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Why Do People Hate Vanessa Kirby?

Vanessa Kirby is an English stage, TV, and film actress who has risen to fame in recent years for acclaimed performances in productions like The Crown and Pieces of a Woman.

However, despite her acting talents, Kirby has faced some backlash and hatred online from certain groups. In this article, we’ll explore the major reasons why some people seem to dislike or hate Vanessa Kirby.

Privileged Upbringing

One source of animosity towards Vanessa Kirby is her privileged background. She grew up in Wimbledon, London and attended the prestigious Lady Eleanor Holles School. Her parents were both very successful – her father was urologist Roger Kirby and her mother was magazine editor Jane Kirby.

This elite upbringing leads some to accuse Kirby of being out of touch or undeserving of her success. The belief is that she had an easy path to fame and fortune thanks to her family’s status.

Social Media Comments

On social media, you may see comments like:

“Of course she made it big, she was born rich and went to private schools.”

“Must be nice having your parents pay for the best acting coaches.”

“She had all the privilege in the world so it’s no wonder she succeeded.”

Rapid Rise to Fame

Another criticism often lobbed at Vanessa Kirby is that she achieved fame and success very quickly. Kirby graduated from drama school in 2010 and just 3 years later got her big break playing Estella in the BBC adaptation of Great Expectations.

Then in 2016, her career reached new heights when she was cast as Princess Margaret in the hit Netflix series The Crown. She went from a relative unknown to having a starring role in a prestige production almost overnight.

Claims of Undeserved Success

To some, Kirby’s rapid rise can seem undeserved or even suspicious. Some argue she didn’t “pay her dues” or work hard enough to earn her acclaim.

H3: Social Media Accusations

On social media, people have written things like:

“She basically just got famous over night even though no one ever heard of her before.”

“Most actors work for years before getting recognized but she got handed major roles right away.”

“I don’t buy that she’s that talented – she got lucky from privilege and connections.”

Perceived Coldness and Rudeness

Kirby’s perceived personality and behavior off-screen have also contributed to backlash against her. Some view her as cold, rude, arrogant or entitled based on interviews and anecdotes.

For instance, there were stories about her being distant and unfriendly on the set of The Crown. There have also been tabloid stories painting her as a social climber at events.

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Public Perception

These stories have created a public perception of Kirby as standoffish and snobbish. She’s been called an “ice queen” and “too posh.”

Impact on Fans

For some fans or observers already put off by Kirby’s privilege and quick success, these personality criticisms further damage her reputation and make her unlikeable. Even among her talent and beauty, a cold or rude demeanor makes Kirby hard to root for.

Modeling Work

Kirby has appeared in fashion magazines like British Vogue and modeled in campaigns for brands like Chloe. Some see this modeling work as the actress cashing in on her fame in an inauthentic way.

Critics argue she’s following the same path of other celebrities by taking easy modeling jobs just to make money and boost her celebrity profile.

Public Statements

On Twitter, commenters have expressed things like:

“Models who try to act are the worst.”

“She’s just chasing fame by doing all these shoots. Focus on the acting!”

“She’s talented but ruined her credibility by becoming a celeb model.”

Questionable Film Role Choices

For some film fans, Kirby has made questionable choices in terms of her movie projects. For instance, she starred in the widely-panned action sequel Hobbs & Shaw. To serious cinephiles, moves like that look like an actor selling out.

Similarly, Kirby was criticized for abandoning her stage career in favor of more Hollywood blockbuster films. These are seen as easy money-grabs compared to critically acclaimed theater productions.

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Abandoning Prestige Work

After acclaimed stage turns, Kirby left theater to make big budget movies seen as lacking depth or originality.

Turning Her Back?

To some, this suggests she has turned her back on “prestigious” work just to make money. So they accuse her of no longer chasing artistic fulfillment in favor of fame and riches.

Is She Overrated?

Given the rapid rise aided by privilege, along with the perceived coldness and modeling work, some believe Kirby is fundamentally overrated. Detractors argue she’s been propped up by media hype that far outweighs her actual talents.

Social Media Takes

On sites like Twitter, you may see takes like:

“Vanessa Kirby is beautiful but definitely overhyped.”

“She’s a decent actress but people act like she’s the greatest ever for no reason.”

“The media decided to make her a star but it’s all fake hype.”

Her Feminism and Politics

Finally, Kirby has faced backlash from some due to her outspoken feminism and progressive politics. She has advocated for wage equality and reproductive rights. This rubs certain anti-feminist people the wrong way.


Some comments suggest things like:

“Why can’t she just act instead of shoving politics down our throats.”

“I don’t pay to hear actors’ political opinions.”

“She’s trying too hard to be ‘woke’ and it’s obnoxious.”


In summary, Vanessa Kirby provokes ire from some due to factors like her privileged background, rapid rise to fame, perceived rude behavior, fashion modeling, questionable film roles, and feminist politics. However, much of this hatred seems exaggerated or undeserved.

No actor is perfect, and Kirby has proven herself very talented regardless of where she came from or how quickly she succeeded. The media hype is understandable given her compelling screen presence and acclaimed performances.

Overall, the intense animosity Kirby receives online should be taken in context. She may not be everyone’s favorite star, but the over-the-top hate has more to do with our culture of building up just to tear down.

Kirby is just trying to hone her craft, and her success can still be celebrated even if certain choices are critiqued. There’s little need for the vitriol and obsession with her flaws or privilege. At her best, she’s a gifted actress with the ability to mesmerize audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people think Vanessa Kirby is overhyped?

Some believe Kirby is overhyped because she came from a privileged background and achieved fame very quickly. Detractors think the media has exaggerated her talents and success.

What are some examples of Vanessa Kirby sounding arrogant?

There are entertainment stories depicting Kirby as rude or entitled at events and on sets. She’s been called an “ice queen” for coming across as cold.

How did Kirby’s upbringing contribute to backlash?

Kirby grew up wealthy with successful parents. This elite upbringing leads some to say she had an unfair advantage gaining fame thanks to privilege.

Why did Kirby receive criticism for The Crown role?

Going almost directly from drama school to a big Netflix production seemed undeserved to some. Claims emerged she was unfriendly on set.

How has Kirby’s fashion modeling been received?

Some believe Kirby has inappropriately cashed in on fame by modeling for magazines and brands. They see it as money-driven.

What are some of Kirby’s questionable movie role choices?

Starring in action sequel Hobbs & Shaw after acclaimed stage work was seen by some as selling out. Going Hollywood over theater projects.

How have people reacted to Kirby’s feminism?

Kirby has advocated feminist causes like equal pay, but anti-feminists accused her of pushing “woke” politics people don’t want from actors.

Is hatred of actors like Kirby rational?

Much of the extreme hate seems exaggerated given she’s a talented actress. Media hype is understandable. The vitriol says more about tear-down culture.

How can Kirby be respected despite some valid critiques?

No actor is perfect. Kirby has proven her abilities, so her success can still be celebrated while acknowledging choices some disagree with.

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