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Why Do People Hate Taron Egerton?

Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor who has starred in films such as the Kingsman franchise, Rocketman, and Robin Hood. Despite his success, Egerton has faced some backlash and hatred online from certain groups of people. There are a few potential reasons why the actor rubs some people the wrong way.

Criticism of His Acting Skills

Some people feel that Egerton is overhyped as an actor and hasn’t proven himself worthy of leading major blockbuster films. They believe he gets opportunities over more talented actors simply because of his good looks and charm. His acting skills are criticized as shallow, one-dimensional, and lacking in range.

Perceived as a Poor Imitator

Particularly after his role as Elton John in Rocketman, Egerton faced backlash for attempting to imitate the singer rather than embodying the spirit of the icon.

Critics felt his portrayal was an uninspired imitation that paled in comparison to the real Elton John. They believe Egerton lacks the true acting chops to disappear into a role.

Accused of Playing the Same Character

There is a perception among some audiences that Egerton essentially plays the same character in every film – a roguish, wisecracking young man with boyish charm.

This can make his performances seem repetitive and uninspired. Detractors feel he needs to showcase greater complexity.

Questionable Casting Decisions

Egerton’s casting as Elton John in Rocketman and Robin Hood raised some eyebrows. He’s significantly younger and more attractive than most portrayals of both characters. For some viewers, this unrealistic casting is immersion-breaking and negatively impacts the film.

Personality and Behavior

Some people accuse Egerton of coming across as arrogant or full of himself in interviews. They see him as cocky and lacking humility when discussing his roles and career. This unlikable personality turns certain audiences off.

Overexposure Fatigue

After breakout roles in Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle, Egerton was heavily promoted and took on many high-profile roles. Some people feel he has been overexposed in a short time period, especially when compared to peers with more acting experience. This fosters resentment.

Private Life Too Public

Egerton keeps his private life very secret, which can seem inauthentic. However, he has been spotted drunk or rowdy in public at times. The clash between being private yet occasionally public intoxicated rubs people the wrong way.

Activism Perceived as Performative

The actor is vocal about social causes like #MeToo, mental health awareness, and LGBTQ+ rights. While admirable, some believe he emphasizes activism and wokeness to win praise and status rather than enacting meaningful change.

Associations and Relationships

Egerton’s close friendship with Elton John, who produced Rocketman, strikes some as odd or opportunistic. They believe he’s exploiting his connection to the legend for fame and status rather than organically earning acclaim.

Dating Controversies

Egerton has faced criticism for dating women significantly older than him like Emily Thomas. Detractors believe he uses older, powerful woman for career advancement. He’s also been shamed for dating multiple Victoria’s Secret models, seen as playboy behavior.

Overexposure with Richard Madden

Egerton’s close friendship with Richard Madden provides fuel for speculation about the pair’s sexuality and relationship. Their constant appearances together and gushing about each other wears thin for those tired of constant speculation.

Appearing Stuck Up Around Co-stars

There are reports of Egerton keeping his distance from or appearing standoffish with co-stars. This includes Emmy Rossum in Robin Hood and Bryce Dallas Howard in Rocketman. If true, it paints him as arrogant.

Role and Franchise Choices

The Kingsman films have faced criticism for glorifying violence, mocking lower classes, and promoting negative stereotypes. Egerton’s proud association with the controversial franchise angers its detractors.

Robin Hood Flop

Egerton received scorn for the massive box office and critical failure of 2018’s Robin Hood. Starring in an unnecessary remake that flopped reflects poorly on his bankability as a leading man.

Singing Criticized in Rocketman

While his acting in Rocketman drew praise, Egerton’s own singing was criticized by some as lacking Elton John’s vocal power and showmanship. The actor’s musical limitations undermine the film for Elton John fans.

Typecast as Action Hero

After breakout action-focused roles in Kingsman and Robin Hood, some believe Egerton is being typecast prematurely as just an action star. Audiences want to see greater range from him as his career continues.

Why Do People Defend Taron Egerton?

Though Egerton certainly has detractors, he still maintains many loyal fans who defend him against criticism. Here are some reasons why.

He’s a Promising Young Talent

Many believe the hatred is premature and Egerton remains a promising talent early in his career. His future work could silence the critics in time.

Admired Personality and Charisma

Fans are drawn to Egerton’s cool confidence, wit, charisma, and passion. He has an admirable personality beyond just acting talent.

Deserves Credit for Singing Live

Egerton took a risk by singing live in Rocketman rather than lip syncing like most actors. This artistic choice deserves applause.

Unfairly Criticized for Robin Hood

The failure of Robin Hood was more due to poor direction and writing than Egerton’s performance, which was a highlight for many.

Handsome, Talented, and Humble

To supporters, Egerton comes across as handsome but humble, avoiding the typical actor arrogance. His talents outweigh any perceived flaws.


Taron Egerton is a polarizing Hollywood figure who evokes passionate reactions, both negative and positive. While his acting abilities, career choices, and personality certainly have issues for some audiences, he remains a likeable and talented performer with potential for growth.

As his career progresses, time will tell if Egerton can win over even his harshest critics. He has proven his ability to land major roles, but now must work to silence the doubters by broadening his range and choosing more carefully.

By learning from past controversies and avoiding arrogance, Egerton can maximize his talents to become a well-rounded cinematic icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Taron Egerton’s breakout role?

Egerton’s breakout role was starring as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin in the 2014 action spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. The movie gained him widespread recognition.

What controversial Elton John biopic did he star in?

In 2019, Egerton portrayed music legend Elton John in the musical biopic Rocketman. His performance received both praise and criticism.

How did critics respond to his Robin Hood film?

Egerton played the title role in the 2018 action adventure flop Robin Hood. The film was panned by critics and underperformed at the box office.

What does Taron Egerton typically get criticized for?

Common criticisms of Egerton include seeming arrogant, having a limited acting range, trying too hard to imitate icons like Elton John, and appearing in too many major films too quickly.

Why do some people not like his friendship with Richard Madden?

Egerton and Madden are very close friends, leading to constant public speculation about their sexuality and relationship. Some feel their public gushing about each other is overexposed.

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