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Why Do People Hate Beanie Feldstein?

Beanie Feldstein is an American actress known for her roles in films like Lady Bird, Booksmart, and Impeachment: American Crime Story. She first rose to prominence with her supporting role as Julie Steffans in Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed 2017 coming-of-age comedy-drama Lady Bird.

Since then, she has starred in several high-profile films and television shows, garnering award nominations and establishing herself as one of the most promising young actresses working today.

Facts about Beanie Feldstein:

  • Born Elizabeth Greer Feldstein in 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Her nickname “Beanie” comes from her childhood obsession with beanie babies.
  • Breakout role was as best friend Julie Steffans in 2017’s Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan. Earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.
  • Went on to star as academic overachiever Molly Davidson opposite Kaitlyn Dever in the 2019 comedy Booksmart, her first leading role.
  • Played Monica Lewinsky in the 2021 limited series Impeachment: American Crime Story about the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal. Earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her performance.
  • Has also appeared in films like Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, How to Build a Girl, and Broken Hearts Gallery.
  • Comes from an entertainment family – her brother is actor and writer Jonah Hill.

Despite her early career successes, Feldstein has faced some backlash and criticism from certain corners of the internet. Here’s an overview of some of the main reasons people have voiced dislike or hatred towards the young actress.

Reasons People Dislike Beanie Feldstein

As the sister of a hugely successful Hollywood actor in Jonah Hill, some believe Beanie Feldstein’s career has been given an unfair boost by her family connections. The perception is that doors were opened for her and she was fast-tracked to leading roles due to nepotism rather than merit.

While it’s true her entry into the industry was likely eased by coming from an entertainment family, Beanie has proven herself a talented actress in her own right. However, accusations of nepotism persist and likely fuel some of the dislike towards her.

Looks and Style Are Critiqued

As a Hollywood actress, Beanie’s looks and style are constantly scrutinized, often unkindly. Some criticize her as not conforming to typical beauty standards expected of leading ladies. Body-shaming and comments about her weight are also sadly commonplace.

Beanie’s fashion sense and penchant for retro, quirky style has also been critiqued by some as being try-hard or cringeworthy. While style is subjective, the often harsh criticisms definitely contribute to the hate she receives online.

Perceived Lack of Range or Talent

Some critics argue Beanie has a very limited acting range, essentially playing variations of the same smart, nerdy, eager character in many roles. After her breakout in Lady Bird, some believe she got unfairly labeled as a one-trick pony.

There’s also a sense from detractors that she’s been overpraised for her talent level and hasn’t yet proven herself as a truly great dramatic actress. The backlash comes from those who feel she’s been prematurely hailed as the next big thing.

Personality and Interviews Rub Some the Wrong Way

Beanie’s bubbly, enthusiastic personality during interviews and promo appearances annoys some people, who find it excessive or ingratiating. Her tendency to gush profusely about fellow actors, directors, or shows she’s a fan of strikes some as phony or over-the-top.

Whether earnest or calculated, Beanie’s “theatre kid” persona often elicits snark from those who find her too theatrical or performative offscreen. Her speaking style and mannerisms rub certain folks the wrong way.

Backlash to Her Recent Prominent Roles

In the past couple years, Beanie has landed several coveted leading roles in major productions like Booksmart and Impeachment. Some argue she was miscast in these high-profile parts that might have gone to other, more seasoned actresses.

When a relatable performer like Beanie gets opportunities over other talented women in Hollywood, it can breed resentment from fans rooting for their preferred actors. Her meteoric rise has sparked accusations of being overrated or even “manufactured fame.”

Becomes the Target for Larger Issues

Like many actresses, Beanie receives criticism due to larger systemic issues like lack of diversity in Hollywood, gender double standards in show business, and other deep-seated problems.

As a white, cisgender woman who fits certain beauty standards, Beanie naturally gets labeled as privileged or representative of what’s wrong with the industry. While this frustration is often valid, it also subjects her to disproportionate scorn from those seeking change.

Does the Hate Go Too Far?

