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Why Do People Love Daniel Sharman?

Daniel Sharman is an English actor known for his roles in shows like Teen Wolf and Fear the Walking Dead. He has developed a dedicated fanbase that loves him for his talent, looks, and personality. But what is it specifically that makes people such big fans of Daniel Sharman?

Acting Abilities

Daniel brings depth and complexity to every role he takes on.

Convincing Portrayals of Different Characters

He has shown versaility by portraying characters that are broody like Isaac Lahey on Teen Wolf, arrogant like Kaleb on The Originals, and even funny like Lorenzo de’ Medici in Medici: Masters of Florence. Fans love that he fully immerses himself into each character.

Emotional Depth

Viewers get pulled into the emotional journeys of Daniel’s characters. He portrays heartbreak, anger, grief, and more in raw, realistic ways.

Natural Charisma

Daniel has an effortless charisma on screen that captures people’s attention. There’s something magnetic about his performances that makes him shine in both lead and supporting roles.


In addition to talent, Daniel Sharman’s striking good looks make him stand out.

Handsome Features

With a tall, slender frame along with green eyes and thick dark hair, Daniel has sculpted facial features that fans find very attractive.

Facial Feature What Fans Are Saying
Eyes “His green eyes pierce my soul!”
Smile “That crooked little smile gives me butterflies!”
Face Shape “Sharman has the bone structure of a Roman god.”

He knows how to leverage his appearance to fully inhabit the spirit of his characters as well.

Compelling Style

Daniel isn’t afraid to transform his look to suit a role by changing his clothing, hairstyle, and more. Fans love seeing him try on different compelling styles.


While looks may draw people in initially, Daniel Sharman’s charming real-life personality keeps people invested in him long-term.

Passionate About His Work

In interviews, Daniel clearly has a deep passion for acting and telling meaningful stories through his characters. His thoughtfulness about his craft makes people root for him.

Goofy Sense of Humor

Daniel shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously in funny behind-the-scenes clips and bloopers from sets. Fans eat up his goofy, self-deprecating humor.

Kindness Towards Fans

While some celebrities ignore their fans, Daniel takes time to interact with his supporters online and in person. He does fan Q&As, follows people on social media, takes photos at events, and sends autographed headshots when asked. This genuine kindness makes people admire him as a person.

Talents Beyond Acting

While most known for acting, Daniel is a multi-talented guy which gives fans even more to love about him.

Music Abilities

Daniel taught himself how to play guitar and fans are obsessed with videos of him covering songs. He has even acted and played music on screen before at the same time!

Instrument Notable Performances
Guitar – Covered “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak
– Played guitar in indie film “Broken Sky”
Singing – Sang “Funeral Song” in Medici: Masters of Florence

Athletically Inclined

Years of dancing and gymnastics made Daniel well-equipped to handle action-packed roles. Fans love seeing him do his own stunts in fight sequences that require strength, speed, and coordination.

Why Do You Appreciate Daniel Sharman? (SERP Question)

Daniel Sharman has qualities that go beyond traditional leading man appeal to turn casual viewers into passionate fans. What is it about Daniel that you as a fan admire or connect with? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


In the end, Daniel Sharman gets so much devotion from audiences because he’s talented, attractive, charming, kind, funny, and multi-faceted. While lots of celebrities rely solely on their looks and social media followings to gather fans, Daniel puts thought and care into the roles he takes and treats supporters with genuine appreciation.

He brings artistry and depth to acting that gets people invested emotionally. And he stays humble and goofy in spite of his talents and growing fame.

All these qualities combine to make Daniel Sharman someone that fans feel they know intimately and want to support enthusiastically throughout the ups and downs of his career. He makes people proud to call themselves loyal fans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daniel Sharman Fandom

What was Daniel Sharman’s first major acting role?

Daniel Sharman’s first major television role was Isaac Lahey on the hit MTV show Teen Wolf. This dark, complex character established him as a captivating actor and set him on his path to more roles.

What is Daniel Sharman’s most prestigious acting role so far?

Many consider his role as legendary Italian politician and banker Lorenzo de’ Medici in the drama series Medici: Masters of Florence to be Daniel’s most prestigious so far. It required him to lead the high-budget international production while speaking multiple languages.

Has Daniel Sharman been in any films?

While Daniel is best known for television, he has acted in movies like Immortals with Henry Cavill, The Collection, and indie film Broken Sky where he played a musician and got to show off his musical talents on screen.

What shows and movies is Daniel Sharman appearing in next?

Daniel is slated to star alongside Sam Heughan in the new SAS action thriller drama film The Portable Door. He is also rumored to be attached to several new mystery TV and film projects coming down the pipeline that have not been officially announced yet.

How can I follow Daniel Sharman’s career news and updates?

The best places to keep up with the latest Daniel Sharman updates are his official Twitter page twitter.com/daniel_sharman and his Instagram instagram.com/danielsharman/.

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