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Why Do People Hate Daniel Sharman?

Daniel Sharman is an English actor known for roles in shows like Teen Wolf, The Originals, Fear the Walking Dead, and Cursed. While he has many fans, some people have expressed dislike towards the actor over the years. This article will analyze common reasons people give for disliking Daniel Sharman.

Physical Appearance

One reason some people dislike Daniel Sharman is over his physical appearance. With blond hair, blue eyes, and classically handsome features, he fits the stereotype of a “pretty boy” actor.

Some feel his looks are too polished or sweet to take seriously in more gritty or complex roles. There’s a stigma around good-looking actors that they rely too much on appearance over talent.

Perceived Lack of Masculinity

Along with the “pretty boy” criticism, others feel Daniel Sharman lacks traditional masculinity in his roles. As an antagonist on Teen Wolf and The Originals, some found him too soft or feminine to come across as threatening.

This ties back to the pretty boy stigma, where his elegant aesthetics can undermine a grittier role. Some audience members better connect to a more rugged, masculine villain.

Acting Ability

Another common criticism of Daniel Sharman is the way he portrays villainous characters. As an antagonist in shows like Teen Wolf, Fear the Walking Dead, and Cursed, some feel he acts too over-the-top at times.

From mannerisms to line delivery, occasional melodramatic flair can feel too cartoonish. More nuanced portrayals of villainy tend to resonate better with modern audiences. Sharman’s style strikes some as dated.

Lack of Range

Connecting to melodramatic acting choices, others criticize Daniel Sharman’s range. Playing similar antagonists across projects, some feel he lacks versatility as a performer.

They want to see him take on a greater diversity of character types and acting challenges. Repetitive antagonist roles cause critics to underestimate his abilities.

Characterization Issues on The Originals and Cursed

Two shows where Daniel Sharman faced particular acting criticism were The Originals and Cursed. On The Originals, some felt his character Kaleb lacked personality depth compared to others. On fantasy drama Cursed, issues came down to accent struggles.

Taking place in Medieval England, Sharman had inconsistencies maintaining an English accent. Poor accent work can damage an audience’s immersion.

Rumors and Controversies

As a rising star associated with popular shows, Daniel Sharman’s personal life draws spectator interest. But he remains very private regarding romantic relationships.

Some fans grow suspicious or critical over secrecy around potential girlfriends. Rumored partners like Crystal Reed faced harassment. Greater transparency could help mitigate fan hostility.

Former Co-Star Feuds

Rumors of feuds with co-stars have also followed Daniel Sharman over the years. For example, speculative beef arose between Sharman and Tyler Posey during Teen Wolf. Similarly, unverified stories of Sharon disliking Joseph Morgan circulated among The Originals fandom.

While likely untrue, sensationalized gossip stained Sharman’s reputation in some viewers’ eyes. Even fabricated drama can unfairly impact public perception.

Associations with Poorly Received Projects

Beyond Daniel Sharman himself, another source fueling dislike stems from mixed-to-negative receptions for shows he’s associated with.

Fear the Walking Dead

Joining the franchise’s poorly rated spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, skepticism carried over from existing fan resentment. As someone emblematic of a struggling series, dislike transfers onto Sharman.


Likewise, Netflix fantasy epic Cursed drew very mixed reactions. With Shahman in a lead role as a focal point, backlash from production issues and storyline decisions inflamed negativity towards him specifically.

Guilt by association makes actors easy targets when connected to unfavorable projects in the zeitgeist. Sharman’s filmography contains some polarizing entries with displaced blame.


In summary, common reasons people dislike Daniel Sharman relate to perceived issues around the actor’s physicality, acting talent, controversies, and involvement with unpopular media offerings.

Polarizing opinions stem from criticisms like his “pretty boy” aesthetic conflicting with grittier villain roles, range limitations to melodramatic antagonists, rumor drama fueling negativity, and associations with poorly-received shows sparking resentment.

However, these reflect subjective critiques and speculation more than objective facts. Daniel Sharman maintains a successful acting career with devoted fans even amidst pockets of criticism. Open-minded viewers recognize his talent and charisma within a diverse filmography.

Rather than definitive proof of deficiencies, divides around Daniel Sharman likely arise from the usual fandom growing pains around rising stars. As his trajectory continues, time may well vindicate Sharman while softening current perceptions against him.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daniel Sharman Dislike

Why do some people think Daniel Sharman is a bad actor?

Some critics feel Daniel Sharman displays limited range by playing similar villainous roles. Over-the-top mannerisms and accent struggles on shows like Cursed also fuel acting ability skepticism.

What rumors caused controversy around Daniel Sharman?

Sharman faces ongoing fan resentment over secrecy around potential girlfriends. Harassment directed at rumored ex Crystal Reed also sparked drama. Unverified co-star feud rumors further shaped negative opinions.

How did Daniel Sharman anger Fear the Walking Dead fans?

Joining an already poorly-received Walking Dead spin-off, Sharman became a focal point for existing fan resentment towards the declining show quality.

Why don’t some fans like Daniel Sharman’s appearance?

With conventionally handsome, “pretty boy” visuals, some believe Sharman lacks grit or gravitas for brooding villain characters. Perceived inadequacy in masculinity also undermines menacing roles for some.

How did Cursed impact perceptions of Daniel Sharman?

As a lead in the negatively reviewed Cursed, Sharman tied his image to an unpopular new Netflix project amidst production turmoil. Poor reception bled into personal disdain from disenchanted viewers.

Is most criticism against Daniel Sharman fair or unfair?

While fans hold reasonable critiques around acting range, accent issues, etc., much Daniel Sharman dislike stems from excessive rumors, misplaced blame, and arguable aesthetic complaints.

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