Why Do People Hate Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular and successful young stars today. As a singer, actress, and producer, she has accomplished a great deal in the entertainment industry at a very young age. However, like many celebrities, Gomez has also faced a lot of backlash and hate during her career. There are several reasons why some people dislike or criticize the star.

Reasons for Dislike

She is Overexposed

As one of the biggest pop stars and a constant presence in tabloid media, Gomez is often accused of being overexposed. She’s frequently in the public eye through her music, movies, endorsements, and personal life. Some feel that she is everywhere at once and has been shoved in people’s faces. They find her constant presence annoying and exhausting.

Her Music is Formulaic

While Gomez has many hit songs, some criticize her music for sounding generic and formulaic. Her songs, like “Come & Get It,” “Same Old Love,” and “Lose You To Love Me,” are catchy but generally seen as vapid. Some believe Gomez puts little personality into her music and that her songs all follow the same pop formula. They want something more authentic and meaningful from her.

She Relies on Sex Appeal

Critics often accuse Gomez of relying too much on her sex appeal to sell albums. By appearing in provocative outfits and music videos like “Hands to Myself,” some believe she overtly uses her body and lacks real talent. They see her as exploiting sexuality rather than focusing on her voice or musical ability.

She’s Inauthentic

A common criticism of Gomez is that she comes across as inauthentic. From her constantly changing musical styles to her look and demeanor, many believe she lacks a real identity of her own. She’s been molded and managed too much by producers, her team, and the pressures of fame. To some, she seems fake compared to other artists.

She Lacks Talent

Some people believe Gomez found fame through her Disney Channel show “Wizards of Waverly Place” and has not proven any real musical or acting talent since. While she has taken on more mature roles, critics feel her performances are mediocre at best. They don’t believe she has a strong vocal range or ability either. Overall, they see her as an untalented product of Disney and the pop machine.

She’s Immature

Throughout her career, Gomez has sometimes come across as immature, unwise, or spoiled. From feuds with other celebrities to emotional social media outbursts, she is seen as acting like a dramatic teenager. Her personal struggles with drugs, alcohol, and relationships have also seemed messy and childish rather than graceful to critics. They want to see more maturity and class from someone of her fame.

Her Personal Life

The constant tabloid coverage of Gomez’s personal life adds to her criticism and dislike from some. Whether it’s her relationships with Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and other men or health issues like her lupus diagnosis, people get tired of the drama. They also criticize her for sharing and capitalizing on her personal problems through her music as immature or manipulative.

She Lacks Personality

In interviews, some believe Gomez comes across as quite boring or vapid. While she seems nice, critics claim she lacks a real magnetic personality besides being pretty. Especially early in her career, some saw her as stiff or robotic when speaking compared to naturally charismatic stars. They wanted to see more unique charm and wit from her.

Reasons for Support

However, while Gomez certainly has detractors, she also has many devoted fans and supporters who admire her. Here are some reasons why others appreciate and defend the star against criticism:

She’s Talented

Fans argue that Gomez does have real talent as a singer and actress. While her vocal range is limited, she knows how to make the most of her breathy, emotive voice. Her acting has matured over time with more challenging roles. She’s earned praise for performances in recent projects like “The Dead Don’t Die” and “Only Murders in the Building.” Her supporters believe she has true ability behind the stardom.

She’s Authentic

To her fans, Gomez comes across as genuine and relatable despite her fame. They love how she’s publicly dealt with personal struggles with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. She’s open about going to rehab and seeking therapy. Fans feel a real connection to someone who shares her true self, flaws and all.

She’s a Role Model

Especially for young fans, Gomez is admired as a role model for how she’s handled fame and adversity with grace. She uses her platform to raise awareness of mental health issues, support charities and good causes, and set an example of inner confidence and strength. Many girls see her as an inspiration.

Her Relatability

Unlike other untouchable superstars, Gomez is applauded for seeming down-to-earth and relatable. She comes across as the girl-next-door who made it big but still faces normal problems like relationships, insecurity, and finding herself. Fans feel they can relate to her life in a way they can’t with other celebrities.

Her Resilience

After facing intense pressures of fame from a young age along with serious health issues, supporters admire Gomez’s resilience. Despite setbacks, she keeps fighting to make music, act, run her companies, and stay authentic. Fans love seeing a woman determined to follow her dreams against the odds. She’s an underdog they want to root for.

Her Good Works

While tabloids focus on gossip, fans highlight Gomez’s charity work. She’s an ambassador for UNICEF, works with organizations supporting mental health, fights for immigrant rights, donates to Black Lives Matter, and more. The good she does for different causes shows her true caring nature to supporters.

Her Improvement

Fans who have grown up with Gomez since her Disney days note how much she has matured and improved as a performer. While she struggled early on, she kept working hard to grow, take creative risks, and find projects that resonate with who she is today. Supporters believe in giving her time and appreciate her evolution.

