Why Do People Hate Boris Johnson (UK)?

Boris Johnson, the charismatic yet polarizing figure in British politics, has garnered a fair share of love and, more notably, hate. From his days as a journalist to his current role as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Johnson has been a lightning rod for controversy. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why people harbor such strong negative feelings towards him. From his handling of critical issues to his personal demeanor, there are various factors that contribute to the widespread antipathy directed at Boris Johnson.

The Brexit Saga

The Brexit Campaign: A Divisive Beginning

One of the primary reasons behind the disdain for Boris Johnson can be traced back to his role in the Brexit campaign. As a prominent figure in the Leave campaign, Johnson made numerous controversial claims and promises. Many believe that these pledges, such as the infamous £350 million per week for the NHS, were misleading and played a significant role in swaying public opinion.

Brexit Negotiations: A Rocky Road

After the Brexit vote, Boris Johnson’s handling of the negotiations with the European Union further fueled the hate. Critics argue that his confrontational approach and frequent U-turns created uncertainty and damaged the UK’s reputation on the international stage.

Handling of COVID-19

Mixed Messaging and Delays

The COVID-19 pandemic tested leaders worldwide, and Boris Johnson’s response came under intense scrutiny. His perceived indecisiveness in implementing lockdown measures and the mixed messaging from his government led to public frustration and anger.

The Dominic Cummings Scandal

The infamous Dominic Cummings lockdown scandal, where Johnson defended his top advisor’s breach of restrictions, eroded trust in his leadership. Many viewed this as a blatant double standard and a lack of accountability.

Controversial Personal Life

Allegations of Misconduct

Boris Johnson’s personal life has also been a source of controversy. Allegations of past misconduct and affairs have raised questions about his character and judgment, contributing to the negative public perception.

Public Gaffes and Gaffes

Johnson is known for his unfiltered and often controversial remarks. His history of making offensive comments, both as a journalist and as a politician, has offended many segments of the population.

Economic Policies

Austerity Measures

Some of Boris Johnson’s economic policies, including austerity measures, have drawn criticism for disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable in society. Critics argue that his approach to economic recovery during challenging times has exacerbated inequality.

Tax Policy

Proposals for tax increases and changes to the National Health Service’s funding have also been met with resistance, particularly from those who believe these measures unfairly burden the middle and working classes.


In conclusion, the widespread antipathy towards Boris Johnson in the UK can be attributed to a combination of factors. From his divisive role in the Brexit campaign to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, controversies in his personal life, and economic policies, Johnson has consistently been a divisive figure. While some admire his charisma and leadership, others find it hard to look past what they perceive as shortcomings and missteps.


Why did Boris Johnson support the Leave campaign?

Boris Johnson’s support for the Leave campaign was driven by his belief in UK sovereignty and his desire to regain control over national laws and regulations.

How did the Dominic Cummings scandal affect Boris Johnson’s popularity?

The Dominic Cummings scandal negatively impacted Boris Johnson’s popularity as it raised questions about his judgment and the integrity of his government’s decision-making.

What were the key points of controversy during Boris Johnson’s tenure as London Mayor?

During his time as London Mayor, Boris Johnson faced criticism for issues such as public transport problems and perceived failures in addressing housing affordability.

Has Boris Johnson’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic improved over time?

Public opinion on Boris Johnson’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has varied, with some believing that his government improved its response over time, while others remain critical.

How has Boris Johnson addressed allegations of misconduct in his personal life?

Boris Johnson has generally avoided commenting on allegations of misconduct in his personal life, leading to ongoing speculation and controversy.

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