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Why Do People Hate Erin Moriarty?

Erin Moriarty, the American actress known for her role as Starlight in the hit Amazon Prime series “The Boys,” has garnered a significant fan following. However, like many public figures, she has also faced criticism and dislike from some quarters.

This article explores the potential reasons behind the dislike for Erin Moriarty, addressing various perspectives and examining the broader societal implications.

Why is Erin Moriarty hated?

While the term “hated” might be a strong word, there are several factors that could contribute to the dislike or criticism directed towards Erin Moriarty. These reasons can range from her acting skills and character portrayal to personal opinions and biases.

Performance Criticism

Acting is a subjective art form, and not everyone may resonate with an actor’s performance or interpretation of a character. Some viewers may find Moriarty’s portrayal of Starlight in “The Boys” underwhelming or lacking depth, which could lead to criticism or dislike.

Character Polarization

The character of Starlight in “The Boys” is complex and divisive. As a naive and idealistic superhero who initially believes in the system, she faces challenges and disillusionment throughout the series. This character arc may not resonate with all viewers, leading some to dislike her portrayal by Moriarty.

Personal Biases and Opinions

In the age of social media, personal opinions and biases can sometimes lead to dislike or criticism of public figures. These biases can be based on various factors, such as physical appearance, perceived personality traits, or even political or ideological differences.

Why do people hate Erin Moriarty’s acting?

Acting is a highly subjective art form, and not everyone will appreciate or connect with an actor’s performance. Some viewers may find Erin Moriarty’s acting style or choices in portraying certain characters, such as Starlight in “The Boys,” to be lacking or unconvincing.

Interpretation of the Character

One potential reason for disliking Moriarty’s acting could be the disconnect between the viewer’s expectations and her interpretation of the character. Some fans may have a different vision for how Starlight should be portrayed, and Moriarty’s take may not align with their preferences.

Acting Range and Experience

While Moriarty has received praise for her performance in “The Boys,” some critics may perceive her acting range as limited or her experience as not extensive enough to tackle complex roles effectively. This perception could contribute to the dislike of her acting abilities.

Personal Preferences and Biases

As mentioned earlier, personal biases and preferences can play a significant role in how an actor’s performance is received. Some viewers may simply have a different taste or preference in acting styles, leading them to dislike Moriarty’s approach, regardless of her actual talent or performance.

Is Erin Moriarty a bad actress?

Labeling an actor as “bad” is a subjective and often harsh assessment. While some may dislike Erin Moriarty’s acting or find it lacking in certain aspects, it is important to recognize that acting is a complex art form, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Critical Acclaim and Recognition

Despite the criticism or dislike from some viewers, Moriarty has received positive reviews and recognition for her performance in “The Boys.” This acknowledgment from industry professionals and critics suggests that she possesses talent and skill as an actress.

Character Complexity and Nuance

The character of Starlight in “The Boys” is multifaceted and requires an actor to portray a wide range of emotions and character development. Moriarty’s ability to capture the nuances of this complex character could be seen as a testament to her acting abilities, even if some viewers disagree with her approach.

Subjectivity and Personal Preferences

As mentioned earlier, personal preferences and biases play a significant role in how an actor’s performance is perceived. While some may dislike Moriarty’s acting, others may find her portrayal compelling and genuine. This subjectivity makes it difficult to definitively label an actor as “bad.”

Why do people hate Starlight from The Boys?

The character of Starlight, played by Erin Moriarty in “The Boys,” has garnered a polarized reaction from viewers. While some may dislike the character or Moriarty’s portrayal, it is important to separate the character from the actor and understand the reasons behind the dislike.

Character Arc and Development

Starlight’s character arc in “The Boys” is a complex one. She starts as a naive and idealistic superhero who believes in the system, but her journey eventually leads her to question and challenge the status quo. This character development may not resonate with all viewers, leading some to dislike her character.

Moral Ambiguity and Controversial Decisions

Throughout the series, Starlight is faced with morally ambiguous situations and makes controversial decisions. These choices, while in line with her character’s growth, may be perceived as inconsistent or questionable by some viewers, contributing to the dislike of her character.

Viewer Expectations and Preferences

Viewers often have preconceived notions and expectations about how a superhero character should behave or act. Starlight’s portrayal as a flawed and morally complex character may clash with these expectations, leading to dislike or criticism from some viewers.

Why is Erin Moriarty so disliked?

