Kian Lawley

Why Do People Love Kian Lawley?

Kian Lawley is an American YouTuber and actor who has gained a massive following online, especially among teenagers and young adults. With over 11 million subscribers on YouTube and 8 million followers on Instagram, Kian is one of the most popular social media influencers today.

But what is it exactly about Kian that makes him so likable and loved by millions? This article will explore the reasons why Kian Lawley has been able to captivate such a large audience and fanbase.

What Makes Kian Lawley Popular?

One of the biggest reasons why people love Kian is thanks to his funny and charming personality. He has a knack for comedy and making hilarious videos that never fail to entertain. Kian is goofy, random, and not afraid to make silly faces or crack jokes. This comedic personality shines through in his videos and makes his content binge-worthy.

People also love his laidback and chill personality. Kian comes across as very genuine, humble, down-to-earth, and relatable. Fans feel like they can connect with him on a real level without any fakeness or pretentiousness. He feels just like the cute boy next door. This charm and authenticity draw viewers in.

Kian’s Most Popular YouTube Videos Focusing on Comedy/Humor View Count
Try Not To Laugh or Grin While Watching This (Kian and Jc) 13 million
Kian Lawley Funny Vine Compilation 6 million
FUNNIEST Kid Test Answers 15 million

As seen above, some of Kian’s most popular videos highlight his comedic talent and ability to make people laugh. People can’t seem to get enough of Silly Kian!

Embodies Relatability

Another huge reason why Kian Lawley is so loved is because he embodies relatability to his young adult fans. From awkward moments to embarrassing stories, Kian isn’t afraid to share the good, bad, and ugly on both his YouTube channel and social media.

This down-to-earth relatability makes fans feel like they truly know the real Kian. Teenagers and those in their early 20s see a bit of themselves in Kian’s transparency about his imperfect life. They feel bonded to him and his authenticity. He doesn’t pretend to be perfect or filter/hide his real life.

Kian also focuses many of his advice and storytime videos on topics relatable to teens and young adults, like bad dates, college struggles, learning to drive, breakups, fights with friends, and more coming-of-age themes.

Connects with Fans on a Personal Level

Kian does an excellent job making his fans feel individually valued and connected with on a deeper level. He makes a point to respond to fan comments, answer fan questions in Q&As, and host fan contests where he interacts one-on-one with select fans.

Kian is also very active on Twitter communicating directly with followers. He replies, likes tweets, and makes fans feel seen. Fans feel they have a personal friendship and connection with their YouTube idol.

Ways Kian Lawley Directly Interacts with Fans
– Responding to YouTube comments
– Twitter replies and likes
– Instagram comments
– YouTube Q&As
– Contests judging fan content/interaction
– Fan mailbox openings/gifts

This personal connection makes his fan base feel valued and invested in Kian’s success. There is a community culture established within his fandom.

Kian’s Transition Into Acting

While Kian first gained fame as a YouTuber, in recent years he has successfully transitioned into the acting world as well – starring in films like The Chosen, Shovel Buddies, and Zac & Mia. Fans have loved seeing Kian flex his skills as an actor.

He Brings His Comedic Charm to the Big Screen

Just as people are drawn to Kian’s YouTube comedy videos, that same humor and fun-loving personality shine through in his acting projects. While branching out into drama roles, Kian’s natural charisma and charm still delights audiences.

For example, in The Chosen he plays a prank YouTube star – allowing Kian to play an extension of himself. And even in the tear-jerking romantic drama Zac & Mia, Kian is able to interject lighthearted and funny moments amidst the film’s gravity.

Fans who have followed Kian from YouTube to movies are impressed by his acting abilities, while still getting to see glimmers of Silly Kian’s humor. The best of both worlds!

Kian Proves His Talent Range in Emotional Roles

While people were initially introduced to Kian Lawley through his comedic internet videos, his acting projects have proven he has both the talent and emotional range to take on more serious roles.

In particular, Kian earned praise for his lead performance in Zac & Mia as Zac – a teen battling leukemia while falling for the girl in room nextdoor. Kian brought both playfulness and painful vulnerability to the difficult role. Fans were impressed with how convincingly he took on such an emotional character.

Similarly, Kian stretched his acting muscles playing Bo in Shovel Buddies – centering on a group of friends dealing with grief after the loss of their close friend. Kian showed increased maturity in digging into this layered character and dynamic relationships.

Seeing Kian hold his own in heavier drama stories earned him new fans and credibility as a rising well-rounded actor able to exceed his previous comedic reputation.

