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Why Do Some People Hate Mark Ruffalo?

Mark Ruffalo is known for being very outspoken about his liberal political views. He actively advocates for causes like addressing climate change, opposing fracking, fighting for civil rights, and promoting social justice.

While many appreciate his using his platform to raise awareness on important issues, others find his frequent political commentary and activism annoying or “preachy.” Some people think celebrities should not be so vocal about politics. Others simply disagree with the causes he champions. This rubs some of his fans and followers the wrong way.

Pushed Conspiracy Theories About 9/11

In the past, Ruffalo has faced criticism for publicly questioning the official explanation behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and promoting conspiracy theories about the event.

For example, in an appearance on a talk show in 2006, he suggested the World Trade Center buildings may have collapsed due to a “controlled demolition” and not just plane impacts. He also shared a 9/11 truther documentary.

Many found these claims offensive and disrespectful towards victims. Promoting fringe conspiracy theories has likely turned some people against Ruffalo and damaged his reputation.

Some Marvel Fans Don’t Like His Hulk Portrayal

While many Marvel fans enjoy Ruffalo’s take on Bruce Banner/The Hulk, some have issues with his interpretation of the character.

Some feel Ruffalo doesn’t capture the Hulk’s sheer power and rage from the comics. Others think he plays the character in too humorously endearing of a way compared to Edward Norton and Eric Bana’s more tortured takes.

This comes down to a matter of personal taste. But for some Marvel purists, Ruffalo’s Hulk fails to reflect what they love about the character.


In summary, while Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo enjoys success as both a dramatic film actor and Marvel’s current Hulk, he also has his share of detractors.

Sources of animosity towards the outspoken liberal performer include his constant political commentary on social media, past promotion of 9/11 conspiracy theories, and a portrayal of the Hulk that some hardcore comic fans find underwhelming.

Despite rubbing some people the wrong way, Ruffalo has an overwhelmingly positive reputation in the film industry and with audiences at large.

Unlike many celebrities, his biggest points of controversy stem from certain fringe beliefs earlier in his career, not major personal scandals.

FAQs About Why People Dislike Mark Ruffalo

Here are some FAQs

Does Mark Ruffalo support any controversial causes?

Yes, Mark Ruffalo actively advocates for several political causes that some people find controversial or too overtly partisan. This includes prominently advocating for addressing climate change, fighting oil and gas fracking, promoting social justice reforms, and defending civil/LGBTQ rights.

Has Mark Ruffalo ever promoted 9/11 conspiracy theories?

Ruffalo faced scrutiny several years ago for publicly questioning if explosives were used to take down the World Trade Center on 9/11, insinuating a government conspiracy. He also touted a 9/11 truther documentary. Promoting these fringe theories likely offended many people.

What Marvel fans tend to dislike Ruffalo’s take on the Hulk?

Some Marvel comics purists think Ruffalo portrays the Hulk as too affable and endearing compared to earlier film versions. Others feel he fails to capture the sheer ferocity of the Hulk from the comics. This comes down to personal taste and expectations.

Do any other actors dislike working with Mark Ruffalo?

There are no public reports of Ruffalo having serious personality conflicts or major issues with co-stars. By most accounts, he has a reputation as an affable, collaborative actor on set. Edward Norton has vaguely alluded to creative differences with Marvel over the Hulk role. But no actors have openly feuded with Ruffalo.

Has Mark Ruffalo been involved in any major scandals?

Unlike several other major actors, Mark Ruffalo has generally avoided major controversies, legal issues, or scandalous behavior that often turn fans against celebrities. Most criticism stems from his political outspokenness on social media or fringe beliefs earlier in his career, not personal scandals.

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