Why Do People Hate Daniel Craig?

Daniel Craig has played James Bond since 2006, starting with Casino Royale. He has gone on to star as 007 in Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, and No Time To Die.

While many fans have enjoyed Craig’s grittier and more grounded portrayal of Bond, he has also received a fair amount of criticism and hate during his tenure. This article will explore some of the main reasons why Daniel Craig is disliked by certain James Bond fans and moviegoers.

He’s Not Considered Suave Enough

One of the most common complaints about Daniel Craig’s Bond is that he lacks the suaveness and sophistication that characterized earlier versions of 007. Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan all possessed a smooth charm and charisma that many feel is absent from Craig’s interpretation.

Where past Bonds ordered perfectly mixed martinis and wore immaculate tuxedos, Craig’s Bond is more of a blunt instrument – tough and rugged but lacking in refinement.

He seems more likely to smash through a wall than charm his way out of a tricky situation. This means he comes across as more of a thuggish brawler than a sophisticated super spy.

Craig’s Bond is Too Violent

Adding to his lack of suaveness, Craig’s Bond is also seen as being too vicious and physical. Past Bond actors like Moore or Brosnan rarely got involved in extended hand-to-hand combat, preferring to use their intelligence and gadgets.

In contrast, Craig’s Bond frequently engages in bloody, drawn-out fight scenes against multiple opponents. While this makes his films more action-packed, some see it as betraying the gentlemanly nature of Bond himself. He comes across more like a Jason Bourne-style assassin than the elegant spy of Ian Fleming’s novels.

He Lacks Humor and Playfulness

Previous Bonds often displayed a sense of dry wit and fun even when facing danger. However, Daniel Craig has been criticized for playing the character very seriously, with minimal humor or levity.

Fans miss the playful banter between Bond and Miss Moneypenny, as well as the ironic quips after dispatching a villain. Craig does have the occasional one-liner, but his 007 is largely stoic and humorless. This makes his Bond seem one-dimensional and lacking in personality compared to earlier interpretations.

Craig is Seen as Too Old for the Role

When Daniel Craig was first cast as Bond at age 38, there was considerable controversy over his suitability. Many felt he was too old to play the spy, who is meant to be in his late 20s or 30s in Ian Fleming’s novels.

While Sean Connery was technically older than Craig when he first took on the role, he exuded a youthful energy and swagger. In contrast, Craig came across as worn-out and past his prime from the beginning.

Fans Preferred a Younger Actor

Most fans expressed a preference for a younger actor who could capture Bond’s vibrancy and vitality. Actors like Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy were frequently brought up as ideal Craig replacements during speculation over future 007 casting.

Craig Looks Older than His Age

Not only was Craig considered too old at the start, but he has aged rapidly over his 14 years as Bond. The action-packed filming schedule appears to have taken a toll and made Craig seem even older than his actual age.

With his weathered face and graying hair, he looked out of place as Bond even in his fourth outing Skyfall at age 44. This aged appearance makes it hard to buy him as a globetrotting ladies man.

He Lacks Ian Fleming’s Bond Characteristics

As the first blond Bond, Daniel Craig was already a controversial choice for purists. But beyond his hair color, fans say he lacks many of the key personality traits Ian Fleming wrote into the Bond novels. These include:

Bond is Scottish in the Books

James Bond is explicitly described as Scottish in Ian Fleming’s novels, which is a core part of his backstory. Daniel Craig’s grittier, working-class interpretation lacks the Scottish flair that many fans were hoping for.

Book Bond is an Aristocrat

With his refinement and expensive tastes, literary Bond is implied to have an aristocratic background. Daniel Craig falls short in conveying the elitism and sophistication Fleming wrote into the character.

Craig Lacks Bond’s Commanding Physical Presence

At 6 feet tall, Craig did not have the imposing physical stature of earlier Bonds. Connery and Brosnan stood at 6’2″ and better matched Fleming’s description of Bond as a tall, imposing figure.

Negative Comparisons to Past Bonds

As the latest actor to portray the iconic 007, Daniel Craig inevitably draws comparisons to the previous stars who defined the role over the decades. Unfortunately for Craig, these comparisons often focus on his shortcomings.

Sean Connery is Hard to Beat

Sean Connery remains the definitive Bond for many given his magnetic portrayal in the early films. While all later Bonds draw comparisons to Connery, Craig tends to suffer the most due to his lack of charisma and sophistication.

He Lacks Moore’s Levity

While Roger Moore brought some excesses, fans still miss his humor and light-hearted style. Daniel Craig largely ditches the tongue-in-cheek playfulness that Moore perfected as 007.

Brosnan’s Suaveness is Preferred

Pierce Brosnan embodied the smooth operator side of Bond even in over-the-top later outings like Die Another Day. Craig’s grittiness is seen as depriving the character of Brosnan’s easy confidence and charm.

Perceived as a Reluctant Bond

Through his 15 years as 007, Daniel Craig has sometimes come across as embarrassed by or disinterested in the role. This gives the impression that his heart isn’t fully committed to playing the iconic spy.

Doesn’t Seem to Enjoy Promoting the Films

During promotional tours for the Bond films, Craig often appears bored or irritated at having to talk to the press and public. He seems to lack enthusiasm for discussing Bond or representing the franchise.

Quoted as Criticizing the Role

Craig has been quoted making negative comments about the Bond role and production experience. This includes calling his Casino Royale swimsuit “uncomfortable” and the entire role “not my thing”. Such statements imply an ambivalence that rankles die-hard fans.

