Her Mother

For most of elementary school, Lillis was homeschooled by her mother. This nontraditional, arts-focused education likely nurtured her creativity and close family bonds.

By channeling these diverse early experiences into her portrayals, Lillis displays an understanding of human nature beyond her years that compliments her prodigious acting skills.

Sophia Lillis’ Most Memorable Roles and Performances

Throughout her relatively short but accomplished career thus far, Sophia Lillis has delivered several incredibly memorable acting performances that have showcased her talents. Some of her most notable roles and moments on screen include:

Beverly Marsh in It (2017)

  • Standout scene – Beverly’s bathroom encounter with Pennywise allowed Lillis to blend terror and anguish. Critics singled out her performance as a highlight of the film.
  • Character impact – Lillis’ portrayal of the brave and battered Beverly becoming the heart of “The Losers Club.” Her performance resonated with many viewers.

Nancy Drew in Nancy Drew TV Series (2019-Present)

  • Defining the iconic role – Lillis has redefined the famous sleuth for a new generation with her smart, determined, and multi-layered performance.
  • Showcasing range – The role allows Lillis to showcase her comic timing, adventurous spirit, and grittier dramatic abilities from week to week.

Young Amy Adams in Sharp Objects (2018)

  • Capturing Amy’s essence – Though a small role, Lillis channeled Amy Adams’ mannerisms and emotional style in creepy, powerful flashback scenes.
  • Cutting dramatic moments – As Young Camille, Lillis had chilling, heartbreaking scenes depicting Camille’s self-harm and emotional trauma.

Sydney Novak in I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

  • Balancing eerie and funny – Lillis walked a fine line between playing the supernaturally-charged Sydney for scares and laughs.
  • Superpowered girl – She gave a grounded, painful portrayal of a troubled teen girl dealing with budding supernatural powers.

Young Amy in Where the Crawdads Sing (2022)

  • Channeling the adult star – Lillis had the challenge of playing the younger version of Daisy Edgar-Jones’ adult character but rose to the occasion.
  • Depicting traumatic growth – She movingly depicted young Amy’s traumatic backstory and coming-of-age in flashback scenes.

From blockbuster horrors to supersized sleuthing to creepy coming-of-age, Sophia Lillis continues demonstrating impressive range and depth as she takes on more diverse, challenging roles.

What Makes Sophia Lillis Resonate with Fans?

There are many qualities that Sophia Lillis possesses that make her characters and performances deeply resonate with fans. Here are some of the key reasons this young actress strikes.


In conclusion, Sophia Lillis has captured the imaginations and affections of viewers worldwide through her incredible acting talents, wise-beyond-her-years performances, and authentic, grounded personality.

Though only 20 years old, she has shown maturity and depth on screen well beyond her young age. With her memorable turns as the haunted Beverly Marsh, super sleuth Nancy Drew, and other complex characters, Lillis has proven herself one of the most exciting and gifted actresses currently on the rise in Hollywood.

Her early life experiences, from competitive gymnastics to homeschooling to bullying, seem to provide crucial emotional insights she brings to every role. Fans feel connected to the genuine, funny, passionate person Lillis presents herself to be off-screen as well.

With so many memorable roles already under her belt and so much promise ahead, it’s clear Sophia Lillis has the versatility, talent, and work ethic to potentially become one of the defining actresses of her generation. The future shines bright for this dynamic, relatable young star.

FAQs About Sophia Lillis

What was Sophia Lillis’ breakout role?

Sophia Lillis first broke out in 2017 with her acclaimed performance as the young Beverly Marsh in the blockbuster horror film It, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Her haunting, nuanced portrayal of the troubled Beverly announced the arrival of a major young talent.

What projects does Sophia Lillis have coming up?

Lillis has several high-profile projects in the works, including starring roles in the films The Outliers and Impossible Monsters. She is also attached to the graphic novel adaptation Archie. Fans can continue seeing her solve mysteries as Nancy Drew on The CW network.

How old was Sophia Lillis when she started acting professionally?

Lillis began auditioning for roles at age seven after taking an acting class. She landed her first professional on-screen role at the age of 13 in the indie film 37 in 2016. Her career then took off with her breakthrough in It the following year when she was 15 years old.

Where did Sophia Lillis go to school?

Due to her acting commitments, Lillis was homeschooled by her mother for most of elementary school. She started attending a public high school in Brooklyn but switched to an online cyber school once her acting career kicked into high gear.

Is Sophia Lillis active on social media?

Yes, Lillis posts fairly regularly on both Instagram and Twitter. Her handles are sophialillis on Instagram and @sophialillis on Twitter. She often shares fun behind-the-scenes photos and commentary from sets along with advocacy for various causes.

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