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Why Do People Hate Milly Shapiro?

Milly Shapiro is an American actress known for her roles in films like Hereditary and Matilda the Musical. Despite her acting talents, Shapiro has faced some backlash and dislike from certain audiences over the years. There are a few potential reasons why some people have expressed negativity towards the young star.

Common Criticisms and Controversies

One of the main sources of criticism towards Milly Shapiro stems from her breakout role as Charlie in the 2018 horror film Hereditary. Charlie was originally written as a young boy, but director Ari Aster decided to cast Shapiro in the role after an audition.

With her wide eyes, odds behaviors, and strange noises, Shapiro’s portrayal of Charlie was unsettling for many viewers. Some accused her appearance and mannerisms of being too over-the-top or of relying on offensive stereotypes. However, most critics praised Shapiro’s committed performance. Still, her striking look left a lasting impression that made some audience members uncomfortable.

Premature Success at a Young Age

Shapiro’s quick rise to fame at a very young age has also led some to criticize or dislike her. She landed her star-making turn in Hereditary at just 13 years old after previously appearing in Matilda the Musical on Broadway as the title character at only 10 years old.

Seeing a child actor secure major roles so early sometimes elicits negative reactions from audiences who believe it fosters arrogance or robs them of a normal childhood. Whether justified or not, Shapiro’s early success has made her a target for those who think child actors should not achieve fame and fortune at such a young age.

Perceived Lack of Emotion in Performances

Another common criticism of the actress is the muted, deadpan delivery she brings to many of her characters. In Hereditary, her character Charlie often spoke in an eerie, detached manner that some labeled as “creepy.” Even in more upbeat roles like Matilda, her reading style tends toward a certain stiffness.

For some viewers, this flat or subdued affect makes it hard to relate to or understand her characters on an emotional level. While likely a deliberate acting choice, her perceived lack of expressiveness has contributed to feelings of dislike among people who prefer more conventionally emotive performances.

Online Backlash from Meme Usage

As with many images of celebrities in popular media, certain screencaps and stills of Milly Shapiro’s unnerving facial expressions in Hereditary became fodder for memes and viral internet jokes. Some have used images of her strange grimaces or wide-eyed stares as reaction images or lo-fi hip hop remix art.

While mostly harmless, this online meme usage has also led to some backlash from those who see it as mocking, objectifying, or bullying a child actor for their performance. The disconnect between Shapiro herself and the memetic life of these images contributes to negative attitudes among those who feel it goes too far.

Defense of Milly Shapiro’s Work and Character

While Shapiro’s unusual performing style and appearance is off-putting for some audiences, most professional critics have praised her abilities. Despite her age, she has received widespread acclaim for her commitment to complicated, unsettling roles.

Both her performances as the bizarre Charlie in Hereditary and as the sharp, intelligent Matilda won great reviews even from critics unsettled by her delivery. The daring nature of her choices earns appreciation in critic circles.

Acting Skill and Work Ethic at a Young Age

Regardless of how one feels about child stars, Shapiro has demonstrated true skill and dedication at a remarkably young age. Portraying characters like Charlie and Matilda requires learning significant amounts of challenging dialogue.

Additionally, adopting such unnatural speech patterns and physicality takes great effort. Her ability to hold her own among seasoned adult actors demonstrates prodigious natural acting talent. Reports indicate she is hard working and devoted to her craft as well.

Unfair Comparisons to Normal Childhoods

While debates around child actors continue, it’s likely unfair to compare Shapiro’s upbringing to a normal childhood. She was born into a theatrical family and has been professionally acting since 6 years old. This lifestyle is normal for her, and she stays engaged in schoolwork.

Though unusual compared to most, performing is in her blood and not inherently problematic so long as she isn’t being exploited or abused. She earns praise and pay based on the quality of her work, not just her age.

Memes Don’t Reflect Her Identity

Like all actors, the characters Shapiro plays are not reflective of her true personality. By all accounts she is a bright, grounded child with interests and traits beyond the intensely strange roles she takes on.

The memes may use her image, but say little about who she is as an actual person. Disliking her solely for playing unsettling characters would be misguided. Just as horror writers aren’t necessarily scary themselves, her disturbing performances don’t indicate that she’s disturbing in real life.


Milly Shapiro’s unique performing talents and early successes have garnered a mix of reactions, both positive and negative. While some criticize her unusual appearance, mannerisms, early fame, and muted emotionality, most respect the skill and dedication she displays at such a young age.

Disliking the admittedly creepy characters she plays makes sense, but harsh judgement of her as a person seems unfair. In reality, she lives a well-balanced life and remains devoted to her craft. Though jarring on screen, she represents a bright new young talent taking on challenging material.

FAQs About Milly Shapiro Backlash

Why do people think Milly Shapiro’s performance in Hereditary was offensive?

Some accused her unsettling portrayal of Charlie in Hereditary of relying on offensive disability stereotypes, like exaggerated facial expressions and nonsense vocalizations. Others felt her appearance and odd behaviors were mockingly exaggerated for horror effect.

Does Milly Shapiro act overly mature and serious for her age?

Yes, in interviews and public appearances, Shapiro typically speaks in a very deliberate, articulate way that can seem precocious and overly serious for someone her age. Some find this maturity off-putting.

What controversial things has Milly Shapiro said in interviews?

She hasn’t said anything too controversial, but some were bothered when she spoke about acting being her “craft” and referring to filmmaking as “the industry.” This seemingly mature, business-like terminology seemed strange coming from a young teen.

Is there a rumor that Milly Shapiro is actually a small adult instead of a child?

Yes, an absurd internet rumor exists claiming the actress has a real-life genetic condition that makes her look childlike despite actually being an adult. This odd claim likely stems from her unnatural maturity level and mannerisms.

Did Milly Shapiro get hate for a cringey Red Carpet interview?

Minor backlash occurred when an awkwardly phrased red carpet interview question led her to state she “transcended human thinking” to get into character. This pompous-sounding but likely misinterpreted quote made some viewers dislike her.

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