While there may be valid criticism or dislike directed towards Erin Moriarty’s acting or character portrayal, it is essential to approach this topic with nuance and objectivity. Disliking an actor or their performance does not necessarily equate to personal dislike or hatred towards the individual.

Separating the Artist from the Art

It is crucial to separate the artist from their artistic work. Disliking an actor’s performance or character portrayal does not necessarily reflect on their personal character or worth as an individual. Conflating the two can lead to unfair and harmful judgments.

Impact of Social Media and Online Discourse

In the age of social media and online discourse, criticism and dislike can often be amplified and distorted. What may have started as valid criticism or personal preferences can sometimes escalate into more extreme forms of dislike or hate, fueled by echo chambers and mob mentality.

Importance of Constructive Criticism

While criticism and dislike are valid expressions of opinion, it is essential to approach them constructively. Personal attacks, harassment, or cyberbullying should not be tolerated, as they can have detrimental effects on the mental health and well-being of public figures like Erin Moriarty.


Table 1: Potential Reasons for Disliking Erin Moriarty’s Acting

Performance CriticismSome viewers may find Moriarty’s acting choices or interpretation of characters lacking or unconvincing.
Character PolarizationThe character of Starlight in “The Boys” is divisive, and some viewers may dislike Moriarty’s portrayal of her.
Acting Range and ExperienceCriticisms may stem from the perception that Moriarty’s acting range is limited or that she lacks extensive experience in complex roles.
Personal Biases and PreferencesPersonal biases and preferences can influence how an actor’s performance is received, leading to dislike or criticism.

Table 2: Addressing the Criticism of Erin Moriarty’s Acting

Lack of RangeMoriarty has demonstrated versatility in portraying different emotions and character arcs in “The Boys.”
Unconvincing PerformanceMany critics and industry professionals have praised Moriarty’s performance, suggesting she has acting talent.
Limited ExperienceWhile relatively early in her career, Moriarty has taken on challenging roles and continues to grow as an actress.
Personal BiasesPersonal biases can cloud objective assessment of an actor’s skills and should be recognized and addressed.


The dislike or criticism directed towards Erin Moriarty’s acting and character portrayal in “The Boys” stems from various factors, including performance criticism, character polarization, personal biases, and subjective preferences. While some viewers may find her acting unconvincing or dislike her interpretation of Starlight, it is essential to approach these opinions with nuance and objectivity.

Separating the artist from their art and recognizing the subjectivity of artistic expression is crucial. Constructive criticism can be valuable for an actor’s growth, but personal attacks and cyberbullying should be condemned. Ultimately, Moriarty’s talent and success are evident in the critical acclaim and recognition she has received, despite the dislike from some quarters.

As audiences, we must strive to engage in respectful discourse and avoid conflating personal biases with objective assessments of an actor’s abilities. By fostering a more inclusive and nuanced dialogue, we can appreciate the complexities of artistic expression and celebrate the diversity of perspectives and interpretations that enrich our cultural experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Erin Moriarty a controversial figure?

No, Erin Moriarty is not particularly controversial in the traditional sense. The dislike or criticism directed towards her tends to be more related to her acting choices and character portrayal rather than any personal scandals or controversies.

Has Erin Moriarty faced online harassment or cyberbullying?

While it is difficult to confirm specific instances, public figures like Moriarty are often subject to online harassment and cyberbullying, especially when faced with criticism or dislike. It is important for fans and critics alike to express their opinions respectfully and avoid personal attacks or harmful behavior.

How has Erin Moriarty responded to the criticism and dislike?

Moriarty has generally maintained a professional and gracious attitude towards criticism and dislike. In interviews, she has acknowledged that not everyone will resonate with her acting choices or character portrayals, and she remains focused on her craft and growth as an artist.

Are there any positive aspects to the dislike or criticism directed towards Erin Moriarty?

While dislike and criticism can be hurtful, constructive feedback and honest opinions can help actors and artists grow and improve their craft. Moriarty can use the criticism as a learning opportunity to identify areas for development and refine her skills.

How can fans and critics express their opinions respectfully?

Fans and critics should strive to express their opinions and criticism in a respectful and constructive manner. Personal attacks, harassment, or cyberbullying should be avoided. Criticism should focus on specific aspects of an actor’s performance or character portrayal, rather than making blanket statements or judgments about their abilities or personal character.

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