Taron Egerton

Why Do People Love Taron Egerton?

Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor who has risen to fame in recent years for his roles in films like Kingsman and Rocketman. He was born in 1989 in Birkenhead, England and began acting on stage and TV in the early 2010s.

His breakthrough came when he was cast as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin in the 2014 spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Since then, he has gone on to star as Eddie Edwards in Eddie the Eagle, Robin Hood in Robin Hood, and most famously as Elton John in Rocketman.

Egerton has garnered a loyal fan following over the years thanks to his charm, talent, and down-to-earth personality. Here are some of the key reasons why people love Taron Egerton so much:

He’s an Incredibly Talented Actor

One of the biggest reasons Taron Egerton has so many fans is simply because he’s a phenomenal actor. He has impressed audiences with his ability to completely transform into very different characters across a range of genres.

In Kingsman, he showed his action chops and handled the physicality and stunt work with aplomb. In Eddie the Eagle, he disappeared into the role of the hapless but earnest Olympian. And in Rocketman, he embodied music icon Elton John to a tee, doing his own singing and piano playing.

Egerton has proven his versatility and commitment to every role. He throws himself fully into whatever character he’s playing, always striving for authenticity. This talent and dedication have earned him widespread admiration.

Some of Taron Egerton’s Best Acting Moments

  • His subtle facial expressions and comedic timing in the Kingsman films
  • Capturing Eddie Edwards’ earnestness and heart in Eddie the Eagle
  • Learning to sing and play piano for his transformative role as Elton John in Rocketman
  • Delivering the emotional weight of the “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” scene in Rocketman
  • Showing his dramatic range from tough action to musical numbers in the Kingsman and Rocketman films

He Has an Accessible, Charismatic Personality

In addition to being a great actor, fans love Taron Egerton because he comes across as extremely likable and down-to-earth in interviews and public appearances. He has a very charismatic yet accessible demeanor.

Unlike some actors who hide behind an aloof, overly polished veneer, Egerton is refreshingly real and humble. He jokes around with fans, shares funny stories, and just seems like someone you could have a pint with at the pub. His friends describe him as incredibly loyal and someone who doesn’t let success go to his head.

This grounded, charming personality makes people root for him and want to see more of him on screen. He’s able to connect with audiences beyond just the characters he plays.

Taron Egerton’s Charming Personality Traits:

  • Funny and self-deprecating sense of humor
  • Witty and eloquent in interviews
  • Down-to-earth despite his fame
  • Soft-spoken politeness and humility
  • Passionate advocacy for causes he believes in
  • Loyal, good friend to his co-stars
  • Relatable stories about his upbringing and early career struggles

He’s Extremely Handsome and Stylish

Let’s face it – Taron Egerton is also incredibly good looking, which certainly contributes to his popularity among fans as well! He has classic, chiseled leading man looks combined with a modern edge.

Whether clean-shaven or with stubbly beard, dressed to the nines in a bespoke suit or rocking the messy bedhead look, Egerton always appears strikingly handsome. He has an effortless magnetism and old-Hollywood style.

His various magazine spreads and roles as dapper gentlemen like Kingsman’s Eggsy and Robin Hood have cemented his reputation as one of the hottest actors working today. Audiences love his mix of rugged masculinity and beautiful, almost elven features.

Aspects of Taron Egerton’s Appeal:

  • Piercing green eyes and intense stare
  • Sharp jawline and killer smile
  • Tall, muscular physique
  • Suave fashion sense on and off screen
  • Looks great in period costumes as well as modern streetwear
  • Manages to look good in glasses
  • Has an air of old-fashioned movie star glamour

He’s Ultra-Talented Musically

Egerton has also impressed fans with his musical talents, which he memorably displayed in the Elton John biopic Rocketman. Even though Egerton isn’t a professional singer, he sang the entire Rocketman soundtrack himself and delivered a incredible vocal performance.

His stellar singing voice, ability to capture Elton John’s signature sound, and flair at the piano demonstrated Egerton’s commitment to fully inhabiting the rock icon role. It also showed off what a multi-talented performer Egerton is.

The fact that he has no formal background as a recording artist yet still sang Elton John better than most musicians could have makes Egerton’s vocal work in Rocketman even more jaw-dropping.

