Why Do People Hate Bijou Phillips?

Bijou Phillips is an American actress, model, and singer who has been in the public eye since the late 1990s. While she has had success in her career, Phillips has also garnered a fair amount of controversy and criticism over the years. Her outlandish behavior, insensitive comments, and legal issues have caused many to view her unfavorably. This article will examine some of the main reasons why Bijou Phillips is disliked by some.

Her Wild Child Reputation

One of the primary reasons why people hate Bijou Phillips is her reputation as a “wild child” gained during her youth. Phillips became known in the tabloids for her hard-partying lifestyle which often involved drugs, alcohol, and rebellious behavior.

Early Career Controversies

As a teenager, Phillips appeared in risqué photo shoots and movies like Havoc that cemented her bad girl image. She also became known for making controversial statements, like declaring she was “allergic to clothing” and detailing her experiences with drugs and sex at a very young age. This upset many who felt she was too young to be behaving this way.

Ongoing Legal and Substance Abuse Issues

Phillips has continued to have legal troubles and issues with drugs and alcohol into adulthood. She has been arrested multiple times on charges like drunk driving and drug possession. She also went to rehab in 2005 for addiction issues. Her inability to leave her wild lifestyle behind has caused many to disapprove of her continued reckless behavior.

Offensive and Insensitive Remarks

Another big reason why Bijou Phillips is hated is her tendency to make offensive, insensitive comments that upset people. She has repeatedly said things that were seen as highly inappropriate or ignorant.

Homophobic Comments on Twitter

In 2010, Phillips received backlash when she referred to gay men in an insulting way on Twitter during an argument. She used offensive slurs and negative stereotypes that were considered homophobic. The LGBT community was especially angered over her remarks.

Remarks About Sexual Assault

In 2016, a documentary highlighted how Phillips had laughed about incidents where she touched the genitals of her co-stars without their consent. Her casual attitude about behavior akin to sexual assault caused outrage online. Many saw her comments as highly offensive and flippant about a serious issue.

Other Insensitive Statements

Phillips has received criticism for various other insensitive statements over the years on topics like dating, feminism, and relationships. Her tendency to share offensive opinions has often gotten her in hot water with the public.

Poor Treatment of Celebrities

Bijou Phillips has also drawn hatred for stories about her mistreating other celebrities like her mean girl behavior and bullying. Her abrasive treatment of others has damaged her reputation.

Reports of Bullying Jessica Alba

There were rumors that Phillips was very cruel to actress Jessica Alba when they worked together on the TV show Dark Angel in the early 2000s. Supposedly she made derogatory and harassing comments towards Alba regularly that made the set very uncomfortable.

Unprofessional Relationships with Co-Stars

Phillips was also known for bragging about using laxatives to lose weight quickly before romantic scenes with her co-stars. This was seen as inconsiderate of her fellow actors and unprofessional behavior on set.

Other Angry Costars and Crew

Various reports have emerged over the years of Phillips having conflicts or poor relationships with others she has worked with. Her mean spirited treatment of others has tarnished her reputation within the industry.

Controversial Romantic Relationships

Bijou Phillips’s dating history and romantic entanglements have also contributed to her poor public image. Who she has chosen to have relationships with and how they played out caused scandal.

Relationship with Much Older Boyfriend

When she was just a teenager, Phillips dated actor Danny Masterson who was several years older. Many felt the large age gap was inappropriate and showed her recklessness.

Rumored Romance with Michael Jackson

Rumors also circulated that Phillips was romantically involved with Michael Jackson as a teen. If true, this large age gap was seen as troubling and predatory on Jackson’s part.

Messy Divorce from Danny Masterson

Phillips had a rocky marriage to Danny Masterson from 2011 to 2016. Their divorce involved a custody battle and accusations of misconduct that played out publicly. The whole ordeal added to her reputation as combative.

Perceived Lack of Talent

While she has sustained an acting career, Bijou Phillips is also hated by some who feel she lacks true talent and relies mostly on shock value. Her abilities as a model, actress and singer are seen as subpar by critics.

Mediocre Acting Skills

As an actress, Phillips is more known for risqué roles than her actual acting prowess. Her skill level is perceived as middling and she has yet to take on any challenging or complex characters.

Minimal Singing Ability

Phillips has some musical ambitions but her skill as a singer is debated. Her breathy, amateurish singing voice has been panned by music critics in the past as lacking real talent.

Getting By on Looks and Scandal

Overall, Phillips is seen by detractors as getting by in her career more for her looks and penchant for scandal than actual abilities. Her willingness to shock seems to be what keeps her employed more than talent.

FAQs About Why People Hate Bijou Phillips

Why was Bijou Phillips controversial as a teen?

As a teen, Bijou Phillips caused controversy by posing for provocative photo shoots, starring in adult movies, bragging about sex and drug use, and dating much older men. Her wild child behavior shocked many at the time.

What offensive comments has Bijou Phillips made?

Phillips has made homophobic remarks on social media, joked about sexual assault, and made many other insensitive statements about topics like gender, relationships, and more throughout her career. Her abrasive commentary has upset many.

What mean behavior has Bijou Phillips displayed?

There have been various reports of Phillips bullying others she worked with, especially co-star Jessica Alba. She has been accused of unprofessional treatment of fellow actors and crew. Her alleged spoiled behavior has damaged her reputation.

Who has Bijou Phillips dated controversially?

Phillips caused scandal in her youth by dating much older men like Danny Masterson and supposedly Michael Jackson. Her rocky marriage and divorce from Masterson also drew public criticism and scrutiny.

Why do critics think Bijou Phillips lacks talent?

Critics argue Phillips lacks real talent as an actress, singer, or model. She is seen as relying more on controversy and shock value than actual abilities in the entertainment industry by detractors. Her skills are debated.


In summary, Bijou Phillips elicits hatred from some due to her wild behavior, insensitive remarks, treatment of others, questionable relationships, and perceived lack of talent. Her love of controversy and penchant for shock value has continuously stirred up feelings of dislike among her detractors.

However, she maintains a successful career and some loyal fans who are drawn to her rebellious persona. While not universally beloved, Phillips nonetheless remains a well-known figure in pop culture. Her ability to provoke reactions, both positive and negative, has made her an unforgettable star.

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