Why Do People Love 6ix9ine?

6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi 69 or Daniel Hernandez, is one of the most controversial yet popular rappers in recent years. With his distinctive rainbow-colored hair, aggressive rap style and flamboyant personality, 6ix9ine has developed a cult-like following among fans.

However, he has also drawn immense criticism and backlash for his legal issues, including pleading guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance in 2015 and racketeering and firearms charges in 2018.

Despite his detractors, 6ix9ine remains beloved by many. So what is it about 6ix9ine that makes him so appealing to his fans? Here is an in-depth look at the reasons why people love 6ix9ine.

His Music

One of the main reasons people love 6ix9ine is his music. He has a unique sound that stands out in the rap scene:

Hardcore Hip Hop Style

6ix9ine’s music is aggressive, in-your-face hardcore hip hop. His vocals are loud and hyper-animated, often delivered in a screaming rap style. His beats are uptempo, intense, and pack a punch. This hardcore style appeals to fans looking for hype, high-energy rap music.

Catchy Melodies and Beats

While his music is hardcore, 6ix9ine does have a knack for catchy melodies and beats. Tracks like “GUMMO”, “Kooda”, and “FEFE” feature infectious, repetitive hooks that get stuck in your head. The beats are banging yet simple, making them easy for fans to memorize and chant along to.

Latin Trap Influences

6ix9ine’s music contains Latin influences like reggaeton and bachata melodies. Having grown up in Brooklyn surrounded by Hispanic culture, he incorporates Spanish lyrics and Latin music styles into hits like “BEBE” and “MAMA”. These Latin trap vibes resonate with both Hispanic listeners and wider audiences.

Unique Sound

Overall, 6ix9ine’s sound stands out as unique in today’s rap scene. While some criticize his music as noisy or annoying, to his fans, his hardcore yet catchy and melody-driven Latin trap style makes him a captivating artist.

His Image and Personality

Aside from his music, 6ix9ine’s image and personality are major draws for his fans. He has crafted a distinctive look and flamboyant identity.

His Look

With his rainbow-colored hair and prominent tattoos, 6ix9ine has one of the most recognizable looks in hip hop. His style is loud, bright, and demands attention. Fans find his look cool, rebellious, and an expression of individuality.

Outrageous Personality

6ix9ine’s personality matches his look. He is brash, confrontational, hyper, and outrageous. His over-the-top antics, fiery social media presence, and feuds with other rappers entertain his supporters. To them, he is an exciting rebel who speaks his mind without a filter.

Trolling and Controversy

Part of 6ix9ine’s appeal to fans is his trolling and courting controversy. From provocative lyrics to behavior intended to shock, he consistently generates attention through scandal. While critics see this as problematic, his loyal followers are drawn to the drama and chaos that surrounds 6ix9ine.

His Underdog Story

In addition to his music and image, people connect with 6ix9ine’s underdog narrative:

His Difficult Past

6ix9ine did not have an easy upbringing. He grew up in poverty in Brooklyn, lost his father to murder at age 13, and got involved with local gangs. Fans sympathize with his difficult childhood and see him as someone who overcame adversity.

Independent Rise to Fame

6ix9ine found hip hop success independently before getting a record deal. He built his career from nothing through self-promotion on social media. This grassroots rise from anonymity resonates with supporters.

Triumph Over Legal Troubles

Despite facing serious charges that could have meant a 47-year prison sentence, 6ix9ine managed to get a reduced sentence of 2 years by cooperating with authorities. To fans, overcoming his legal troubles demonstrates his resilience.

Loyal Fan Base

6ix9ine has inspired an incredibly loyal fanbase called “ScumGang” or “ScumLife”. These superfans are drawn to 6ix9ine’s renegade image and underdog narrative. They:

  • Show unconditionally support despite controversies
  • Religiously follow his work and career developments
  • Participate in online fan communities to discuss 6ix9ine
  • Attend his concerts and public appearances
  • Emulate his look and rap persona

This dedicated fanbase has propelled 6ix9ine’s success and will likely continue backing him when he returns from prison.


In summary, 6ix9ine generates love from fans for the following key reasons:

  • His unique, high-energy, Latin-infused rap style
  • His distinctive rainbow look and outrageous personality
  • His courting of controversy and drama
  • His underdog story people relate to
  • His incredibly loyal fanbase, the ScumGang

However, his haters criticize 6ix9ine for glorifying violence, trolling for attention, and relying on shock value over talent. Love him or hate him, 6ix9ine’s infamy shows no signs of fading anytime soon. His loyal fans eagerly await his return to rap after his prison sentence, ready to shower their favorite rebel troll rapper with support.

FAQs About Why People Love 6ix9ine

What is 6ix9ine best known for?

6ix9ine is best known for his screaming hip hop delivery, rainbow-colored hair, matching with gang culture, and riling up controversy. Songs like “Gummo” and “Fefe” showcased his hardcore, in-your-face sound and earned him breakout success.

Why do people connect with 6ix9ine’s story?

Many connect with 6ix9ine’s underdog narrative. He overcame poverty, losing his dad to murder as a teen, and local gang involvement to achieve success independently through social media before getting a record deal. Fans see him as resilient.

How did 6ix9ine get so popular initially?

6ix9ine gained initial popularity through aggressively promoting himself on social media platforms. His menacing rainbow look made him stand out, and “Scumlife” tattoo proved his authenticity to people in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Memes of his look helped him go viral.

What are some of 6ix9ine’s biggest controversies?

Some major controversies include pleading guilty to use of child in a sexual performance, getting involved in gang violence and shootings, ranting about rap rivals like The Game, and trolling other artists. However, his fans enjoy the drama and chaos surrounding him.

Why do fans forgive 6ix9ine’s misdeeds?

His loyal fans, called the ScumGang, are drawn to his rebellious persona and see him as an underdog. They unconditionally support him despite controversies and legal troubles because they connect with his story and admire his resilience in overcoming adversity.

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