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Why Do People Hate Donald Glover?

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, director, musician, and DJ. He first rose to fame for his work on the NBC sitcom Community. Since then, he has created the acclaimed FX series Atlanta and performed music under the stage name Childish Gambino.

While Glover has achieved significant success in his creative endeavors, he has also faced some backlash and criticism from certain groups over the years. This article will explore some of the key reasons why Glover has detractors and has prompted such polarizing responses from audiences.

Reasons For The Criticism Against Donald Glover

One of the biggest sources of criticism against Glover is accusations of plagiarism against his music and television work.

Several rappers have accused Glover of plagiarizing their lyrics and flows in his Childish Gambino songs. Perhaps most notably, rapper Lloyd Banks called out Glover for similarities between Gambino’s “II. Crawl” and Banks’ “Jackpot.” Other rappers like Jase Harley and Ramriddlz have also accused Glover of using their lyrics.

In television, Glover was accused of plagiarizing from the short film “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” in his FX series Atlanta. The creators of “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” publicly alleged that Glover used their narrative, characters, and tone.

While Glover has denied intentionally plagiarizing material, the repeated accusations have contributed to a perception by some that Glover liberally borrows from other artists’ work.

Accusations of Plagiarism Against Donald Glover
Music plagiarism accusations from rappers like Lloyd Banks, Jase Harley, Ramriddlz
TV plagiarism accusations related to the short film “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons”

Race-Related Controversies

Another source of criticism against Glover stems from race-related controversies surrounding some of his work.

Glover drew condemnation for his music video “This Is America” that depicted black people being violently killed. Some accused Glover of irresponsibly reinforcing negative stereotypes about black people and promoting harmful imagery.

Additionally, Glover was criticized for telling the audience “You guys are lucky you didn’t get shot” at a live Childish Gambino concert where he was 30 minutes late coming on stage. The incident occurred shortly after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The racial controversies have fueled animosity from some black activists and commentators who see Glover perpetuating problematic narratives.

Changes in Musical Direction

Glover has also faced some backlash over shifts in the musical style of Childish Gambino.

His early work featured mostly hip hop and rap styles. In later albums like “Awaken, My Love!”, Glover transitioned toward more funk and R&B-inspired sounds.

While this demonstrated Glover’s artistic range, some hardcore hip hop fans felt abandoned and accused Glover of pandering to achieve crossover pop success. The radical musical shifts left some former fans feeling betrayed.

Perceptions of Being Pretentious or Arrogant

Another complaint that emerges around Glover is that some people find him pretentious or arrogant based on his work or public persona.

Some argue Glover comes across as self-important for tackling weighty themes like racial injustice or police brutality. References to himself as royalty or Jesus in lyrics have also struck some as egocentric.

Additionally, Glover’s ambitious multi-hyphenate career across music, television, stand-up comedy, and film rubs some people the wrong way. They see Glover as trying too hard to prove himself artistically.

While likely an unfair characterization, this perception of pretense has driven a segment of haters.

Too Much Media Hype or Praise

As Glover has grown more famous, some have argued he is overhyped by the media and receives excessive acclaim relative to the quality of his output.

His career has been boosted by prominent media platforms like Comedy Central, NBC, FX, and more. Some believe Glover is overexposed and overpraised for the level of talent he possesses.

The media hype trains draws detractors who want to cut through the noise and undermine the perceived pretense surrounding Glover. The alleged lack of substance beneath the hype fuels the backlash.

Positive Qualities That Outweigh the Criticism

Despite the various criticisms, Donald Glover possesses many positive qualities and has made significant contributions to entertainment.

Immense Creative Talent

Regardless of controversy, Glover demonstrates immense creative talent across music, television, comedy, and film. Projects like Atlanta, Because the Internet, and Community display Glover’s original voice and skill.

Social Commentary Through Art

While provocative, Glover’s work contains meaningful social commentary on racism, violence, police brutality, and the black experience in America. His art stimulates important conversations.

Authentic Self-Expression

Glover remains dedicated to authentic self-expression and exploring his evolving passions. He follows his own creative instincts rather than external pressures.

Cultural Impact on Television and Music

Glover has had an undeniable cultural influence, especially for black representation on television with innovative shows like Atlanta. His Gambino music also defined a generation and impacted hip hop.

Model of Multi-Hyphenate Success

As a skilled actor, writer, comedian, producer, director, rapper, singer, DJ, and more, Glover exemplifies achieving success across disciplines in the entertainment industry.


In summary, Donald Glover has prompted polarizing responses with his creative career. Accusations of plagiarism, racial controversies, shifts in musical style, perceptions of arrogance, overhype from the media, and other factors have bred some detractors.

However, Glover has maintained authenticity in following his passions. His projects have demonstrated immense talent and creativity, impacted culture, and sparked important social conversations.

Despite valid critiques, the breadth of Glover’s skills and willingness to evolve as an artist makes his overall contributions to entertainment outweigh the criticism against him. His talent and impact are worthy of recognition.

Ultimately, Glover’s divisive persona simply reflects his provocative fearlessness as a creative. Love him or hate him, Donald Glover has left a unique mark on television, music, comedy, and popular culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about why Donald Glover elicits such polarized responses:

Has Donald Glover been involved in plagiarism controversies?

Yes, Donald Glover has faced multiple accusations of plagiarism for his music under Childish Gambino and his television series Atlanta. He’s been accused of taking lyrics, narratives, characters, and more without giving proper credit.

How has race played a role in the controversies around Donald Glover?

Glover has sparked debates around racial issues and representations through art, like his politically charged music video for “This is America” and comments about police brutality at his concerts. Some praise hisboldness while others accuse him of problematicreinforcements of racial stereotypes.

Why did some fans dislike his musical changes as Childish Gambino?

Early on, Glover’s music centered on hip hop and rap. His evolutions into more funk and R&B sounds on albums like “Awaken, My Love!” alienated some hardcore rap fans who disliked the pop crossover.

What are some reasons people find Donald Glover arrogant or pretentious?

Factors like Glover tackling ‘big important themes’, lyrics referring to himself as royalty or Jesus, and his ambitious success across many disciplines rubbed some people the wrong way who saw it as ego or pretense.

How has media hype around Donald Glover fueled critics?

Some believe Glover is over-hyped by the media and gets excessive praise relative to his actual talents. Overexposure on prominent platforms fuels critics who want to undermine the perceived pretense.

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