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Why Do People Hate Mason Gooding?

Mason Gooding is an American actor who rose to fame after starring in the 2019 romantic comedy film Booksmart. While Gooding has built a successful career so far, he has also faced some backlash and criticism from certain groups online. Here is an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why some people express dislike or hatred towards Mason Gooding.

Why Do Some Viewers Dislike His Acting?

One of the most common criticisms directed at Mason Gooding is that some people feel he is not a very strong actor. Here are some of the key acting-related reasons why he faces backlash:

Perceived Lack of Range

Some viewers feel that Mason Gooding has played very similar character types in most of his roles so far. He has portrayed confident, charming, and comedic characters in films like Booksmart, Love, Guaranteed, and Moonshot. Some people believe he has not shown much range as an actor yet.

Overacting Accusations

Certain critics have accused Mason Gooding of overacting in some of his roles. For example, some felt his portrayal of Nick in Love, Guaranteed was too exaggerated and over-the-top. Overacting is seen as a sign of weak acting skills by some viewers.

Lack of Depth or Nuance

Some characterize Mason Gooding’s acting style as surface-level and lacking in depth and nuance. His characters tend to be portrayed as very one-dimensional in the eyes of these critics. They feel he has not shown the ability to tap into more complex emotions.

Comparisons to His Father Cuba Gooding Jr.

As the son of Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr., Mason faces inevitable comparisons to his famous father. Some feel he lacks the powerful on-screen charisma and presence of his father. Living up to his father’s legacy presents tough expectations.

Why Do Some Dislike His Star Power and Success?

In addition to critiques of his acting skills, Mason Gooding also faces dislike from people who are unhappy with his level of fame and success so far. Some of the factors behind this resentment include:

Perceived Undeserved Success

Some people feel that Mason Gooding has been given major acting opportunities and success very easily because of his industry connections as the son of a famous actor. They think he has not “earned” his success through paying dues and working his way up.

Belief He’s Overhyped

Some believe Mason Gooding has been excessively hyped and promoted by Hollywood and the entertainment press. In their view, the industry is working overtime to make him “happen” even without proven acting skills. They feel the hype does not match his actual talents.

Comparisons to More Experienced Actors

Because Mason Gooding got a leading role in Booksmart so early in his career, some believe he has unfairly leapfrogged over other more experienced actors who “deserve” major roles. They resent him for taking opportunities away from other actors.

General Dislike of Nepotism

There is a general resentment towards the children of famous people getting easy breaks in Hollywood due to nepotism. Some put Mason Gooding in that category and dislike that he has benefitted from industry connections through his father.

Why Do Some Fans of His Girlfriend Criticize Him?

As Mason Gooding has become more famous, increased media attention has been focused on his romantic relationships. He has faced dislike from some fans of his current girlfriend, actress Olivia Jade:

Blaming Him for Her Reduced Social Media Presence

Olivia Jade was very active on YouTube and Instagram before dating Mason Gooding. Some of her fans blame him for her becoming more private and posting less content since they’ve been together. They think he is controlling her decisions.

Accusations He’s Using Her for Fame

Some Olivia Jade fans accuse Mason Gooding of dating her primarily to get more fame and media attention for himself. They believe he is benefiting more from the relationship than she is in terms of publicity.

Resentment He’s Monopolizing Her Time

Olivia Jade’s fans miss seeing her post frequently on social media. Some harshly criticize Mason Gooding for taking up so much of Olivia’s time that she no longer posts or interacts with fans as much.

Belief the Relationship is Fake or PR

Cynical Olivia Jade followers believe her relationship with Mason Gooding is likely a PR stunt and not authentic. They think the celebrities are pretending to date for publicity reasons rather than actually being in love.

Why Do Some Disapprove of His Responses to Racism?

As a Black actor, Mason Gooding sometimes faces racist comments and harassment on social media. Some people take issue with how he has responded to racist incidents:

Perceived Obligation to Speak Out

When Mason Gooding fails to address racist harassment directly, some people feel he is obligated as a Black celebrity to use his platform to speak out and confront racism. They want him to be more vocal.

Dislike of His Forgiving Approach

Mason Gooding has generally tried to take the high road by not engaging with racist trolls and saying he forgives the ignorance. Some critics would prefer he take a more aggressive stand against racism and bigotry.

