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Why Do People Hate Carey Mulligan?

Carey Mulligan is an acclaimed English actress known for her roles in period dramas and independent films like “An Education,” “Drive,” “Shame,” and “The Great Gatsby.”

However, despite her critical success and talent, Mulligan has faced some backlash and hatred from certain audiences over the years. This article explores the reasons why some people dislike the actress.

Privileged Upbringing

One reason Mulligan faces criticism is her privileged upbringing compared to some of the “ordinary” characters she often portrays.

Boarding School Background

Mulligan attended the exclusive Woldingham School in Surrey as a teen, a private Roman Catholic boarding school for girls where tuition and boarding currently costs over £36,000 per year.

This contrasts with many of her acclaimed early roles like Jenny in “An Education” – a 16-year-old schoolgirl seduced by an older man – which resonated with audiences because of her apparent ordinariness.

Perception as an “Outsider”

There is a feeling by some that Mulligan grew up distanced from the realities of many people she depicts on screen. Her background has fueled a narrative that she is an outsider merely acting and unable to authentically inhabit the lives of her characters.

Carey Mulligan’s Boarding School Background vs. Her Early Film Roles | Boarding School | Film Role | |-|-| | Privately educated at an elite Roman Catholic boarding school for girls | Played seemingly “ordinary” schoolgirls in films like “An Education” and “Never Let Me Go” | | Tuition and boarding currently over £36,000 per year | Depicted those lacking opportunities and upward mobility |

This dissonance between the actress’s youth and her characters has caused criticism.

Her Lack of Overt Star Power

Another reason for animosity towards Mulligan is her subtle, emotionally inward acting style. She disappears into roles psychologically rather than relying on overt star power. This can work against her in an age of hyperbolic emotional displays where audiences crave flashier performances.

Lack of Tabloid Drama

Additionally, there is little tabloid drama in Mulligan’s private life compared to other celebrities at her fame level. This perhaps makes her less compelling as a star for some audiences despite her acting talent. Her press narrative focuses on craft rather than scandals or outrageous behavior.

Perceived as Boring or Too Serious

Consequently, these qualities contribute to perceptions of the actress as boring or overly serious by segments of the public and industry more attracted to celebrity glitter or gossip. Her reserve can wrongly translate as coldness or lack of substance.

Carey Mulligan’s Understated Acting Style vs. Showy Performances | Mulligan’s Style | Showy Performances | |-|-| | Subtle, emotionally inward | Big, flashy displays of emotion | | Disappears into characters | Display overt star power | | Lacks tabloid drama | Have scandalous headlines | | Press focuses on serious craft | Press focuses on outrageous acts |

This table demonstrates Mulligan’s contrast with other Hollywood performers in the eyes of critics.

Her Feminist Perspective

Mulligan has been outspoken about feminist issues like the #MeToo movement and women in film. She participated in 2018’s Time’s Up initiative advocating for safety and inclusion of women in Hollywood. She also criticizes the lack of complex film roles for actresses compared to actors.

Threatens the Status Quo

This feminist perspective threatens to shake up the male-dominated status quo of the film industry. While it has enhanced Mulligan’s reputation in serious artistic circles by showing integrity, it also provokes backlash from big studio executives, critics, and movie-goers averse to change.

Perceived as Difficult

Additionally, her principles and willingness to speak out when she encounters sexism leads some industry insiders to label her “difficult,” according to a 2015 Hollywood Reporter article. This makes her less desirable to powerful directors and producers afraid of critique.

Carey Mulligan’s Feminist Perspective in Hollywood | Feminist Qualities | Backlash From Industry | |-|-| | Spoke out about #MeToo and women in film | Threatens status quo | | Advocates for better roles for actresses | Powerful directors and producers see her as trouble | | Identifies sexism against women in Hollywood | Dismissed as “difficult” for having integrity |

This table shows how Carey Mulligan’s feminism sparks industry backlash.

Her Lack of Mainstream Box Office Success

While often critically acclaimed, Mulligan lacks major box office hits under her belt. Even films like “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio did not perform as well financially as expected. This is likely because her films appeal to older and indie audiences. Nonetheless, it impacts her star currency.

Smaller Films Rather Than Blockbusters

Carey Mulligan seems most at home in period pieces and gritty indies rather than big budget blockbuster fare. For instance, she starred in the small domestic drama “Wildlife” rather than cashing in on her fame with a superhero movie. While this showcases her acting chops, smaller films earn less money.

Perceived as Not Lucrative Enough

Therefore, some industry insiders and audience members perceive Mulligan as not lucrative enough for the film’s bottom line. This may limit the funding and opportunities she receives despite accolades. It also reduces her visibility and popularity with mainstream audiences.

Carey Mulligan’s Film Success vs. Box Office Blockbusters | Mulligan’s Films | Big Budget Blockbusters | |-|-| | Period pieces and gritty indies | Superhero movies and blockbuster franchises | | Smaller domestic dramas | Big CGI spectacles | | Appeal to older and niche audiences | Mass mainstream appeal | | Less commercial viability | Major box office earnings |

This demonstrates why Carey Mulligan’s films are seen as less financially successful.


In summary, Carey Mulligan faces dislike from some for multiple reasons. Her privileged boarding school background contrasts with her early acclaimed roles depicting ordinary women.

Additionally, her subtle acting and lack of tabloid drama cause her to be labelled boring. Her outspoken feminism also threatens Hollywood’s status quo and sparks difficulty rumours. Finally, her critically acclaimed indie films lack enough mainstream box office success compared to blockbusters.

Nonetheless, true film fans understand Mulligan is one of the most talented English actresses working today. Her moving performances and willingness to tackle gritty, complex women demonstrate her artistic integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Carey Mulligan

Does Carey Mulligan have a posh background?

Yes. Carey Mulligan attended an exclusive all-girls Roman Catholic boarding school in Surrey called Woldingham School where tuition and boarding currently costs over £36,000 annually. This privileged background contrasts with many of the ordinary or working-class characters she portrayed early in her career like in “An Education” and “Never Let Me Go.”

What is Carey Mulligan’s acting style like?

Carey Mulligan has an understated, emotionally subtle acting style where she disappears into characters psychologically rather than relying on flashy histrionics. She also lacks tabloid drama about her private life compared to other celebrities. This reserve causes some to find her boring.

Is Carey Mulligan a feminist?

Yes. Mulligan is an outspoken feminist, participating in initiatives like Time’s Up and criticizing the lack of strong roles for actresses. This perspective threatens Hollywood’s male-dominated status quo and caused insiders to deem her “difficult.” Powerful directors may avoid working with her.

What types of films does Carey Mulligan usually act in?

Rather than big budget blockbusters or franchises, Carey Mulligan generally acts in critically acclaimed period pieces and gritty independent dramas like “An Education,” “Shame,” “Mudbound,” and “Wildlife.” While often praised, these smaller films lack mass commercial appeal and box office success compared to superhero movies.

Does the public find Carey Mulligan boring because of her subtle acting?

Some mainstream audiences and critics find Carey Mulligan boring because of her emotionally subtle acting approach, lack of tabloid drama, and lack of mainstream film roles that showcase more exaggerated theatrics and overt star power designed expressly to entertain mass audiences and attract publicity. They prefer flashier performers.

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