Highlights of Egerton’s Musical Skills:

  • Learned to sing and play piano well enough to embody Elton John without needing to lip sync
  • Perfectly captured Elton’s flamboyant performance style and accent while singing
  • Impressively belted out challenging songs like “Bennie and the Jets” and “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”
  • Gave an emotional, nuanced delivery of ballads like “Your Song”
  • Showed off impressive falsetto and vocal range throughout the Rocketman soundtrack
  • Displayed great musical chemistry with co-star Jamie Bell as Elton’s songwriting partner Bernie Taupin

He’s Devoted to His Craft

Unlike some actors who prefer to stick to their comfort zones, Egerton is extremely devoted to fully transforming for whichever role he takes on. He puts in the extensive time and work required to perfect everything from new skills to vocal mastery to getting in shape physically.

For Rocketman, Egerton spent months studying footage of Elton John to accurately mimic his mannerisms and stage persona. He also committed to the intensive training needed to learn piano and singing skills far beyond his experience level.

In Eddie the Eagle, he trained rigorously to be able to plausibly portray an Olympic-level skier. And for Robin Hood, he packed on muscle to sell the character’s rugged, action hero physicality.

Egerton’s willingness to sacrifice and push himself to properly inhabit roles displays incredible commitment to the acting craft that fans highly respect.

Examples of Egerton’s Dedication:

  • Spent 4 months in vocal lessons and practiced piano 4 hours a day for Rocketman
  • Learned to tap dance for the Kingsman sequel The Golden Circle
  • Gained 30 pounds of muscle to achieve Robin Hood’s brawny build
  • Trained with a stunt team for months for Kingsman’s intense action
  • Stayed in character on Eddie the Eagle sets to keep accent consistent
  • Watched hours of Elvis footage to portray him in the upcoming biopic
  • Turned down doubling stunts/vocals to authentically perform them himself

He Chooses Interesting, Diverse Projects

Another reason audiences love Taron Egerton is that he consistently chooses exciting, outside-the-box projects rather than just blockbusters. He seeks out unique roles in films that offer some kind of new twist.

Egerton mixes up big-budget spectacles like Kingsman with smaller passion projects like Billionaire Boys Club and Eddie the Eagle that allow him to really flex his acting muscles. He also takes on challenging, one-of-a-kind roles like Elton John that require mastering new skillsets.

By avoiding typecasting and going where the interesting work is, Egerton expands his talents while keeping viewers engaged. Fans appreciate that he’s not content resting on his laurels.

Examples of Egerton’s Eclectic Choices:

  • Independent drama Billionaire Boys Club
  • Lesser known Olympic underdog story Eddie the Eagle
  • The unconventional Robin Hood reimagining
  • Wildly inventive Kingsman action franchise
  • Passion project biopic Rocketman
  • Upcoming genre-bending spy series Suspicion
  • Stepping into the iconic role of pop legend Elton John
  • Versatile mix of comedy, drama, action, and musical films

He Has Great On-Screen Chemistry

Egerton shares fantastic chemistry with his co-stars, which helps heighten his performances and films overall. Particularly with his Kingsman and Rocketman co-stars, his interactions feel wonderfully natural, funny, and heartfelt.

Egerton struck up an immediate bromance with Colin Firth during the Kingsman films, their mentor/student bond playing beautifully on screen. In Rocketman, Egerton and Jamie Bell portrayed the intimacy and complex love of Elton John and Bernie Taupin with nuance.

Even in ensemble films like Eddie the Eagle and Robin Hood, Egerton manages to stand out and build memorable connections that bring relationships to life. His magnetic energy and responsiveness as an actor generates easy, believable on-screen chemistry.

Notable Examples of Egerton’s Chemistry:

  • Palpable camaraderie with Colin Firth’s Harry Hart in Kingsman
  • Hilarious frenemy dynamic with Mark Strong’s Merlin in Kingsman
  • Likable romance with Emily Blunt’s Agent Whiskey in The Golden Circle
  • Touching partnership with Jamie Bell’s lyricist Bernie Taupin in Rocketman
  • Warm rapport with Jack O’Connell’s Max in Billionaire Boys Club
  • Fun odd couple pairing with Jamie Foxx’s Little John in Robin Hood

He’s Passionate About Making a Difference

Using his platform for good is important to Egerton, which makes him even more beloved. He’s spoken up about issues like bullying and supports various charities.

Egerton also makes an effort to provide positive representation on screen. For example, he has been outspoken about the need for more LGBTQ characters and expressed interest in portraying gay icons like Tom of Finland.

Additionally, Taron has been open about his own insecurities and early struggles to break into acting. This candor makes him more relatable and an inspiration to keep chasing dreams despite challenges.