Desire for More Emotional Authenticity

Rather than forgiving racists, some people want Mason Gooding to express more raw emotion and frustration when responding to racism. They feel his responses lack authenticity and meaningful discussion of how racism affects him.

Belief He Shrugs Off Racism

When Mason Gooding seems to shrug off racist harassment as unimportant, some people feel he is dismissing the real pain and trauma caused by racism. They want him to acknowledge the seriousness of the issue.

Is the Hate Towards Mason Gooding Justified?

The dislike directed towards Mason Gooding stems from many sources – his acting ability, fast rise to fame, relationship with a celebrity girlfriend, and responses to racism. But is all this hate truly warranted? There are two perspectives on this:

Yes, the Backlash is Justified

  • He is still early in his career – some growing pains and criticism should be expected.
  • As a rising star, scrutiny of his talent, connections, and deservedness of success is understandable.
  • Dating a famous girlfriend invites increased public commentary and judgement.
  • His responses to racism could be improved to show more leadership against bigotry.

No, the Hate Goes Too Far

  • He’s still very young and early in his career – criticism should be balanced with support.
  • He doesn’t control hype – attacking him for “undeserved” success is misguided.
  • His girlfriend’s choices aren’t his responsibility – blaming him is excessive.
  • Forgiveness is often better than engaging with racism – his response is admirable.

In the end, Mason Gooding’s career is still ascending. Perhaps with time he can prove himself more to critics and reduce some of the excessive negativity directed his way. More experience and versatility could earn him greater respect. But hatred is rarely a proportional reaction to a young actor early in his journey.


In summary, Mason Gooding elicits strong reactions from some audiences for a variety of factors – his acting skills, fame level, relationships, and handling of racism. While he is not without flaws, the intense hatred directed his way stems from multiple sources, some of which may be unreasonable or even unethical.

With time and experience, Mason Gooding has opportunities to grow and prove himself more. But hatred is rarely the answer, especially for a young star just establishing himself. Balanced perspectives recognizing his potential but also constructively critiquing areas for improvement may be more beneficial overall.

Racism and nepotism-fueled resentment certainly need no place in evaluations of his career. If Mason Gooding can retain his forgiving mindset and continue gaining versatility, he has a strong chance of converting some detractors and reducing unwarranted hatred.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mason Gooding Hate

Why do some people think Mason Gooding is a bad actor?

Some people think Mason Gooding is a bad actor because they feel he lacks range, overacts, and lacks nuance and depth in his portrayals. They also compare him negatively to his father Cuba Gooding Jr.

What accusations do people make about Mason Gooding’s rise to fame?

Some accuse Mason Gooding of getting undeserved success due to nepotism and connections through his dad. Others think he is overhyped by the industry and has leapfrogged more deserving actors.

Why do Olivia Jade’s fans criticize her relationship with Mason Gooding?

Some Olivia Jade fans blame Mason for her reduced social media presence, believe he is using her for fame, resent him monopolizing her time, and think their relationship is fake PR.

How have people reacted to Mason Gooding’s responses to racist harassment?

Some criticize him for not speaking out more directly and want him to respond with more emotion. Others think he dismisses racism by forgiving and shrugging off harassment.

Is all the hate towards Mason Gooding fair or deserved?

Perspectives differ on whether the backlash is deserved. Some see it as justified criticism of a rising star. Others believe he is young and early in his career so the hate goes too far.

What are some ways Mason Gooding could potentially improve his reputation?

He could showcase more acting range and depth in new roles. Avoiding overexposure and hype could help. Showing more understanding when responding to racism could demonstrate maturity. Overall, more experience could bring him greater respect.

Should Mason Gooding’s race affect how people judge him?

No, his race should have no effect on how people judge his skills or character. Any racism or double standards applied to minority actors like Mason Gooding are unacceptable. He should be judged just as any actor would.

Could some of the Mason Gooding backlash be related to subconscious racism?

It’s possible. Research shows famous minority figures often face extra scrutiny. Some resentment of his success could stem from racist tropes like skepticism of Black talent. Conscious or subconscious bias may impact perceptions.

Is hatred or excessive criticism of celebrities like Mason Gooding ethical?

Ethically, hatred and extreme attacks are difficult to justify, especially for young public figures early in their careers. Respectful, fair criticism and debate have more value than hatred. His race and background should not excuse prejudice.

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