On-Set Injuries and Exhaustion

Due to the physically demanding stunts and filming schedule, Craig has suffered injuries ranging from knee surgery to losing teeth. Reports of his exhaustion and on-set health troubles reinforce the image of an actor unsuited for and worn down by the iconic action hero role.

Perceived Lack of Loyalty and Commitment

Between his reluctance towards the role and propensity for on-set injuries, Daniel Craig created an impression with fans of being disloyal or uncommitted to Bond.

Threatened to Quit After Spectre

After filming 2015’s Spectre, Craig made headlines by saying he would “rather slit his wrists” than play Bond again. Though he ultimately returned for No Time to Die, the statement angered fans.

Seemed Ready to Move On After Skyfall

Even earlier after 2012’s Skyfall, Craig implied in interviews he was ready to retire from Bond and tackle other roles. This gave the impression of someone anxious to quit rather than fully embracing the character.

Won’t Commit Beyond No Time to Die

Despite wrapping up his 5th film as Bond, Craig has been vague about any future appearances. He seems ready to hang up the tuxedo for good, unlike past actors who returned for multiple stints as 007.

Perceived as a Money-Driven Mercenary

Reports of Daniel Craig earning upwards of $25 million per Bond film have led to accusations that he is purely money-driven without a real passion for the role. He is seen as a mercenary actor cashing in on the iconic spy’s lucrative name.

Highest Paid Bond Actor

Adjusted for inflation, Craig’s reported per-film salaries far exceed earlier Bond actors. While past Bonds made the films out of passion or career-building, Craig is viewed by some as greedily milking the role.

Prioritizes Pay Over Artistic Quality

Fans argue Craig damaged the legacy of Bond by putting salary first. Pierce Brosnan took a pay cut so that the makers of GoldenEye could afford quality scripts and production. In contrast, Craig let the producers spend more on his salary instead of the films.

Took the Role for Money Despite Disdain

Given Craig’s disdain for aspects of playing Bond mentioned earlier, many believe he tolerated the negatives just to collect a massive paycheck. This merenary attitude rubs hardcore fans the wrong way.

Unflattering Comparisons to Other Actors

Daniel Craig has drawn comparisons over the years to other prominent actors of his generation – typically to Craig’s disadvantage. These include:

Lacks Hugh Jackman’s Fan Appeal

Like Craig, Hugh Jackman starred in a long-running iconic action hero role as Wolverine. But while Jackman’s enthusiasm won over fans, Craig has often seemed tired of Bond.

Doesn’t Match Tom Hardy’s On-Screen Presence

Many cite Tom Hardy’s rugged magnetism in roles like Mad Max as far outshining Craig’s version of Bond. They argue Craig lacks both Hardy’s toughness and his subtle charisma.

Miscast as Bond Compared to Idris Elba

A popular alternative casting choice for 007 has been Idris Elba, who many say embodies the ideal mix of physicality, edge, and refinement needed for Bond. Elba would seemingly be far less miscast than Daniel Craig.

Craig Brought Grittier Take on Bond

Proponents can argue Craig returned Bond to his darker literary roots after the increasingly campy films of the Brosnan era. He reminded audiences that 007 was more than just a relaxed wisecracking playboy.

Films Were Biggest Box Office Successes

Skyfall and Spectre are the highest grossing Bond films when adjusting for inflation. This demonstrates Craig’s ability to make the character commercially successful on the lavish scale required by modern blockbusters.

Won New Fans for Franchise

By rebooting Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale, the makers and Daniel Craig introduced the character to younger viewers who might have seen past entries as staid or corny.

Provided Closure in Final Film

No Time to Die gave Craig’s Bond a poignant exit that provided closure. This gave him the definitive ending that other Bond actors lacked.

So while he will always have his detractors, Daniel Craig kept James Bond relevant for the 21st century and left his own significant mark on the 007 legacy.


In the end, Daniel Craig’s more rough-edged interpretation of James Bond has proved divisive with both longtime fans and general audiences alike. While his films have been commercially successful, his lack of sophistication, overly violent approach, reluctance towards the role, and perceived mercenary motivations have rubbed many the wrong way.

However, the hatred likely stems more from nostalgia and resistance to change than any personal animosity towards Craig himself. Each new Bond actor must inevitably deal with the comparisons and baggage that come with playing such an iconic character.

Though the controversies over his casting and approach will linger even after Craig’s departure, his tenure brought the franchise into the modern blockbuster era and introduced it to new generations of viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Hate Daniel Craig as James Bond

Why do some James Bond fans dislike Daniel Craig as 007?

Many longtime Bond fans dislike Craig because he lacks the refinement, elegance, and humor of past interpretations by actors like Sean Connery and Roger Moore. His darker, grittier version of Bond is seen as betraying the essence of the gentlemanly character.

What are some common criticisms of Daniel Craig’s Bond films?

Frequent criticisms are his lack of suaveness, overemphasis on gritty action, lack of humor and levity, too serious tone, aged appearance, and not enough adherence to Ian Fleming’s original novels.

How does Daniel Craig compare negatively to previous Bond actors?

Craig is often criticized for lacking Sean Connery’s charisma, Roger Moore’s humor, Pierce Brosnan’s sophistication, and the general command of the role shown by earlier actors.

Why do some see Daniel Craig as a reluctant Bond?

Craig has seemed bored doing Bond PR, made negative comments about playing 007, suffered frequent on-set injuries, and threatened to quit after certain films. This paints him as an reluctant Bond.

What are the perceptions that Daniel Craig is only in it for the money?

Craig earned record high salaries as Bond, upwards of $25 million per film, feeding a perception that he did the role more for mercenary reasons than passion or artistry.

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