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Why Do People Hate Ben Whishaw?

Ben Whishaw is a critically acclaimed English actor who has starred in films like Skyfall, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and Mary Poppins Returns.

While many appreciate his acting talents, some people have expressed dislike or even hatred towards Whishaw. This article will explore the possible reasons why the actor seems to rub certain people the wrong way.

Who is Ben Whishaw?

Ben Whishaw (b. 1980) is an English actor who trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He first rose to prominence in 2004 when he starred as Hamlet in Trevor Nunn’s production at the Old Vic theatre. His breakthrough film role came in 2008 when he played the lead in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, for which he received several awards and nominations.

Since then, Whishaw has gone on to star in many high-profile films like Skyfall, The Lobster, Mary Poppins Returns and has received acclaim for his work in TV series like London Spy and A Very English Scandal. He is known for his versatility as an actor and for taking on complex, enigmatic roles.

Ben Whishaw’s Accolades

  • BAFTA Film Award for Best Actor (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer)
  • British Independent Film Award for Best Actor (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer)
  • Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie (A Very English Scandal)
  • Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television (A Very English Scandal)

Reasons For Dislike Towards Whishaw

While clearly a talented actor, Ben Whishaw is definitely a polarizing figure among audiences and critics. Here are some of the possible reasons why certain people seem to dislike or even hate the actor:

Finds Success Despite Unconventional Looks

Ben Whishaw has a very unique look that sets him apart from conventional Hollywood leading men. With pale skin, curly hair and delicate features, he does not fit the typical mold of a rugged, chiseled movie star.

Some people may resent the success Whishaw has achieved in spite of his unconventional appearance. The fact that he continues to land starring roles may frustrate people who think he does not look the part.

Plays Ambiguous, Morally Flawed Characters

Many of Whishaw’s most acclaimed roles have been characters who are morally ambiguous or emotionally damaged in some way. For example, his character Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Perfume has an extraordinary sense of smell but uses it to commit murder. In Skyfall, he plays the technical wizard Q who has a shady past and provides weapons to James Bond.

Audiences who prefer their leading men to be clear-cut heroes may dislike Whishaw for gravitating towards more flawed, complex characters. The lack of traditional heroism in his roles may turn some people off.

Too Serious and Brooding Onscreen

In most of his roles, even comedic ones, Whishaw tends to play introspective, brooding characters. While gifted, he rarely shows great range outside of serious, melancholic personalities on screen.

Viewers who prefer more extroverted, light-hearted movie stars may find Whishaw depressing or dull to watch. His consistently somber demeanor may come across as one-note and monotonous.

Private Personal Life

Unlike many celebrities, Ben Whishaw fiercely guards his personal life and rarely gives interviews about anything other than his work. Very little is known about his partner, family or interests outside of acting.

This intensely private nature may make Whishaw seem distant, unfriendly or disconnected from fans. People today expect a certain level of openness from stars which Whishaw does not provide.

Rumored Difficult Behavior On Set

There are unconfirmed reports that Whishaw can be temperamental or difficult to work with on set. Rumors suggest he is quick to anger and keeps to himself between takes.

These alleged behavior issues may be a turn-off for people in the film industry. Though rumors, a reputation for being demanding could hurt his popularity generally.

Not Considered Sex Symbol

Leading men in Hollywood are often viewed as sex symbols or objects of desire for fans. With his unconventional looks and intense onscreen presence, Whishaw does not exude typical movie star charm and charisma.

Some fans may dislike him for not fitting the mold of a hunky heartthrob. His depictions of LGBTQ characters like Norman Scott in A Very English Scandal may also turn off fans expecting a more traditional type of sex appeal from a lead actor.

Do People Actually Hate Whishaw?

While Whishaw certainly has detractors, “hate” may be too strong a word. Many of the qualities that frustrate some audiences and critics are what make him a stand-out performer in the eyes of his fans.

More often, it seems people are perplexed or made uncomfortable by his idiosyncrasies rather than passionately hating him as a celebrity. Much of the dislike stems from his acting choices and public persona rather than any real scandal or offensive behavior.

At the end of the day, Whishaw marches to the beat of his own drum both onscreen and off. This makes him an interesting, if sometimes polarizing, figure in today’s film landscape. But outright hatred is likely confined to a very vocal minority.

Why Do Some People Like Ben Whishaw?

