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Why Do People Hate Benedict Wong?

Benedict Wong is a British actor best known for playing Wong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

While he has many fans around the world, some people have expressed dislike or even hatred for the actor and his portrayal of Wong. There are a few potential reasons why Benedict Wong has his detractors.

Criticism of His Wong Character

Some Marvel fans take issue with Benedict Wong’s portrayal of Wong in the MCU films. Here are some of the main complaints about his character:

Lack of Personality or Character Development

Wong is depicted as a stoic, stern and serious character who mainly serves to provide exposition and assist Doctor Strange. Compared to other more charismatic supporting characters in the MCU, some feel Wong is underdeveloped and lacks a compelling personality.

Different from the Comics

In the Doctor Strange comics, Wong is portrayed as more outgoing, eccentric and fun-loving. Fans of the original comics don’t like how the MCU version of Wong is more subdued and lacks the charm and humor of his comic book counterpart.

Perpetuating Asian Stereotypes

Wong has been criticized by some as perpetuating stereotypes of Asian characters in Hollywood – the stoic, mystical, martial arts master who acts mainly as a sidekick. Some find this depiction regressive and unoriginal.

Wasted Talent

Benedict Wong is considered a talented actor capable of comedy and depth. So some are frustrated that his skills seem underutilized in what they see as a one-dimensional, underwritten role.

Perceived Lack of Leading Man Looks or Charisma

Some of the hatred likely stems from the fact that Benedict Wong lacks traditional leading man looks and charisma.

Not Conventionally Handsome

As an older, average looking British Chinese actor, Wong does not fit the typical mold of a major Hollywood star. Unlike the classically handsome leads like Chris Hemsworth or Robert Downey Jr, Wong’s appearance may not appeal to some viewers.

Understated Presence

Wong’s subtle, understated acting style also contrasts with the larger-than-life charisma of other MCU stars. His quieter energy on screen can be construed as boring or lacking star power by those expecting a more magnetic presence.

No Romantic Storylines

We never see Wong involved in any romantic subplots, unlike many of the Chrises and Scarlett Johanssons of the MCU. This lack of romantic elements may cause some viewers to see him as less compelling.

Typecasting and Lack of Diverse Roles

Benedict Wong often gets typecast as inexpressive Asian martial arts experts similar to his MCU role. Some feel he hasn’t gotten the chance to show his full talents due to Hollywood’s lack of diverse roles for Asian actors. The frustration is aimed more at the industry than Wong himself.

He’s Easy to Dislike

Finally, Wong simply serves as an easy target for trolls or those looking to vent some general dislike of Marvel films:


Unlike other divisive MCU figures like Brie Larson, Wong has not been part of any major controversies that would make him reviled by anti-woke groups. This makes him “safe” to criticize.

Displacing Favorite Characters

With limited screen time, Wong’s scenes inevitably come at the expense of fan-favorite characters like Loki or Iron Man. This can breed resentment from devoted fans of those characters.

Representation of Woke Agenda

For some critics of Disney’s push for diversity, Wong may represent what they see as forced representation and political correctness invading their favorite franchise.

No Ride-or-Die Fans

While every character has their die-hard stans, Wong doesn’t inspire the same passionate fandoms ready to defend him at all costs. This leaves him more exposed to unchecked criticism.

Do People Actually Hate Benedict Wong?

Despite these criticisms, it’s important to note that Benedict Wong still has far more fans than detractors out there. Most casual audiences enjoyed his performance and recognize that he did the best with what was essentially a supporting character.

Only a small minority actually harbor serious hatred for an actor simply doing his job. Many critiques are aimed more at Marvel Studios’ portrayal of Wong than Wong himself.

At the end of the day, hating on Benedict Wong has just become an easy online meme not grounded in reality. And the actor himself has taken the criticisms and jokes about his character with good humor.

Table 1: Comparison of Wong in the Comics vs MCU

Comics WongMCU Wong
More outgoing, eccentric personalityStoic and serious demeanor
Humorous, provides comic reliefRarely cracks jokes
Doctor Strange’s friend and partnerMainly an assistant to Strange
More complex backstoryLittle exploration of his past
Trained Doctor Strange in mystic artsJust provides information to Strange

Table 2: Reasons People Dislike Benedict Wong’s Wong

Lack of personality and character developmentWong is seen as a one-dimensional character by some
Different from comics versionComics Wong was more outgoing and colorful
Perpetuates Asian stereotypesFits the trope of the mystical martial arts master
Wasted talent of Benedict WongHis acting skills are underutilized in a serious supporting role

Table 3: Counterpoints to Benedict Wong Criticism

Lacks personalityDoes the best with a supporting role, provides subtle nuance
Looks not leading man materialShouldn’t judge actors on looks, beauty standards problematic
No romantic storylinesRomance isn’t needed for a compelling character
TypecastedSymptom of limited Hollywood roles, not his fault
Controversy-free targetCritiques say more about trolls than Wong


In summary, while a minority of Marvel fans take issue with Benedict Wong’s portrayal of Wong for reasons ranging from racism to unrealistic expectations, the majority of audiences appreciate his work in the role.

The criticisms seem louder than they are due to social media echo chambers. With thoughtful writing and characterization, Wong still has the potential to become a more beloved figure in future MCU films.

At the end of the day, Benedict Wong is a gifted actor doing his best with the role he was given, and does not deserve serious hatred from audiences. Any frustrations would be better directed at Hollywood’s broader lack of representation than this one hard-working British Chinese actor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Benedict Wong Hatred

Here are answers to some common questions about why people dislike Benedict Wong and his MCU character:

Does Benedict Wong himself know people hate his Wong character?

Yes, Benedict Wong is aware some Marvel fans criticize his portrayal of Wong. But he takes it in stride, recognizing he is playing a supporting role as written. The actor tries to find nuance within the stoic nature of the character.

Is the hatred racist or just criticism of the writing?

Some of the dislike likely stems from racially rooted stereotypes about Asian characters. But most critiques seem to be about the one-dimensional writing and character development rather than Wong’s ethnicity.

Do people hate him as much as Brie Larson?

No, Benedict Wong has not sparked the same degree of vitriol as Brie Larson. While her Captain Marvel faced organized trolling campaigns, Wong criticism remains relatively mild in comparison.

Has Wong ruined the MCU?

No reasonable critic believes Wong has single-handedly ruined the massively successful, multi-billion dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe. At most, they argue he could have been a more compelling character with better writing.

Will Marvel change Wong in response to the criticisms?

Marvel has not indicated plans to drastically change Wong’s character going forward. But fan response may inspire some slight enhancements to make him more colorful and charismatic in future Doctor Strange appearances.

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