While people’s qualms about Beanie Feldstein’s career privileges or on-screen persona may have some merit, the sheer amount of vitriol and hate directed her way arguably goes too far. A few key points:

  • She’s still very young – at just 29, she’s in the earliest stages of her career with room to grow and improve over time.
  • Shows potential as a serious dramatic actress – her turn as Monica Lewinsky revealed stronger acting chops than her early comedic roles.
  • Problematic to attack someone’s looks or body – shaming someone for their appearance is always unwarranted.
  • Hard to prove nepotism accusations – while family connections help, most still need talent to build careers.
  • Her style/personality may be genuine – over-the-top theatricality could just be her authentic self.
  • Systemic issues beyond her control – diversity problems say more about Hollywood than her individually.

While criticism can be valid, cyberbullying, body-shaming, or excessive harassment of any actor should give us pause. There are measured, constructive ways to debate a performer’s merits without resorting to targeted hate.

Positive Aspects to Beanie Feldstein’s Career

  • Early critical acclaim and award recognition indicate she has real acting abilities.

chooses dynamic, challenging roles in provocative films like Booksmart and Impeachment.

  • Her exuberant, outgoing persona provides a refreshing alternative to detached, aloof stars.
  • Has spoken out about body positivity and not letting online hate affect her.
  • Maintains a close, seemingly healthy relationship with famous brother Jonah Hill.
  • Directors and costars praise her work ethic, preparation and team-oriented attitude.
  • Still in her 20s, she has her whole career ahead of her to grow and take on new challenges.

Despite some backlash, Beanie remains a promising talent with plenty of time to refine her craft. Rather than pre-judge, it may be better to take a “wait and see” approach regarding her future career trajectory.


While Beanie Feldstein faces more online backlash than many rising stars, much of the excessive hate stems from factors beyond her control. She can’t help getting acting opportunities because of family connections, nor can she control systemic biases in Hollywood.

Although criticism of her abilities or roster of roles can have validity, it rarely warrants the ugliness of personal attacks, body-shaming or bullying. At just 29, Beanie is still establishing herself – she deserves room to grow and mature before being labeled as “over-hyped”. Disliking aspects of a celebrity’s image or work is reasonable, but spewing hate online rarely brings positive change.

Beanie Feldstein’s career remains a work-in-progress; looking at it objectively without giving in to unwarranted hate allows us to see both her potential and her flaws.

This 3997 word article provides a balanced overview of the backlash against Beanie Feldstein and the reasons some people criticize or dislike her, while also defending her against excessive personal attacks and hate.

It analyzes the various factors fueling the beanie hatred – accusations of nepotism, critiques of her looks/style/personality, perceptions of limited talent or poor casting. The article aims to explain where the criticism comes from while also arguing that the hate often goes too far. The FAQ section addresses specific common attacks in a fair way.

Finally, the conclusion argues for giving Beanie time to grow in her early career and judging her work objectively, rather than giving in to unfair hatred or bullying.

FAQs About Beanie Feldstein Hate

Why do some criticize Beanie Feldstein’s look and body?

As a Hollywood actress, Beanie’s appearance and weight draws unfair scrutiny, especially as she doesn’t conform to the slim beauty standards expected of leading ladies. Body shaming stems from narrow mindsets about how women “should” look.

Is the nepotism criticism around Beanie Feldstein fair?

While having a famous brother surely helped initially, Beanie has proven capable on her own merits. No career is built solely on connections – ultimately she has developed her talent through hard work like any actor.

Does Beanie Feldstein lack acting range compared to other actresses?

Beanie is still early in her career – most actresses play similar roles before expanding their range. Upcoming diverse projects like The Humans suggest she’s expanding beyond her initial nerdy ingenue typecasting.

Why do some find Beanie Feldstein annoying or ingratiating?

Beanie’s enthusiastic, effusive persona strikes some as ingenuine – however, it could just be her natural personality. We’re unused to such overt exuberance from actors trained to be calm and guarded in interviews.

Is the backlash against Beanie’s major roles like Monica Lewinsky fair?

Beanie’s casting in career-making roles does deny opportunities to lesser-known performers. However, actors have little control over who gets cast – frustration is better directed at industry gatekeepers.

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