Factors Contributing to Polarizing Opinions

Gomez is a polarizing celebrity, with public opinion sharply divided on whether she’s an untalented product of the pop machine or an inspiring, resilient artist making her own way. What factors drive such opposing views?

Her Child Star Beginnings

Starting so early as a Disney Channel star, Gomez faced huge expectations and pressures. Some people can’t see her as anything more than a manufactured teen actress, while others recognize how much she’s fought to be taken seriously beyond that.

Mental Health Struggles

Gomez’s openness about her mental health battles contributes to different perceptions – either she’s playing the victim or bravely destigmatizing these issues. People view her struggles through their own lenses.

Pop Music Prejudice

Pop still battles rockism attitudes that diminish it as formulaic and inauthentic compared to other genres. Gomez’s pop career automatically leads some critics to categorize her music as vapid and talentless.

Personal Preference

Celebrity personas inevitably appeal more to some than others based on individual preferences. Gomez’s shy, girl-next-door image may attract some fans while putting off those wanting bolder star personalities.

Internalized Misogyny

Successful young female stars like Gomez often face unfair critiques and contempt. Internalized societal misogyny leads some to criticize women for being attention-seeking, manipulative, or untalented while excusing similar behavior in men.

Ever-Present Scrutiny

Constant tabloid exposure and social media mean every mistake Gomez makes gets examined and mocked extensively. She lives under a level of scrutiny few can imagine. Some have empathy for that pressure, while others feel she deserves criticism.


Selena Gomez’s massive fame inevitably leaves her widely dissected by public opinion. She clearly evokes strong feelings from both fans and detractors. Yet neither view fully captures the nuance and humanity of any celebrity. At just 25, Gomez continues evolving personally and professionally while navigating huge pressures. Perhaps assessing her merits requires acknowledging her achievements while also extending empathy, patience, and space for future growth. She remains a work in progress just like anyone else in the spotlight.

FAQs About Selena Gomez Hate

Why don’t people consider Selena Gomez talented?

Some critics claim Gomez lacks real singing or acting ability, believing she found fame through Disney as a child without developing real talent. However, others argue she has grown significantly as a performer and deserves more credit. Prejudice against pop music also fuels beliefs she is untalented.

What controversies has Selena Gomez been involved in?

Gomez has faced some backlash over the years for various controversies. She angered Hindus over her “Om” tattoo. Her 2016 Revival Tour visit to North Carolina during the “bathroom bill” debates sparked LGBTQ criticism. She’s had minor scandals around suggesting fans self-harm or exposing her underwear on stage.

What do people say about Selena Gomez trying to copy Latina culture?

Some criticize Gomez, who is Mexican-American, for allegedly appropriating Latina culture or trying to exoticize herself. Examples include her early music’s Spanish style sound, getting a Hindu bindi tattoo, belly dancing in videos, and taking on controversial film roles like the immigrant teen in “Spring Breakers.”

Why don’t some people like Selena Gomez’s relationship history?

Gomez’s many famous exes like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Nick Jonas have brought her tons of media attention. Some believe she dates men who fuel her popularity rather than out of genuine connection. Her on-again, off-again dynamic with Bieber especially drew disapproval for appearing messy and manipulative.

How has Selena Gomez addressed body shaming against her?

Like many female stars, Gomez has faced cruel body shaming and commentary on her weight fluctuations. She’s spoken out about the damaging impacts of such criticism, especially on young female fans. Gomez combats body shaming by emphasizing self-love and inner confidence over looks.

Why did people think Selena Gomez glamorized suicide in “13 Reasons Why”?

Gomez drew criticism as executive producer of the controversial show “13 Reasons Why” about a teen’s suicide. Many argued it glamorized suicide and presented mental illness irresponsibly. Gomez defended her intentions to shed light on these issues affecting youth. But the backlash led the show to edit some graphic scenes after the first season.

What are some of Selena Gomez’s biggest songs and movies?

Some major Selena Gomez hits include:

  • Songs: “Come & Get It,” “Good for You,” “Hands to Myself,” “Same Old Love,” “It Ain’t Me,” “Lose You to Love Me”
  • Movies: “Spring Breakers,” “The Dead Don’t Die,” “A Rainy Day in New York,” “The Big Short,” “The Fundamentals of Caring”

How has Selena Gomez given back to charities?

Gomez has supported many charitable causes. She’s worked with UNICEF since 2008 and been honored for her activism and philanthropy. She also raised $650,000 for the Alliance for Children’s Rights and supports Stars for stalking victims, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and more. Her donations support mental health, lupus research, immigrant rights, and Black Lives Matter.

Why did Selena Gomez cancel her Revival tour early?

Gomez had to cancel the last leg of her 2016 Revival Tour to address health issues like depression, anxiety, and complications from lupus. Her need to prioritize mental health drew compassion from fans. But some also accused her of partying too much and lacking work ethic. Gomez defended focusing on self-care during a difficult period.

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