Uses His Platform for Good Causes

As someone with such a wide reach and influence among teens and young people, Kian intentionally uses his platform to promote good causes close to his generation’s interests – like mental health advocacy and support for those with illnesses/disabilities.

For example, Kian prominently supports and works with the Thirst Project – focused on raising money to provide clean drinking water for those without in developing countries. Kian uses his voice to raise awareness and funding for the cause.

Kian was also commended for his leading performance playing a teen with leukemia in the film Zac & Mia. People praised Kian’s sensitive, thoughtful portrayal and handling of the illness and related issues like mental health in hospitalized teens. This opened more dialogue and education around topics affecting young people today.

By lending his popularity to these important issues and organizations, Kian earns wider public respect as a role model for teens/young people wanting to make a difference in the world. They feel motivated to also use their voice for good.

Kian Lawley’s Continued Relevance Over Time

Remarkably, even as one of the earlier breakout YouTube stars from nearly 10 years ago, Kian Lawley has managed to remain hugely popular and relevant among viewers and fans in 2023. While many digital stars fade out or lose momentum after some years, Kian continues attracting millions of engaged followers.

Successfully Reinvented His YouTube Brand

One strategic reason Kian Lawley has stayed relevant so many years later is thanks to a successful reinvention of his YouTube channel and brand. As trends change, Kian evolved the style and content of his videos – migrating gradually away from the zany challenge videos towards more polished vlogs, trendy celebrity interviews, and engaging storytimes.

By reinventing the format and production quality over time while still retaining his personality, Kian held the attention of longtime viewers while also drawing in new fans. This ability to adapt and put fresh spins on content kept him entertaining to shifting viewer preferences.

Evolution of Kian Lawley’s YouTube Content
Early years: – Extreme challenges/stunts
Middle years: – Increased vlogging/storytelling
Current focus: – Celebrity interviews, cinematic vlogs, branded partnerships

Kian Built an Authentic Connection with Fans

More than just adapting content formats to stay relevant, Kian Lawley formed such an authentic bond and relationship with his fans that they have happily stayed subscribed to his channel for years as loyal supporters. They feel invested in Kian’s world and journey.

While trends and platforms change all the time, Kian’s ability to foster an authentic connection rooted in his fun personality created lasting relevancy with fans who feel attached to him as a friend they’ve grown up alongside online.

Even amid his acting success, Kian still takes time to upload YouTube videos fans love where he shares vulnerable life updates. This longevity creating a community hub explains his sustained popularity over such an impressively long span as an internet star.

Broadened His Reach Through TikTok

Further demonstrating his ability to evolve with fresh platforms, Kian smartly expanded his fanbase into new demographics by also launching a popular TikTok account in recent years.

Catering video content to the TikTok algorithm led Kian to gain over 5 million followers on the app. This brought in a new era of Gen Z fans discovering him for the first time, refreshed interest from long-term fans, and introduced him to wider audiences through trending hashtag challenges.

Capitalizing on emerging social media – first the early days of YouTube, now TikTok fame – has been a key tactic Kian used to sustain his celebrity status and relevance with young audiences. Jumping onboard the next big video app trend kept him exposed to new viewers.

The Controversies Surrounding Kian Lawley

However, Kian’s widespread fame and popularity have not come without some controversies over the years. Specifically, Kian received backlash in early 2018 after a highly offensive video containing racist remarks surfaced from years prior.

The outdated video showed Kian making inappropriate jokes using the n-word and racist stereotypes. Once the footage went viral in 2018, Kian faced immediate career consequences and criticizm – including being fired from the movie The Hate U Give and losing numerous brand deals.

Faced Public Backlash and Career Fallout

In response to the outrage over the video, Kian posted an apology on Twitter acknowledging his remarks were completely wrong and hurtful. He expressed regret and owned accountability for his damaging words, saying he had grown a lot since that time.

However, the public backlash was still severe and there were calls to fully “cancel” Kian and boycott his work. Many fans were divided – some willing to forgive what he claimed was ignorance at a younger age, while others could no longer support him. For a period, Kian’s career and reputation were badly tarnished.

Consequences Kian Faced After Offensive Video Scandal
– Fired from lead movie role
– Dropped by agents and managers
– Public criticism and outrage on social media
– Loss of numerous brand deals and partnerships

He Put in the Work to Change and Make Amends

Since the damaging controversy four years ago, Kian Lawley has put in diligent effort to learn, grow, and use his platform to promote anti-racism and social justice. He participated in diversity training workshops, made charitable donations, read books and articles to become better educated, and had open conversations with Black creators.