Taron Egerton’s Advocacy and Causes:

  • Partners with anti-bullying organizations to promote kindness
  • Advocates for increased LGBTQ inclusion and representation
  • Supports various UK youth acting programs and workshops
  • Ambassadors for testicular cancer awareness campaigns
  • Uses interviews to encourage arts funding and education
  • Promotes body positivity and overcoming self-confidence issues
  • Passionate about reducing ocean plastic pollution
  • Outspoken supporter of mental health resources

He Has a Close Relationship with Fans

Unlike some actors who view fans as a nuisance, Egerton seems to genuinely appreciate and enjoy his supportive followers. He takes time to interact with them respectfully at events, answer questions, and express gratitude for their dedication.

Egerton also frequently engages with fans on social media, sharing funny tweets and behind-the-scenes insights. He’ll wish them happy holidays, comment on fan art, and get excited about their reactions to new trailers.

His personable engagement with his fanbase makes people feel seen, valued, and closer to him. This down-to-earth, humble attitude fosters immense loyalty and admiration from fans.

How Taron Egerton Shows Appreciation for Fans:

  • Takes photos and talks with fans waiting for autographs
  • Thanks fans for support and encouragement on social media
  • Attends fan Q&A sessions at conventions when he can
  • Comments on fan art and creative projects
  • Holds contests for fans to attend his movie premieres
  • Shares fan content and inside jokes on his own accounts
  • Records sweet video messages for dedicated fan accounts
  • Remembers fans he’s met previously and asks how they’re doing


In conclusion, Taron Egerton has earned such a devoted following because he’s the full package—an enormously talented actor who pours himself into every role, is blessed with undeniable screen presence and charm, chooses exciting projects that showcase his versatility, advocates for good causes, and appreciates his fans.

People are drawn to Egerton because he comes across as authentic, humble, passionate about his craft, and dedicated to creating positive change. His mix of classic good looks and modern edge don’t hurt either! Egerton’s roles have shown his impressive singing and physical abilities, while his interviews reveal his wit and charm.

As he continues taking on challenging, unique new projects and stepping into iconic roles only few would dare try, Egerton’s star will keep rising. The sky’s the limit for how far his abundant talents, musical skill, chameleonic acting ability, and grounded personality can take him. Audiences everywhere eagerly await what Egerton will awe them with next.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taron Egerton Fandom

What was Taron Egerton’s breakout role?

Egerton’s breakout role was playing spy-in-training Eggsy in 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service opposite Colin Firth. The action comedy introduced him to worldwide audiences and showcased his charm and physical prowess.

What awards has Taron Egerton won?

Egerton has won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for playing Elton John in Rocketman. He also won a BAFTA for the role. Egerton was nominated but did not win the Oscar for Best Actor.

What upcoming projects is Taron Egerton working on?

Egerton will star as Tetris creator Henk Rogers in a biopic about the popular video game called Tetris. He’s also portraying famed war photographer Don McCullin and is set to lead a six-episode espionage series called Suspicion for Apple TV+.

How does Taron Egerton interact with fans?

Egerton is known for being gracious and accessible to fans, taking photos and chatting at film events. He also actively engages with fans on Twitter and Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits about current projects.

Is Taron Egerton friends with Elton John?

Yes, Egerton and Elton John developed a close friendship during the making of Rocketman and have frequently expressed mutual admiration and appreciation. John praises Egerton’s portrayal while Egerton says John has become like family.

Why doesn’t Taron Egerton have some form of social media?

Despite his popularity, Egerton has chosen not to have public accounts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He has explained this decision as preferring to keep some privacy and mainly interact with fans at events and through traditional interviews.

What musicians does Taron Egerton like?

Egerton is a music lover whose favorite artists include Elton John, The Beatles, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Leon Bridges, and Billie Eilish. His time portraying Elton expanded his music knowledge and skills.

How did Taron Egerton get his start in acting?

Egerton began acting in youth theater productions as a teenager before attending drama school in Liverpool. His first roles after graduating were small parts in UK television series, followed by his film debut in Testament of Youth.

What are Taron Egerton’s most acclaimed roles?

In addition to his breakthrough in Kingsman, Egerton has earned high praise for his transformative turns as Elton John in Rocketman, Eddie Edwards in Eddie the Eagle, and Robin Hood. Audiences also loved his charismatic performance in Legend about the Kray twins.

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