Though he has detractors, Ben Whishaw also has a devoted fanbase who appreciate him for many of the same reasons others dislike him. Here are some of the qualities his fans admire:

Unique, Unconventional Looks

While a stumbling block for some, many find Whishaw’s unusual appearance striking and appealing. His fans feel he brings more diversity and artistic credibility to leading man roles.

Nuanced Portrayals and Risk-Taking

Fans appreciate that Whishaw gravitates towards complex, morally ambiguous characters. They feel his risk-taking makes him one of the more interesting actors working today.

Serious Dedication to the Craft

Admirers respect how seriously Whishaw takes the craft of acting. He commits fully to each role and consistently delivers layered, nuanced performances.

Private Personality Is Alluring

Whishaw’s reluctance to court fame or share his personal life makes him more intriguing and mysterious to his supporters. They find his private nature refreshing compared to overexposed celebrities.

LGBTQ Advocate On and Offscreen

Many LGBTQ fans and allies appreciate Whishaw portraying gay characters on screen. They also respect his own very private personal life and advocacy for LGBTQ rights.

Unique Talent Transcends Looks

His talent elevates him beyond being just another handsome face, according to fans. Whishaw succeeds on the strength of his acting even if his looks are unconventional.

Table summarizing the key reasons some people dislike Ben Whishaw:

Reasons For DislikeDescription
Unconventional looksPale, slender frame contradicts rugged leading man image
Ambiguous charactersPlays complex roles like murderers which put some viewers off
Serious demeanorLacking movie star charm and charisma on screen
Private personalityKeeps personal life very secret which frustrates some fans
On-set behavior rumorsAlleged temperamentality, though unconfirmed, harms reputation
Not a sex symbolLacks conventional appeal and focuses on LGBTQ roles


Ben Whishaw is undoubtedly a polarizing figure who elicits strong reactions from audiences both positive and negative. While his unusual acting choices and remote public persona rub some the wrong way, they make him a compelling onscreen presence to others.

Ultimately Whishaw is an award-winning actor following his own path. The same qualities that may frustrate some fans likely enable him to create such complex, memorable characters. Though his appeal is selective, there is no denying the unique gifts he brings to the film world.

Love him or hate him, Whishaw has undeniably left his mark through his acclaimed performances. As he continues honing his craft in unconventional roles, he will likely remain a source of intrigue, debate and admiration among cinephiles. The very fact he elicits such reactions proves he is anything but a bland, forgettable screen presence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Ben Whishaw

Why do some people find Ben Whishaw’s looks off-putting?

Some people feel Whishaw’s unconventional appearance – his pale skin, slender frame, and curly hair – make him an unconvincing leading man compared to more rugged, masculine Hollywood stars. His delicate features may not line up with everyone’s image of a commanding screen presence.

What roles has Whishaw played that rubbed people the wrong way?

Whishaw has played various morally ambiguous or unlikable characters that may turn some people off, including a murderer in Perfume, a hacker with a shady past in Skyfall, and Norman Scott, who was part of a sex scandal, in A Very English Scandal.

How has Whishaw’s serious demeanor hurt his popularity?

Fans expecting charisma and charm from their leading men may be put off by Whishaw’s consistently somber, brooding presence on screen. Even in comedies, he plays introspective loners which may frustrate viewers wanting a lighter, more dynamic personality.

Why might Whishaw’s private life bother some people?

Whishaw’s reluctance to do publicity or discuss his private life off screen may make him seem distant or unfriendly compared to more outgoing stars. Some fans expect openness from celebrities and lose interest when little is known about their personal lives.

What are some rumors about Whishaw’s on-set behavior?

There are unconfirmed reports of Whishaw being temperamental, quick to anger, or keeping to himself on set. These alleged difficulties working with others could hurt his reputation in the film industry and with audiences if true. However, these currently remain unsubstantiated rumors.

How has Whishaw’s LGBTQ advocacy and roles been received?

While many appreciate Whishaw’s advocacy and his nuanced portrayals of LGBTQ characters on screen, some more conservative fans may be turned off by this aspect of his career. His roles challenge traditional leading man archetypes which polarizes some audiences.

What do admirers say about his unusual looks and approach?

Fans argue Whishaw’s uniqueness makes him compelling and refreshing, elevating his acting beyond superficial handsomeness. They feel he takes smart risks and brings credibility to complex roles often lacking nuance when played by traditional movie stars.

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