While Kian lost many fans who could no longer support him, over time he has gradually worked to rebuild trust and prove to skeptics that the ignorant person in that video does not represent who he is today. The extensive work Kian has dedicated to become an ally and responsible public figure has softened much (not all) of the cancel-culture mentality around him.

Though he still has critics, Kian handled the scandal responsibly by putting himself in uncomfortable learning situations and having an open dialogue to continue evolving. His gradual comeback has been an example to some about the power of reform through consistent long-term action and accountability.

Will Kian Lawley Have Continued Staying Power?

As an internet star and actor straddling multiple online platforms and creative worlds, Kian Lawley has shown impressive resilience and adaptability over his 10+ years in the spotlight. He has found sustained fame and popularity since his teen years.

Looking ahead, can Kian maintain that momentum and star power?

He Has More Opportunities to Show His Acting Range

Having proven himself a charismatic internet personality and comedian able to attract millions of loyal followers for years, the next phase of Kian’s fame seems focused on cementing himself as an actor in TV and film.

With roles in several buzzy indie movies under his belt, fans are excited for Kian to keep landing bigger feature roles in genres beyond YA dramas – such as comedy films where he can showcase timing and wit that made him an online sensation.

As streaming services rapidly greenlight tons of new high-budget original movies and shows, there is no shortage of opportunities out there for Kian to book breakout lead roles that flaunt more layers to his talent. Fans are eager to follow his rising star!

He Prioritizes Authenticity That Resonates Across Generations

While platforms and trends will assuredly continue changing rapidly, one reason Kian Lawley can have longevity as an influencer and celebrity is his raw authenticity and candid personality that feels genuine whether watched by younger or older audiences.

Unlike many overly-curated, polished internet stars today catering specifically to Gen Z fans, Kian’s natural humor and candid vlogging style resonate across age groups. Millennials connect with his humor just as much as today’s teens do. This gives him cross-generational appeal.

As long as Kian retains the casual charisma and conversational tone that made him stand out from the beginning, his content and fame should outlast platform algorithms. Authenticity is always in style!


In closing, Kian Lawley has clearly developed a special connection and loyalty with his millions of fans that stems from his natural magnetism and charm, coupled with a carefully crafted social media presence allowing young supporters to feel bonded with their virtual best friend as he navigates life’s ups and downs.

However, for continued relevance Kian must focus on further redeeming himself from past offensive mistakes and proving that ignorance will not be repeated. By showing increasing maturity in his content and advocacy for equality, while landing new acting roles flaunting his multifaceted talent, Kian Lawley is poised to remain an influential figure for years to come.

Ultimately the relatability, humor, vulnerability and compassion that built his dedicated fanbase since the start must continue shining through across an evolving digital landscape and content formats, cementing Kian’s staying power as both top influencer and Hollywood star on the rise worth rooting for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kian Lawley

What is Kian Lawley best known for?

Kian Lawley is best known initially for being one of the most popular YouTube stars in the earlier days of the platform. He gained fame for his zany comedy videos and fun vlogs documenting his life online to over 11 million subscribers. More recently he has also become a rising young actor – starring in movies like Zac & Mia, Shovel Buddies, and The Chosen.

How old was Kian Lawley when he became YouTube famous?

Kian Lawley first started uploading comedic videos to YouTube around age 16 in 2009. By age 17 in 2010, his subscriber count and viewership started rapidly rising as his funny videos went viral with teens and young adults – to the point he could pursue it full-time after high school.

Why did Kian Lawley get cancelled? What happened?

In early 2018, an inappropriate YouTube video featuring Kian making offensive racist jokes from years prior surfaced and went viral – sparking widespread outrage and backlash. Kian was slammed with cancellations from agents, brands, and roles. He posted apologies and went through diversity training to learn, grow, and rebuild his reputation.

Is Kian Lawley making YouTube videos in 2023?

Yes, Kian Lawley still actively posts new vlogs, comedy videos, and storytimes to his YouTube channel several times a month in 2023. While focusing also on acting roles, YouTube remains Kian’s main platform where he engages directly with his loyal longtime fans by sharing entertaining updates on his life and career.

Who did Kian Lawley date?

Over the years Kian Lawley has been romantically tied at times to several female influencers – including Andrea Russett, Jenna Alvarez, Meredith Foster, and Tabria Majors. However most recently he has been dating actress Lizze Broadway publicly since 2020. Kian does not tend to flaunt relationships heavily online until they are serious.

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